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No student in the US is unaware of the severe penalties that one may have to suffer for copying content from other publications and using it in an academic paper without giving due credit. However, at times, you may not copy them intentionally. Quoting someone renowned in your paper without mentioning the person's name can also amount to plagiarism. In such cases, our AI-powered plagiarism checker can help you get out of the mess and save your day.

You no longer have to worry about getting your paper cancelled due to plagiarism for the best plagiarism scanner is available at to ward off such issues! Our duplicate content checker is built based on highly advanced algorithms that allow the tool to check through a vast database of both online and offline sources. You can also use our plagiarism scanner as a copyright checker to ensure that you are not infringing any rights. That’s not all! You get to check plagiarism online using our tool for FREE.

Read on to learn more about our feature-rich content similarity checker.

Why our Plagiarism Checker?

Best for ensuring academic integrity


Unlimited text lengths checked at one go


All formats supported .DOC, .Docx, .TXT, .PPT, .PPTx, .PDF


100% in-depth and authentic report

How it Works?

4 simple easy steps to get 100% original content

Copy Paste/Upload

Copy Paste the content to be checked in the box or upload the relevant files you want to get checked. Press the blue ‘<strong>Check Plagiarism</strong>’ button.


Sit back and grab a coffee. By that time each word and sentence of your documents are being scanned by our high end plagiarism checker.


Your work compared with billions of documents present online. 1.5+ billion web pages, 10+ Million Publications and 5+ billion Noplag database and many more is compared to your work.


A detailed plagiarism report is generated. All the plagiarized parts, even the minutest plagiarized words are highlighted. Change the plagiarized portions and Hurray! You get 100% original content.

Multifaceted Plagiarism Checker and Scanner for FREE

You cannot always avoid plagiarism cent percent. But there are ways to ensure that the copied information doesn’t amount to stealing data and using it illegally. One such way is to use our plagiarism checker tool. With our plagiarism scanner, you can even paraphrase a piece of content to ensure that it is authentic while keeping the meaning intact. If you are wondering why students in the US use our online plagiarism detector the most, here are the top features for their trust in us:

Eliminate plagiarism

If you want an academic paper that is 100% plagiarism-free, our checker is just what you need. Every time you take ideas and data from other sources, our online plagiarism checker will help you ensure that the content isn’t the same.

Detect data sources

Our plagiarism scanner can help you immensely by showing you the sources of the data that you have used in your content but could not trace. You can then easily use the sources and mention them in the bibliography to avoid marks deductions.

Rebuild sentence structure

Our one-in-all plagiarism checker tool can do beyond just checking similarity in ideas and highlighting sources. You can use our plagiarism checker online to paraphrase copied sentences without altering the central message.

Eliminate inconsistencies

When quoting someone in your paper, you may lose marks if you do not mention the quote in verbatim. Our plagiarism checker software can highlight which words you have missed while quoting someone’s content so that you can remove the inconsistencies.

As you can see, using our online plagiarism detector can help you be sure that your assignment is plagiarism free and accurate in all aspects. Wait no more and use our plagiarism scanner and checker for original content and bag the best scores.

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Use our Duplicate Content Checker to Gain a Competitive Edge

Even missing a percent of plagiarism can cost you your grades. Now, that is certainly something that you would not want.’s duplicate content checker comes with an elaborate list of benefits in store for you. Here is how using our online plagiarism checker can save you.

Save time

Checking for plagiarism manually is nearly impossible. Moreover, it is time-consuming. You can use our plagiarism checker online to save time. To help you submit your assignments right within the deadline, use our tool to get the job done in under a few minutes.

Authentic content

With the best plagiarism checker software at your aid, you can improve the quality of your paper by achieving originality despite being inspired by other's ideas. You can even download the report and attach it with your paper as proof.

Save money

You can now check plagiarism for FREE using our tool. So, do not worry about spending your pocket money any further and don’t sacrifice your grades either. Use our plagiarism checker for free today!

24x7 Availability

Unlike human editors, our plagiarism checker tool does not need rest. So, you know you will be able to use it at breaking dawn or the wee hours in the night on our website for INSTANT results.

Our plagiarism checker is compatible with all formats of academic papers and has no word count limit either. Also, you can use our tool on all types of devices on the go. Leave your worries behind and use our checker with a few clicks.

