Essay On Team Work In Nursing Profession


With the increasing demand for health care facilities, the demand for the nursing profession has also expanded globally. The nurses are accountable for handling, managing and taking care of the patient. The profession demands collaboration between different nurses and doctors, therefore is an example of teamwork. This report is a summarized finding of three chosen research papers, which combine to explain the importance of teamwork in the nursing profession. The report explains the importance of teamwork and incorporates the methods that can be used to implement team spirit among healthcare workers.

Key Findings

The key points which can be identified by the first reading of Walker et al., (2021), nursing has been described as a profession which symbolizes supervision and delegation, which are again the two pillars of team management or leadership skills. The research paper focuses on aiming the roles of the multi-tier nursing profession as one of the best examples to understand the effect of quality teamwork. Similarly in the second paper by Brommelsiek, Graybill, & Gotham, (2019), the nurses have been depicted as warriors, who have been able to save mankind from the deadly disease, pandemics, flu and viruses.
As per the author, the team work shown by the nursing and healthcare staff sets a remarkable example for justifying, communication, and quality improvement characteristics. Lastly, the third paper by Anderson et al., (2019), which reflects the nursing care given to elderly patients, explains the importance of teamwork among the nurses, in taking care of old people. The paper discusses the branch of nursing, who work in enhancing the relationship with elderly people and give them hope for coming out of their sedentary life. According to the author, to be an effective nurse, many more qualities such as a team player, leadership skills, humbleness and in-depth knowledge of situation analysis are required.

Methods And Data Analysis

The methods depicted in the given three research papers, to find the role of teamwork in the nursing profession are, firstly individual interviews were done, with groups of six people, and they were asked about the nursing facility and the service provided by them (Walker et al., 2021). Secondly, in the paper by Brommelsiek, Graybill, & Gotham, (2019), six different clinics were selected and surveys were done. The results obtained from all the clinics are combined, to formulate the results in screen different sections. And lastly, to check the elderly health and the role of teamwork, a questionnaire was circulated among the various participants (Anderson et al., 2019). Consent was taken from the participants before providing the questions, and a detailed study was generated from the reviewed answers.


The results that can be extracted after carefully studying the three papers are that teamwork is also based on certain parameters. The first parameter is the level and ease of communication, between the seniors and junior nurses. From the paper (Brommelsiek, Graybill, & Gotham, 2019), seven different subgroups were extracted based on which the communication between the nursing staff can be measured. The results also show that situational awareness is also an integral part of communication and teamwork. On the other hand, paper, accountability and responsibility have been pointed out as the most important elements. As per the author, Anderson et al., (2019) the nursing profession sets the best example, by providing selfless care to the patient, and by understanding the practice of delegation.

Similarly, from the given reports nurses' spirit of teamwork has been found to be directly proportional to the amount of quality care they provide to their patients (Walker et al., 2021). The old age people, mostly are not left with much hope in life and prefer following sedentary life, which is another reason for their mental depression (Macia et al., 2021). The teamwork and dedication shown by the nurses, in order to enlighten the elderly patients, are an example of great leadership qualities. In most cases, a team of nurses are employed together to keep a check on one patient. This process reflects the effective teamwork shown by the nurses.


From the above-given report, based on the mentioned three research papers. The conclusions that can be generated are that the main key elements to implement teamwork in the nursing profession are committed to the profession, supervision, delegation, communication skills and leadership qualities. Lastly, it can be concluded that the nursing profession has been a great example in proving team spirit and maintaining the quality of care for their patients.


Anderson, J. E., Ross, A. J., Lim, R., Kodate, N., Thompson, K., Jensen, H., & Cooney, K. (2019). Nursing teamwork in the care of older people: A mixed methods study. Applied Ergonomics, 80, 119-129.
Brommelsiek, M., Graybill, T. L., & Gotham, H. J. (2019). Improving communication, teamwork and situation awareness in nurse-led primary care clinics of a rural healthcare system. Journal of Interprofessional Education & Practice, 16, 100268.
Macià, D., Cattaneo, G., Solana, J., Tormos, J. M., Pascual-Leone, A., & Bartrés-Faz, D. (2021). Meaning in life: A major predictive factor for loneliness comparable to health status and social connectedness. Frontiers in psychology, 12, 627547.
Walker, F. A., Ball, M., Cleary, S., & Pisani, H. (2021). Transparent teamwork: The practice of supervision and delegation within the multi‐tiered nursing team. Nursing Inquiry, 28(4), e12413.
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