Essay On Introduction To Welfare Law

Community service, also known as social security, is one of the largest sectors in Australia. This job is ranked as the top most demanding community service role in the country right now. Due to the demand, I have been mainly facilitated to work as a community service worker. My objective to work as a community service in Australia has been my area of consideration. I have been in the first role of supporting elderly members in the entire state. In this position, I have been able to support many individuals who have been affected as a result of family violence. In playing a role of community service, I have been entitled to support an elderly mother in her 80s. This has been triggered by the occurrence of family violence that her adult son mainly perpetrates. To minimize this problem, I had to have a significant talk with the client who was in her care. This has significantly impacted the investigation regardless of my local court and associated family violence support services. Local family violence courts have to be incorporated into place to ensure that the investigation was done effectively.

The Location And Role Of The Local Court In The Context Of Seeking A Family Violence Protection Order

As mentioned, Australia has been in the first role in ensuring that family violence courts are functioning effectively. I intend to support the client based on a family violence court to the Western Australian Majestic court law, policy and procedures (Khalpey et al., 2022). This has been a local court that would help me in supporting the elderly individual who was struggling with family violence from her adult son. The Western Australian Majestic court law, policy and procedures mainly have several registries around the Australian state. The local court is specified for dealing with criminal and civil matters regarding damage or debt for non-offense-based activities.

In this context, the Western Australian Majestic court law, policy and procedures court has been the best in solving the problem of family violence regarding the elderly mother (Gerber et al., 2021). To seek the family violence protection order, the court mainly conducts hearings in 155 sectors across the Western Australian Majestic court law court. They are helpful since it helps deal with the vast majority of cases, such as this in the scenario that comes before the courts. Therefore, this court is essential in hearing minor civil matters that could include cases of violence among family members. The client will have to be assisted with what the client would put into action to ensure that the elderly mother is mainly helped on how to come out of the situation. Based on the scenario, the court will have the role to remain in sentencing policy to denounce any domestic violence in clear terms. The Western Australian Majestic court law will deter the offender and the individual from committing acts of domestic violence.

Only the Western Australian Majestic court's family violence court usually exercises jurisdiction over the protection orders in Australia. It would also be considered in summarizing the court proceedings and civil personal injury claims (Pfitzner et al., 2022). Furthermore, it would work to the extent conferred upon the court for the jurisdiction over child support and family law. In this scenario, the court will have to hear applications for statutory and work for the compensation of the elderly mother due to the family violence case of her adult son.

Legal process refers to the mandate, warrant or the process of issuing from a court of justice. As per the scenario of the elderly mother violation, the Australian Government firmly believes that family violence should not be tolerated and acceptable among the family members (Murray et al., 2022). As a legal process, the court of law has to send a significant warning on how the case has to be dealt with effectively.

In Australia, the government has mostly invested millions in minimizing violence against women and their children. As a result, in protecting the elderly mother from the family violence protection order, it has incorporated how such cases of domestic and family violence should be operated. Under the Family Act 1975, it has outlined how it is required when it comes to the issue of handling such cases. The Australian Government is usually committed to taking action to prevent family abuse and violence.

The Family Law Amendment Act 2018 has enhanced the justice system, improving vulnerable Australians' outcomes. In this case, the elderly mother has to get support from the violence she is going through. The Act usually implements recommendations on how the family law council reports, and the needs of the elderly mother must be respected.

An Overview Of The Local Support Services Available In Connection With The Court And External To The Court That Would Assist Your Client

In this scenario, the Western Australian Majestic court plays a significant part in offering local support services to the client. This will be an effective approach through which the client caring for the elderly mother would have to bear out the real situation she is facing (Usher et al., 2021). Welfare law in Australia primarily ensures that individual, for instance, in this situation, is mostly helped. For instance, local support services such as Women and domestic violence services will be important in helping the client to come up with a solution for the problem. The Western Australian Majestic court has mostly trained local community and unpaid members who mainly work part-time with the hope of dealing with fewer cases of crime (Horstman et al., 2021). They will also assist in sorting cases of criminal damage and monitoring the issue of the offense that has been brought to the table (Meyer & Stambe, 2021). The Western Australian Majestic court is set out to be different from a traditional family law firm, and it is primarily developed by offering services that are aimed t providing more support to those clients who wish to get assistance from them.