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Features of Our Plagiarism Checker

Our plagiarism checker is the best tool for students who want one tool that does it all. If you are tired of looking around for the best plagiarism detector, give one last try to our tool. Our free plagiarism checker has the best features to get you started. Let’s have a look:-

Detects Minute Plagiarised Sections

Of course, every plagiarism detector claims to detect plagiarized sections but do they? Well, we can only speak for our tool, which picks up on any single term, sentence, and paragraph highlighting the duplicate areas.

This becomes very convenient for the students to know what terms to correct and the particular areas which need correction.

Improves Writing Quality

When our plagiarism detector detects such errors, which can cost students their grades, it automatically helps them improve their writing quality. While most plagiarism detectors only show the percentage of plagiarism in the paper, our tool highlights the areas that give students the chance to make changes and upgrade the quality.

Suggest Better Terms

Did you know that our plagiarism tool also suggests terms for plagiarised sections? If certain areas need to be changed, our plagiarism checker also offers ways to do it. This becomes easy or the students to not start fresh as our plagiarism tool will be helping them by handing out recommendations on how to improve their writing.

Our plagiarism tool is like the best friend every student needs. If you feel you deliver high-quality assignments but do not get the results you deserve, then you should use our plagiarism checker to see if unauthenticity is the case with your papers. Click on the button below to use our tool today.

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Use Our PPT Plagiarism Checker, Free & Detect Plagiarism In Seconds

Are you wondering how to use our plagiarism checker? Are you worried that, just like every other online plagiarism tool, our ones will be difficult to use too? Well, don't worry? As our PowerPoint plagiarism checker free is applicable for all assignment types and is easy to use.

Here is a three-step guide on how to use our plagiarism checker for PowerPoint and other assignments:-

And that's it. That is how easy it is to use our PowerPoint plagiarism checker for free. Our plagiarism checker is free and available for any student from any corner of the world. So contact our tool today if you don't want to suffer and get your hand on a trusty PowerPoint plagiarism checker free. You can also try our rate my paper tool for free.

Types of Plagiarism Checker

If you are searching for the best plagiarism checker, which can be your lifetime savior, you have come to the right place. Although tons of tools promise to be the best, the features our plagiarism checker provides for free are too good to be missed. Our plagiarism checker can detect all kinds of plagiarism.

Here are the four significant types of plagiarism which are commonly found in students papers:-

Direct Plagiarism

Direct plagiarism occurs when every word and sentence is similar to the original content.

Mosaic Plagiarism

This kind of plagiarism generally occurs when one addresses a writer's work or quotes without putting in inverted quotes or using general synonyms for the original work marking it as plagiarized.

Accidental Plagiarism

This kind of plagiarism occurs when a person makes a mistake in the citation. This means that although they tried to give credits due to the incorrect writing process, they had to face the consequences.


Self-plagiarism is when the plagiarized section is mixed with the writer's original work. Although there are traces of the writer's original work, it is plagiarized as it contains areas of other people's work without their authority.

These are the four significant kinds of plagiarism. Don't worry; no matter which category your paper falls into, our online plagiarism checker will detect and rectify it.

Why Prioritize Our Online Plagiarism Checker?

There are many reasons why one should prioritize our plagiarism checker online. Wondering why we claim to be the superior plagiarism checker for students? Keep on reading to know more:-

Free To Use

By now, you know that our plagiarism checker online is entirely free. Yes, it is accessible without any hidden costs. Students can use our plagiarism checker as often as possible and still get crisp results.

Designed By Professionals

Professionals have created our online plagiarism checker. Our professionals are either ex-professors, Ph.D. experts, or scholars who know how plagiarism works and have incorporated their knowledge into this tool.

Fulfill All Academic Needs

Our online plagiarism checker is not just limited to plagiarism. Our platform also has well-qualified academic writers who help students with assignment writing, proofreading, editing, presentation, etc. In addition, we have more tools for paraphrasing, rating the quality of the paper, etc.

Instant Relists

Most online plagiarism checkers take a lot of time to generate results. But that's not the case with our plagiarism checker tool. Our tool generator gives results within seconds, even lengthy papers are quickly scanned, and results are shown on the screen within a short duration.

User-Friendly Interface

Our plagiarism checker has a very user-friendly interface. Most of the plagiarism software is complicated, but that’s not our tool. Instead, simple directions are mentioned, which even a beginner can use.

Any student who comes under our grace only receives good things. Thousands of students have used our tool and only have good things to say about it. So start using it today to receive all of its benefits.

Ultimate Essay Checker, to Cover All Your Writing Needs?

