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Among all the essays students are asked to do, math is easily the toughest and the scariest. Most students always try to avoid doing math homework essays, which never ends well for them. The complex calculations, the difficult concepts, and the intimidating essays always drive students mad. However, they can now do their essays easily with some help. has introduced a host of online math problem-solver tools that can make your job easy.

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Our step-by-step math problem solver tool is vastly popular among students. Our one of its kind math solver tool can not only helps you with the solutions but also shows all the steps in detail. So, if students miss important algebra lessons in the classroom, they can always rely on our algebra math problem solver to get comprehensive help.

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If students want to access our math problem solver tool, they need to follow a few simple steps. Simply click on the services tab, then click on the "free academic tool" tab, then choose the "writing tool" option, which will give you to option to choose a math problem solver. Once you have selected the option, the page will give you multiple options, like –

  • Solve
  • Expand
  • Simplify
  • Graph
  • GCF
  • Plot
  • LCM

According to your needs, you can choose one option, and our AI-based tool will give you detailed solutions in real-time. Here is an example of how our tool works –

Q1. Solve the expression 4m+5+2m-1 = 0

M = -2/3

6M + 4 = 0

6M + (4 – 4) = - 4

4-4 = 0 and 6M = - 4

So, after dividing both sides by 6, we get M = - 4/6

If you want to expand it, you can select the options accordingly. For example,

The GCD of 4 and 6 is 2, so -4/6 = -(2x2)/2x3 = 2/2 x -2/3 = -2/3

That means the value of M is -2/3.

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Q2. If x+ y = 12 and xy = 32, Find the value of x2 + y2.

To find the value of x2 + y2, we need to first determine the individual values of x and y.

Given that x + y = 12, we can use this equation to solve for one variable in terms of the other.

Let's solve for x:

x + y = 12

x = 12 - y

Substituting this value of x into the second equation:

xy = 32

(12 - y)y = 32

12y - y2 = 32

y2 - 12y + 32 = 0

We now have a quadratic equation in terms of y. Solving this equation gives us two possible values for y: y = 8 and y = 4.

Substituting these values back into the equation x + y = 12, we can find the corresponding values of x:

For y = 8:

x + 8 = 12

x = 4

For y = 4:

x + 4 = 12

x = 8

Therefore, we have two solutions: (x = 4, y = 8) and (x = 8, y = 4).

Now, we can calculate x2 + y2 for each solution:

For (x = 4, y = 8):

x2 + y2 = 42 + 82 = 16 + 64 = 80

For (x = 8, y = 4):

x2 + y2 = 82 + 42 = 64 + 16 = 80

So, regardless of which solution we choose, the value of x2 + y2 is 80.

Q3. Solve the quadratic equation 2x2+ x – 300 = 0 using factorization

To solve the quadratic equation 2 x 2 + x - 300 = 0 using factorization, we need to find two numbers whose product is -600 (the product of the coefficient of x2 and the constant term) and whose sum is the coefficient of x.

The quadratic equation can be factored as follows:

2x2 + x - 300 = 0

First, let's find the factors of -600:

Factors of -600: -1, 1, -2, 2, -3, 3, -4, 4, -5, 5, -6, 6, -8, 8, -10, 10, -12, 12, -15, 15, -20, 20, -25, 25, -30, 30, -40, 40, -50, 50, -60, 60, -75, 75, -100, 100, -150, 150, -200, 200, -300, 300, -600, 600

Now, let's look for two numbers whose sum is 1 (the coefficient of x). The factors above show that the numbers are -24 and 25 since -24 + 25 = 1.

Next, we can split the middle term of the quadratic equation using these two numbers:

2x2 - 24x + 25x - 300 = 0

Now we group the terms:

(2x2 - 24x) + (25x - 300) = 0

Factor out the greatest common factor from each group:

2x(x - 12) + 25(x - 12) = 0

Now, we can see that (x - 12) is a common factor, so we can factor it out:

(x - 12) (2x + 25) = 0

Now we have factored the quadratic equation as a product of two binomials. To find the solutions, we set each factor equal to zero:

x - 12 = 0 or 2x + 25 = 0

Solving for x in each equation gives us the following:

x = 12 or x = -25/2

Therefore, the solutions to the quadratic equation 2x2 + x - 300 = 0 are x = 12 and x = -25/2.

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When students learn about math and get their fundamentals cleared, they become more confident in doing the essays. Thus, by learning math, they can solve their own problems.

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Any professional who helps students to learn mathematics and do their math essays can be termed as a math problem solver. However, at, we also have an AI-based tool that can solve the math problems of any student.

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