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Negotiation Strategy

According to several authors such as Zhang et al. (2021), Negotiation is actually a discussion between two parties or people to reach beneficial outcomes or results regarding several issues or conflicts. It can also be defined as an interaction between multiple entities who are aspired to agree on the decisions of mutual interest when optimizing their individual results. Negotiation is not only about conflict resolution but it also emphasizes the importance of a deal or agreement and a right negotiation strategy can help to achieve a “win-win” solution that is beneficial for both parties (Brett, Gunia and Teucher 2017). Ronaldo is expected to come Manchester United and for this, Juventus will get 15 million Euro initially and it is probably one of the best and most valuable transfers of this session ( 2022). RADPAC model can be defined as an effective negotiation model and it stands for rapport, analysis, debate, propose, agreement and close. This model signifies relationship between both of the parties involved in negotiation process and both of the parties try to find the best solutions. Discussion is the main part of RADPAC model and it involves discussing several problems with both parties that can help to convince each other. According to Ghalayini and Deeb (2021), a “win-win” model is a negotiation strategy in which both of the parties win and everyone gets benefits for this negotiation process and it is a most commonly used negotiation model.

The footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo have to focus more on the above factors for achieving a successful negotiation process. The players should engage with honest intent to reach better results that both of the parties might embrace.  According to different authors such as Karayiannis and Basioudis (2022), ethics creates an effective way of performing what is honest, fair and right. Protecting the reputation of the football club by acting always in an effective and ethical manner is the most important factor for a successful negotiation process. Barchi and Greco (2018) stated that, at any stage or personal and professional life, a strong negotiation process is significantly important and addressing certain strategies or techniques such as seeking win-win solution, effective communication process and others can help to be a good negotiator. Ronaldo has also confirmed that he is looking forward for joining in the team of Manchester United after international games and he also thinks that it will be a great session ahead. In a transfer deal or agreement, two important negotiations take place at the same time – negotiation between selling club and buying club over transfer fee and negotiation between player's agent and buying club over personal terms of a player. For being a good negotiator, some important skills are required and those are patience, adaptability, persuasion and planning. After the end of 2007-2008 session, Ronaldo left Manchester United because he was much interested to play for Real Madrid. But with the help of these skills, Christian Eriksen, transfer manager of Manchester United has managed to make a deal with Cristiano Ronaldo.

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