Online Paraphrasing Tool's Features

Essay Rewriter is one vital technique for a lot of students to enhance their writing skills.

Familiar With All Types of Assignments

Our paraphrasing machine is familiar with different types of academic assignments such as essays, dissertations, research papers, case studies, etc.

AI-Based Search Algorithm

The paraphrase generator has been integrated with an AI-based search algorithm so that it generates unique results instantly.

A wide slew of academic databases

Our tool consists of a wide slew of academic databases that helps it use the right synonyms as the replacement for the original words in your document.

Quick Scanning

The paraphrase generator scans your original document to form meaningful and short paragraphs. With our tool, you can ensure that the paraphrased document makes sense.

Need a free paraphrasing tool that improves content quality?

Paraphrasing tool introduces the most versatile and powerful online paraphrasing tool that delivers unique content in an instant. Available free of cost, our automated text rewriter and paraphraser implements machine learning techniques to morph a content while keeping its meaning intact.  

Powered by Natural Language Processing techniques,'s intelligent paraphrasing tool works on a vast corpus and 'learns' how to generate better content on every run. Be sure of getting fresh and original content on any topic and subject when you avail the most accurate text-rewriting tool on the Internet!

Essays, case studies, dissertations, book reports – everything can be paraphrased with our tool in an instant. Available free of charge, the iconic features of our paraphrasing app put it miles ahead of any of its contemporaries in every aspect. Please look at the following section and find out the features & aspects that make our paraphraser the best amongst the rest.


Fantastic Features Of Our Advanced Paraphrasing Tool 

Our paraphrasing tool is the brainchild of our native web application and software development team. Often referred to as a bunch of computer geeks by our academic writers, our developers are some of the most brilliant minds we have come across. They dedicated themselves to building the perfect online scholarly paraphrasing tool that boasts of some fantastic fabulous features.

Here is a brief glimpse of every one of those defining characteristics.

  • Fresh content delivered in a flash

Powerful Artificial Intelligence algorithms run in the background that scan any content, process its meaning and revamp it completely. And,  all of this happens at the click of a button. All you need to do is paste that wall of text at the designated place, and the tool will overhaul the entire content just like that.

Temporally efficient source codes transform any content in a few milliseconds without the need for any manual intervention.

  • Quality content on every run

At, we have a giant and rich database linked directly with our paraphrase generator. Filled with a wide variety of reference sources of top-notch quality, we guarantee an accurate and authentic generated content on every use.

ML techniques such as NLP evaluate the subject and context of a text. Database enquiries are lightning-fast, resulting in flawless content generation, during post-processing.

  • An intelligent platform that learns on its own

Computational linguistics models and Natural Language Processing methods enables the rewriter to learn from every text it processes. Whenever it comes across an "unknown" word, it looks further into the text to understand the word's purpose and context. The AI may also refer to the database for more information.

After processing, our online essay and text paraphraser replaces words with synonyms, changes sentence structure, modifies the presentation of ideas and the layout to deliver an oven-fresh copy.'s paraphrase generator use supervised machine learning techniques to craft flawless content every single time. Be assured of the best when you use our iconic English paraphrasing tool.

  • Free access without any registration

Avail the Web's best paraphrasing tool without any online registration and other hassles. All anyone needs is a stable Internet connection, a Web-enabled electronic device, and they are good to go. Use our rewriter to paraphrase plagiarized content, improve a lack-luster write-up or revise an erroneous one. With no loading times and no charges, you get to save both time and money.

So, anytime you need to rectify or improve written content, just think of Enhance your essays without spending a single penny using our free advanced paraphrasing tool and bid goodbye to all your tensions.

Next up, have a look at the next section to learn how to use our paraphrasing tool and find out the technological marvels that empower our paraphrase generator.

A Brief Look Into The Brains Of The Paraphrase Tool And Its Simple Usage

Our native developers implemented powerful language processing techniques to build the fastest essay paraphraser around the Web. Paraphrasing plagiarism-filled texts and rewriting any content requires capable ML techniques, and our rewriter uses "Paraphrase Generation Using Deep Reinforcement Learning" to produce quality solutions. This NLP technique utilizes an evaluator and generator model to generate refined content instantly.

AI is evolving, and so is our paraphraser app. The development team are striving hard to enhance the bot's performance every passing day. Several other ML methods are under testing for implementation.

 Autoencoders and Artificial Neural Networks for unsupervised deep learning= A powerful Deep Learning technique, this method has the probability of enhancing the accuracy of our free essay rewriter greatly.

 Large scale paraphrasing using NLG= In this case, probability and statistical concepts will help our scholarly paraphraser tool act with the competence and intelligence of a human scholar.