From the external court operations, the client would be assisted with a practical way that will be productive in ensuring the adult son is not repeating the violation. The external courts will be very important to the client as they will have to offer extra support based on the situation of the matter. They will help oversee the matter and the immediate support that must be put into action for the matter of ensuring that the elderly mother is free from the occurrence. The external courts as family law firms will be dedicated to helping the elderly mother resolve the matter with minimal wastage of expenses or efforts (Ali et al., 2021). As per the working of courts, there are no two family law matters that are usually identified as the same. The effort and time spent dealing with the matter will have to differ. Therefore, in this case, the elderly mother will have an opportunity to get assistance and support from the external courts as to the requirements of the matter. This will have to ensure that client in the scenario is fully cared for, listened and understood with the condition they are experiencing.

An Explanation Of How As A Community Service Worker Would Prepare If You Received A Subpoena To Both Submit You File Notes, And Attend Court As A Witness In This Case

A community service worker plays a significant role in any scene identified as having damage or matter to be discussed. As a community service worker, you should be fully prepared for any case that has to be dealt with effectively (Ali et al., 2021). For instance, based on this matter, as a community service worker, I should be more equipped with my notes in case I can be called to court as a witness to defend myself.

When I receive a subpoena to submit my notes, I will have to rush to the scene area and get the intended information based on the matter. This preparation will offer a crucial approach to how I will have to defend myself during the court processing when referred to as a case witness. I will have to interrogate all the victims in the case and take notes as I continue investigating the real occurrence of the problem.

In Australia, a subpoena is only required to serve where there are proceedings on foot in court. Therefore it requires the community service worker to be more prepared before the start of the court proceedings (Cortis et al., 2021). It offers a confident approach to the matter in court as a witness. I will be compelled to come up with evidence for the case.

Ethical Issues To Be Considered As A Community Service Worker

Through the social workers' service, they mainly come into contact with several victims of domestic violence. To be more practical in effectively taking our position, extra efforts have to be considered and revealed for the purpose of the community service professional(Ikafa et al., 2021). Based on the scenario of the elderly mother being violated by her adult son, a community service worker, there is a need for ethical issues to be put into place. Considerations of ethical issues have to be prioritized for the case to be finalized effectively. Therefore, ethical issues include upholding the client’s self-determination and confidentiality involving minors (Fiolet et al., 2021). These are two major ethical issues that could arise for me as a role of a community service professional.

The right to the client’s self-determination should be considered in this case of the elderly mother when dealing with the client. Since the job of a community service worker is to assist individuals in coming up with decisions, they are not mainly responsible for the actions which the client will have to take. As the client chooses to act against their interest, it is usually required for a social worker to play a significant part in ensuring that no harm will be identified (Murray et al., 2022). In the case of the elderly mother being in this tough situation, I will have to ensure that the client is not affected by the action to take regarding the matter. In addition, as a community service worker, I will have to respect the client’s autonomy based on family violence.

An ethical issue on confidentiality involving minors is my second area of consideration when dealing with this case. In most cases, information shared between the client and me has to be made confident. In other circumstances, I could have to raise the matter with the third party but in a knowledgeable manner. Based on this case of the elderly mother, I will have to base the matter on state, agency and federal laws. This will be an effective way of ensuring that the immediate participants do not breach the confidentiality of the matter. For the confidentiality issues, I will mainly base it on the client's wishes.


Community service workers are mainly important when it comes to issues of dealing with criminal and family issues. In this scenario, I will recommend that as a social service worker, it is essential to work hard to ensure that your clients are fully assisted with the problem they are struggling with.


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