The search for the ultimate plagiarism checker for students is over with us. Our tool has got all the needs covered. We have listed many features of our plagiarism checker, but we still have so much more for you, so here they are:-

Suitable For Any Assignment Type

We say our plagiarism checker is an all-rounder because it is suitable for all assignment types. sSo be it essays, dissertations, and even PowerPoint papers, can be cross-checked in our plagiarism tool.

Has No Word Limit

Our online plagiarism checker has no word limit to check any paper. So it does not matter if your article is 100 words or 1000 words? Our plagiarism checker online for students can go through documents with even the lengthiest word count without any issue.

No Maximum Usage Limit

Another best feature of our plagiarism checker is that there is no maximum number for using our tool. Students can use our free plagiarism checker as many times as they desire. One does not have to invest in any other plagiarism tool when they have us.

With all these features, we can proudly say that our plagiarism checker is not only the best tool for students but also for teachers. So, if you had a piece of bad luck looking for good plagiarism tools, then get our tool today.

Why Originality and Uniqueness of Content Matter?

Now that we have paid so much emphasis on using a plagiarism checker tool, you might be wondering why it is so important. Is it that important to use the tool? Can’t writing be passed on without checking it through plagiarism software? Well, it definitely can be done but making sure that it is 100% original is like the icing on the cake.

Professors appreciate it when a student hands over their original writing. A plagiarized assignment can discredit the students' authority and shows that they have not put in their hard work. Taking inspiration from elsewhere is ok, but the paper should be originally crafted from scratch.

Authenticity shows the efforts and time a writer has put in. If you do not want your credibility to be affected by plagiarism score, get your papers through our plagiarism software and impress your professors in no time.

Who are users of our free Plagiarism Checker?

As we said, our plagiarism checker can be used for multiple purposes and by multiple people. Our plagiarism checker tool has a broad audience and each with different needs. Here is who can use our plagiarism checker and enjoy the benefits from it:-


Our biggest audience is our students. Students of any grade and university can use our free plagiarism checker for students. Be it a college-level student or one from high school, no one will be left disappointed with our free plagiarism tool.


Although most of our audience is students, teachers also use our tool. Teachers use our tool to analyze whether the papers submitted by students are free of plagiarism or not.


A lot of researchers work on existing papers. Hence the chances of their work being plagiarized are huge. This is why researchers use our plagiarism checker, which helps them check whether the work is authentic.

Content writers & bloggers

We also have a bunch of content writers and bloggers who use our plagiarism checker tool. So anyone who does the work of writing can use our tool. This tool allows one to not only check the plagiarized sections but also the paper's authenticity and improve the article's quality.

These are the significant people who use our plagiarism checker tool. Anyone who uses our tool will only be bombarded with \ benefits. Those who are into the writing field can trust our tool and get all their work done in no time.

Most Popular FAQs Searched By Students

Q.1. What is the word limit to check plagiarism?

Ans= There is no word limit, which is attached with our free plagiarism checker for students. Therefore, one can check lengthy papers of even 1000 words or more and get them checked.

Q.2. What Languages Are Supported by this Plagiarism Detector?

Ans= Our plagiarism detector works best with English documents. It is a free tool that can be used by students, writers, teachers, and anyone who wants to get their papers checked through the best plagiarism software.

Q.3. What percentage of a paper can be plagiarized (or copied) and still be considered unique?

Ans= Different universities have different plagiarism levels up to which it is accepted. For example, some accept 4% of plagiarism, while others accept 6% of plagiarism. Using our tool, one can determine the percentage and know if their paper is applicable or not.

Q.4. What are the consequences of plagiarism?

Ans= A plagiarized paper can affect one uniqueness and originality. Students who submit plagiarized papers have a massive chance of getting low grades. Content writers who publish plagiarized writing can face copyright and authenticity issues.

Q.5. Can I check my research paper for plagiarism for free?

Ans= If you are looking for a free plagiarism checker for teachers or a free plagiarism checker for students, then you can use our tool. Our free plagiarism checker is the best tool that students can get. It shows plagiarized sections and advanced terms for placing in it, making it even better.

Q.6. Can I check my document for plagiarism multiple times?

Ans= Our free plagiarism checker for teachers has no limit for usage. One can check their paper numerous times to get the article checked. So use our free plagiarism checker as often as possible to check authenticity.


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Free plagiarism checker for students, teachers, and content creators, Use our online plagiarism detector to steer clear from piracy.

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