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How to Choose Good Proposal Essay Topics?

An extensive overview with examples

Proposal Essay Topics

A proposal essay proposes an idea and provides evidence to persuade the reader why the idea is a rational or an irrational one. Proposal essays come in many forms and shapes. It can be based on college lessons, research works, scientific fields, management news, events and more.

It is to be mentioned that an appropriate selection of proposal essay topics is the key to composing technically flawless papers in the longer run. Good proposal essay topics pave the way for the students to discover multiple avenues as they can come up with a rationally interpreted point of view in support of the context of the discussion.  Writing interesting proposal essay topics takes time, precision and clarity of thought.

In case you are struggling to come up with an ideal selection of interesting proposal essay topics, here are a few conventions you may like to follow.

Know Your Audience Prior to Choosing Proposal Essay Topics

Remember, a proposal essay is an effort to persuade your reader that the idea you are projecting is worth pursuing. Thus, it is important for you to know the people you will be writing. Try answering a few questions before looking for interesting proposal essay topics. Here’s what you should consider before writing.

  • Who’s your target audience?
  • How do you plan to convince them?
  • Are they business people, students, professors or Government officials?
  • How do you wish to frame a perfect thesis statement for the target group of the audience?
  • Is the topic common, controversial, extensive or research-based?

Once you are aware of the answers to each of the questions mentioned above, coming up with a list of good topics for proposal essay will be much easier.

Selecting Good Topics for Proposal Essay Calls for In-depth Research

You cannot expect to come up with good topics for proposal essay without conducting thorough research on the prospective subject matters. Roping in strong secondary sources to support your claims will help you to go a long way and convince your readers. Make sure you are observing the following research strategies before extracting information from different platforms.

  • Evaluate and analyze the authenticity of the information extracted.
  • Stress on extracting communicative information.
  • Prioritize citing government-approved sources, case studies, and events.
  • Consider keeping records of all research findings in a textual format.

In addition, you may also choose to spend some quality time brainstorming the targeted research topics with the help of an expert. They can help you gain a deeper understanding of the different facets of extensive academic research and analysis.

Brainstorm Excellent Ideas before Working on the Proposal Essay Topics

Brainstorming is one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to selecting good Proposal essay topics. So, here are a few tips you may consider for a successful mind mapping session.

  • Create your own mind map and frame the primary theme of the proposal essay topics accordingly.
  • Identify the gaps between your current state and the end goal you would like to achieve out of the essay.
  • Identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats associated with the topics for your proposal essay.

Once you are able to observe the brainstorming guidelines as mentioned above, getting started with an ideal selection of interesting proposal essay topics shall no more appear to be rocket science.

30 Interesting Proposal Essay Topics to Get Started With

Now that you are aware of the different helpful strategies and tips that can assist you in coming up with interesting proposal essay topics, here are a few of the unique proposal essay ideas for you.

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of globalization?

  2. What can schools do in order to make educational platforms safer for students?

  3. What is the best way to accept society and make society accept you?

  4. Can money ever be a good motivator? How to plan for a future without being terrified about your income?

  5. How to deal with the taboo of sex education in schools?

  6. Is there an ideal alternative to punishing children?

  7. How can society abolish the concept of capital punishment?

  8. How can you help a depressed person to be positive?

  9. Should the government take helpful steps to control birth rate?

  10. Is there a healthy alternative to caffeine?

  11. What can be done to motivate people to save our planet?

  12. How to establish a perfect corporate ethical policy?

  13. What are the various ways to improve the corporate responsibility of a particular company?

  14. What are the ways to combine health and fun?

  15. Should human genetic engineering be banned?

  16. What are the ways that can be adopted in order to ensure safe driving on roads?

  17. How to make genetic engineering work for us and not against us?

  18. What can be done in order to make reading more popular among youngsters?

  19. What ways can be implemented in order to prevent sexism in school?

  20. Is it necessary to teach healthy nutrition habits at school?

  21. The impact of air pollution on earth and its future.

  22. Do we still need to bother about the consequences of environmental pollution?

  23. What are the effective ways to choose your ideal sleep pattern?

  24. What steps can be taken in order to make our cities cleaner and safer?

  25. What necessary steps can be taken in order to help someone who’s addicted to smoking and alcohol?

  26. Is there an ideal way to improve economic situations without affecting immigration?

  27. Is the world really prone to an alien invasion in the near future?

  28. The impact of early drug abuse in the lives of college-goers.

  29. The effect of child abuse and its impact on a grown-up.

  30. Should we stop discussing the context of marijuana legalization?

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