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Patient Activism

Patient Activism can be defined in different meaning and its implication on different individuals. Most of the people defines an activist as people who are actually educated and providers about the world most personalized about the medicine and empowering patients. Some of people describe it as jobs which is built on local health activist communities and promoting for local alterations (Petersen, Schermuly and Anderson, 2022). Thus, an activist need to alter the health care system and assist as well as empower others to conduct the same thig and take an active role in its personal health care facility. Similarly, patient activism engages in new segment and communities, who aim to alter the conversation all around the health care so that the patient requires priority.


The significance of patient activism ensures safety to the patient’s as they take a receiving treatment within the healthcare facility. There are times when patient require assistant after discharge or home healthcare, a nurse advisory could have set this before the patient goes home. Secondly, patient activism offers to protect the right of every patient. This is because by knowing the patient’s wishes, the nurse or concerned person can assist in protecting the patient’s rights. On the other hand, an activist can assist with financial and social issues before discharging any patient (Sullivan 2022). Offering with such resources one can leave the patient with various healthcare facility and can assist the patient to access affordable prescription and supplies. Some of the nurses are interactive with the patient and are often in a good position to explain the ideas and concern over the rest of healthcare teams.
However, the mid-range theory of patient advocacy appears during the process synthesising and identifying the advocacy literature. There are three core factors of the concept of patient advocacy can be identified: safeguarding patient’s autonomy, championing social justice in provision in health care and acting on behalf of patient. This theory enables the nurse to reflect on the patient advocacy roles at both micro and macro social levels.

21st Century Body

As per the health, illness and healing advances there is a wide understanding of medical sociology which can be identified the significant contemporary issue in the field and suggesting directions for any future inquiry. As per the 21st century the approach of nurse appears to be prepared of the new offerings for treatment method when one cares for a child or for children. According to S Atiyeh (2022), signifies the purpose to familiarise with the nurses with human caring theory and its complementary alternative medicines and offer a particular technique of integrating the method into nursing care. The nurses can learn the simple method of conserving, noninversion, conservative its healing method which can meet the little resistance through health care professionals.

On the other hand, as per Koch (2010), states the significance of 21st century body showcase the transhumanists states a “posthuman” circumstances within which the genetic and technological enhancement of altering humankind. These are further combined by goal line by bioethical disagreement for genetic assortment as hostile of enhancing development and educating the possible lives of future people. Similarly, in the current days, cosmetic surgery is passing from the scale of identity crisis as they are an ethical dilemma. From the viewpoint of ethics, it creates a clear for the doctors to offer aesthetics interventions faces for several ethical issues which they can to conduct with surgeon as healers. On the other hand, the aesthetics surgery that works as per the market categorisation operates the risk of losing the view of real need of patients and will not be a part of losing beauty industry which can aim to sell something and not to help people. Thus, aesthetics surgery is losing sight of real values and thereby makes profit from ideology of society which serves vanity, personal success and youthfulness.

Medical Racism

Medical racism is a wide-spread and systematic racism which is against the people from the same colour within medical system. It includes the factors of racism in the society which makes the Black individuals less vigorous, it is the disparity which caters to healthy coverage by race as well as biases held by the healthcare staff against the people of colour belonging in the same segment of care. When racism in medicine begins for the outside individuals, this is what they typically think of the healthcare system (Office for Science and Society. 2022. 40 Years of Human Experimentation in America: The Tuskegee Study). Most of the black women is made less healthy just by the inclusion of things such as increased level of homelessness and unsafe housing. With health disparities becoming one of the effective reasons why people of same colour and race have higher mortality rate from covid-19, they can make it more likely to have condition which made covid-19 more dangerous.

According to Neal (2022), it can be analysed that, individuals with shifting message contribute towards the disproportionate impact on Black people as they live more likely towards the essentials workers at a greater rate of exposure towards the coronavirus. There are Black pregnant women who are infected and the children are likely to be hospitalised with the age adjustment rate for Black people to be 3.4 times as high as the white people. However, institutional racism occurs within one and more of institutions of society that functions to impose more burdens with less benefit for the members of one racial and ethnic group for another on an ongoing process. There are various studies that depicts the differences between the recommendations for specified medical treatments by sex and race of patients. After certain adjustments for health insurances and clinical status, whites as it is more likely than blacks to receive coronary angiography, intensive care, kidney transplant and few others for pneumonia.

Gender Vs Sex

With reference to the concept of gender and sex the Egale Canada urges to the Federal Government to meet the International Human Rights and Domestic requirements of Intersex people on the international intersex awareness day. On October 26th 2018, Eagle Canada had raised its awareness on human violations just by facing the intersex people in Toronto. There are surgeries in intersex children who have obtained major human rights communities for instances, the United Nations, Physicians for the human rights and lastly, the human Rights Watch as well as intersex organisations in the world (Elisa Castro-Peraza, Garcia-Acosta and Lorenzo-Rocha 2019). The movement is allowing urging the government of Canada to fulfil the treaty obligations which is under the international law. Approx. 1.7% of the country’s population is born with intersex traits in them as similar to the red haired people. With the designation of “intersex” it offers with a true history on medical participation which imposes it’s as diagnosis requiring connection. It happens to be more often than the non-consensual surgical and intervention which takes place in intersex infants. On the other hand, in Canada the Criminal Code allows the parents and its medical practitioners to undertake the non-consensual cosmetics and intersex infants. 
Similarly, the concept of gender and sex can be anticipated from “transgender” which comes from the past couple of decades with a meaning of under construction. Most often, the transgender is related to the topic emphasize on personal issue and there are individuals who experience the work and inwardly to offer them with social reality by sharing with others (Canada 2022). There is also a widespread medicinal approach and psychological works that luxuries transgender wonders as an individual (and pathological) deviation from communal norms of strong gender appearance. Thus, the goals are to deliver a basic sequence of events from the nineteenth period to the twenty-first, and to emphasis on a quantity of key proceedings or characters that benefit link transgender history of marginal movements for communal modification, to the olden times of sexuality and gender.

The Stare And Social Media

As per the BBC documentary on “Meet the Devotees” it depicts a writer and accessibility consultant who has assisted in delved in the undergrounds of the world of those with fetishes for the people with disabilities. However, it highlights Emily Yates who uses wheelchair due to her issue of cerebral palsy who had first confronted with the idea of so-called “devotes” as on 2011 when a friend of her has commented that she replicated a “pretty cripple” under the photos on Facebook.
However, the term devotees are individuals who have a sexual fetish for its disability which is usually they desire for a visible disable body and is usually turned on when during any sexual scenario with a disabled people (Marwick and Ellison 2012). Thus, devotes can be from any gender, any sexuality and can have any type of specific fetishes or a more general one. On the other hand, some of them have accoutrements of disability which is particular to the medical aspect of devoteeism which overlaps with medical play. Furthermore, in the current day, the social networking sites there is a key site where the public displays of grieving and connection. It is usually the visibility of social media which encourages the performance and at the same time makes individuals mourns which allows them with wider audience to pay respects (Sutherland Labs 2022). For instant, the unusual phenomenon is popular in South Korea known as Muk-bang which means eating broadcast. This involves people which attracts young men and women who live stream with eating enormous amount of food. Hence, these people are called “broadcast jockeys” and the audience who can interact with instant via chat box.  In order to comprehend this, people need to become a holistic sympathetic of the values and background that this singularity is set in, which would be collected by ethnographers in the ground.

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