Online Paraphrasing Tool's Features

Essay Rewriter is one vital technique for a lot of students to enhance their writing skills.


Familiar With All Types of Assignments

Our paraphrasing machine is familiar with different types of academic assignments such as essays, dissertations, research papers, case studies, etc.


AI-Based Search Algorithm

The paraphrase generator has been integrated with an AI-based search algorithm so that it generates unique results instantly.


A wide slew of academic databases

Our tool consists of a wide slew of academic databases that helps it use the right synonyms as the replacement for the original words in your document.


Quick Scanning

The paraphrase generator scans your original document to form meaningful and short paragraphs. With our tool, you can ensure that the paraphrased document makes sense.


Need a free paraphrasing tool that improves content quality?

Paraphrasing tool

Paraphrasing Tool


Paraphrasing is an art that, unfortunately, most students aren’t the best at executing. Therefore, a helpful paraphrasing tool is a perfect solution for those hoping to paraphrase their work without overcoming a million hurdles.

At Allessaywriter, you’ll find the most reliable paraphrase generator to help you accurately paraphrase your work in the blink of an eye. This helpful resource eliminates the need to rephrase your work manually, saves you time and effort and polishes your writing to perfection.


How Does This Paraphrasing Tool Work Online?


The paraphrasing tool at Allessaywriter was developed under the guidance of the USA's top developers and English experts. We’ve prioritized convenience above everything else to ensure you won’t have to face any trouble when using our free tool.

For example, when using our paraphrase generator, you don't have to rely on a thick instruction manual. Instead, the tool is designed so that any technologically handicapped person can use it without facing any trouble.

Here’s a simple guide on how you should use our paraphrase tool:


Step 1: Copy and paste the content that you want to paraphrase in the paraphrasing tool and click on the “Rephrase Essay” button

Step 2: You’ll be redirected to a blank page. But don’t worry! Watch how our paraphrasing tool magically rewrites your work instantly

Step 3: Copy the final content that our paraphrase tool generates and enjoy the best content without a hassle


The paraphrase generator relies on the best AI technology to rewrite your content from scratch. It has a built-in plagiarism detector that immediately compares your writing to millions of web pages online. Once it detects the plagiarized content, it automatically paraphrases the specific sections.

This paraphrasing tool uses power language processing techniques to develop content with a similar writing style to yours. As a result, it maintains a natural writing flow that you won’t find on any other paraphrase generator.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable paraphrasing tool that can provide you with instant, accurate paraphrasing, use our tool to your heart's content. We can guarantee that you'll never have to rely on another device as long as you have this resource by your side. We also provide Rate My Paper Tool.

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Rephrase Content Easily with Our Paraphrasing Tool


“Is there a dependable paraphrasing tool that can rewrite my essay from scratch?” is one of the most common questions students ask daily. Well, heave a sigh of relief because Allessaywriter is there to resolve all your worries in a flash.

Seeing the growing need amongst students for an essay rephraser, our experts have spent innumerable hours developing the perfect tool for your assistance with the help of professional assignment writers. Generally, this need to rephrase an essay arises due to one primary reason: to avoid plagiarism.


When consulting several resources to compose your essay, it's natural for some sections to seem too similar to the original. That's why an essay paraphraser becomes an essential tool for every student.

When you use the paraphrasing tool at Allessaywriter, you get to enjoy the following benefits:


  • Instantly generated content

  • Accurate content flow

  • No spelling or grammatical errors


So, every time you wonder, “Is there anyone who can help me rewrite my essay?” rest easy because the solution is right under your nose.

The ease of using our essay rephraser makes it one of the most in-demand resources online. Students, professors, scholars and researchers worldwide have praised our tool's efficiency.


“The paraphrasing tool at Allessaywriter is a blessing in disguise. It saved me a lot of time and helped me submit my paper within the deadline.” – Samantha Gerald

“You don’t find an essay paraphraser like this every day. The developers deserve a raise. I've never faced an issue when using it to paraphrase my research papers." – John Taylor


You’ll find more reviews about our paraphrasing tool on Allessaywriter. So, don't settle for anything less than an A+. Instead, use our helpful tool and improve your content's quality in the blink of an eye.


What’s More to Our Paraphrasing Tool Online?


The paraphrasing tool you’ll encounter at Allessaywriter is a unique resource that aims to eliminate every hurdle you face when paraphrasing any content. If you've never tried this tool out for yourself, you might wonder, "What's so special about this tool that can paraphrase my work?”

It’s pretty natural to wonder why this essay word changer enjoys more popularity than the other paraphrase calculator tools online. Well, the answer is pretty simple.


At Allessaywriter, our experts have spent years observing the troubles students face when trying to paraphrase their assignments. Hence, we’ve developed a customized paraphrasing tool to help you rephrase your work like a professional.

Some unique features of this essay word changer are:


  1. Self-learning, intelligent paraphrasing tool

If you want a paraphrase calculator that keeps up-to-date with the latest developments in the English language, Allessaywriter is your best choice. The intelligent learning process enables this tool to identify unknown words, figure out their meaning, and replace the word with appropriate synonyms.