Semantic parsing= This technique will parse a text into parts and understands its meaning, context, significance, etc. It can act as a good add-on option for the existing revamping techniques too develop better content structure.

 Along with the above R&D, our designers perform routine maintenance to ensure glitch-free user experience for everyone, every time.

Despite all inherent complexities, using our free paraphrase tool is as simple as it can get. A lucid user interface with neatly labelled buttons and clear instructions make things a breeze.


Step 1: Enter the text that you want to rephrase. Once you enter it, press the "Rephrase Essay" button.

Step 2: You will be redirected to a blank page initially. Watch in amazement as the tool rewrites your essays almost in an instant.

Step 3: The paraphrase generator does not just change a few words around the text. It analyses the context and purpose of the given composition and refreshes it with better diction, structure and organization, all the while keeping its meaning intact.

 So, any time you need to rephrase and rewrite any content, head on over here and morph you content to perfection using's paraphrasing tool that's 100% free and accurate.

However, if its brand new content that you need, then we have you covered on that too. has an army of highly qualified writers who stand ready to create impeccable content as per requirements.

We Do Not Just Offer You A Free Paraphrasing Tool! 

1500+ Expert Writers Are Ready To Assist You 

At, we provide world-class assignment and essay writing service at bargain prices. Highly qualified writers recruited through stringent selection procedures work on all projects and essays. So, if you want more than just a paraphrase generator to modify your articles, then we have the perfect team of experts for you. Our solutions are 100% authentic and delivered well before your deadlines. is the ONLY writing service that offers state-of-the-art software utilities for free AND world-renowned assignment help services at out-of-this-world prices WITH unique value-added services.

  • The fantastic perks below add the icing on the cake.
  • Homework & Assignment writing assistance for 100+ subjects at any academic level
  • More than 75000 satisfactory clients
  • Student-friendly prices
  • Introductory discounts for first-time users
  • A simple order placement process
  • Guaranteed privacy and secure payment gateways
  • Urgent delivery on every order
  • Free customer support service available 24x7, online and offline
  • Round the clock assistance

So, let go of all your worries, use our world-class paraphrase tool anytime you wonder "Who can paraphrase my essays for me?" And avail our stellar academic writing services for authentic and impeccable content. Put your trust in and excel like never before!

Frequently Asked Questions about "Paraphrasing Tool" 

Q. How To Use A Paraphrasing Tool ?

Paraphrasing tool online is very easy to use. Here are a few simple steps to follow:

  • You may type or copy and paste the text directly that you want to reword.

  • Click on the button saying “Paraphase”

  • Once you click the button, the essay rewriter will automatically rewrite the content in just a few seconds.

Q. Is Paraphrasing Tool free, or I needed to purchase it?

If you browse online, you will find both paid and free paraphrasing tools. Here is a list of a few free paraphrasing tools:

  • Quillbot

  • Spinbot

  • Duplichecker

  • Spinner Chief 6

  • GoParaphrase

Q. How to paraphrasing tools work ?

A lot of you might be wondering, “how does paraphrasing tools really work?”. So let's find out.

  • It uses AI to take the source content and rewrite or rewords to ensure no plagiarism errors.

  • After keeping the original meaning intact will convert the text and generate the best synonyms for the content.

Q. Is The Essay Rewriter By Paraphrasing Tool Better Than The Content Created By A Human ?

Paraphrasing tools are designed to spin the contents. If we talk about fast result, it obviously helps when you are running behind time. However, it has no comparison to contents created by human since they are more expressive, personal and unique.

Q. Who can use the paraphraser ?

Paraphraser is mostly designed for bloggers, students and professional writers. But there is no restriction on using this tool. Anyone can use the paraphraser as many times as they may need.

Q. What are the 4 R's of paraphrasing?

Here are the 4 R’s of paraphrasing tool:

  • Reword

  • Rearrange

  • Realize

  • Recheck

Why should you choose our Paraphrasing Tool?

Offering unmatched services through our ivy league online essay writers

Free To Use

You needn’t have to worry about the budget when you use our paraphrasing tool. It is absolutely free for students of all educational levels.

No sign-up required

There’s no need to spend hours signing up any form to use our paraphrasing machine. Copy and paste the file and click on the 'Paraphrase Document' button.

Devoid of Bugs or Malicious Content

Using our paraphrasing tool won’t make your device slow. Also, it is perfectly safe for students of all educational levels.

Instant Results

The AI-based search algorithm integrated into our paraphrase tool replaces the original words with their meaningful synonyms quickly, thereby delivering you results instantly.

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