  1. Full access to all features on the essay word changer

Unlike other essay word changers online that provide limited access to students for free, our tool allows you to enjoy all features! You don’t have to pay a single cent to paraphrase your work perfectly.

  1. Free utilization without registration

You don’t have to provide any mail id or contact number for registration to use our paraphrasing tool. Instead, you can head over to Allessaywriter and find the resource under “Free Tool.”

  1. Original content delivered in a flash

Originality is one of the most significant factors of our paraphrase calculator. It doesn't pick and choose content from the internet but constructs unique sentences, keeping the writing flow in mind. As a result, this tool takes less than a few seconds to polish your writing and deliver impressive content.


These reasons have a significant role in the popularity of our paraphrasing tool worldwide. So, if you haven’t tried it out yourself, what are you waiting for?

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A Paraphrase Tool to Help You Avoid Plagiarism


Since institutions have strict rules regarding plagiarism, you need to be very careful before submitting your assignments. Thus, our paraphrasing tool is the best solution to eliminate all plagiarized content from your papers.

Even if you’re not plagiarizing content intentionally, there’s always a chance that you’ll become the victim of unintentional plagiarism. So, if your first thought is, “Is there any tool that can paraphrase my essay and ensure it's plagiarism-free?" then worry not because that's precisely what we have for you.

The innovative plagiarism detector software in our paraphrasing machine can help you detect plagiarized content in your writing from the following sources:


  • Webpages

  • Online articles

  • Blogs

  • Social media

  • Published research papers

  • Educational databases

  • Academic archives


As soon as the paraphrasing tool detects similarities, it highlights them immediately and scans the writing thoroughly. Then, thanks to top-notch AI technology, it reshuffles the entire section, keeping the main points intact.

So, if the thought “I wish someone could paraphrase my essay perfectly" crosses your mind, you should consider giving our paraphrasing machine a try. It's the best choice to guarantee 100% plagiarism-free writing instantly.


What Should You Look at While Choosing a Paraphrasing Tool?


The technological renaissance has resulted in hundreds of “professionalparaphrasing tools cropping up online here and there. However, if you’re perplexed and wondering, “What’s the best tool that can rewrite my paper perfectly?" you should proceed with caution because every tool online won't provide accurate results.

Some of the most typical troubles you're bound to run into if you don't choose a reliable professional paraphrasing tool are:


  • Inaccurate paraphrasing

  • Plagiarized writing

  • Low-quality writing

  • Incorrect usage of words


Therefore, when choosing a rephrasing tool, you need to keep the following points in mind:


  1. The tool should be up-to-date

The Oxford English Dictionary keeps adding new words to the English lexicon every year. So now, when you want to rewrite using an essay typer, you must check if the tool is updated or not. For example, at Allessaywriter, we update the tool yearly tool keep up with the changing vocabulary.

  1. Error-free results are a must

There’s no point in using a supposedly professional paraphrasing tool for free if you'll have incorrect results. Issues like spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, incomplete sentences, and more can lower your paper quality and decrease your chances of securing an A+.

  1. Efficiency of the rephrasing tool

There's nothing more frustrating than having to rewrite using an essay typer that keeps crashing every second. If you notice an unnecessary lag in providing results, it might be best to look into more professional paraphrasing tools that won’t make you wait a million years to get the results you want.


At Allessaywriter, our rephrasing tool uses a deep learning technique to increase the accuracy of the work. Hence, it is one of the most popular resources amongst students looking for quick paraphrasing solutions online.


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Most Popular FAQs Searched By Students


  1. Who can use this rephrasing tool?

Anyone looking for quick paraphrasing solutions online can use our rephrasing tool. It's compatible with all browsers and accessible both offline and online across the globe. Moreover, since it is free, it's the best solution for students who cannot hire professional paraphrasing services online.

  1. Why should you use our professional paraphrasing tool?

Our professional paraphrasing tool uses the latest AI technology and deep learning techniques to ensure the paraphrased content is similar to the original writing style. It is simple to use, provides instant, accurate results and allows you to rephrase your writing without going through any hassle.

  1. Why do we use an online paraphrasing tool to rewrite an article?

When you use other sources to write your article, there's a higher chance of plagiarized content slipping into your work without you knowing. Such plagiarized content is easily detectable and ruins the credibility of your work. Hence, it would be best always to use an online paraphrasing tool to rewrite an article before publishing.

  1. How many articles can I paraphrase with this free paraphrase tool?

With our free paraphrasing tool, there's no limit to the number of articles you can paraphrase. Furthermore, since it is free to use, you don't have to worry about using it multiple times. So feel free to make the most of the resource and say goodbye to all paraphrasing troubles forever.

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Why should you choose our Paraphrasing Tool?

Offering unmatched services through our ivy league online essay writers


Free To Use

You needn’t have to worry about the budget when you use our paraphrasing tool. It is absolutely free for students of all educational levels.

No sign-up required

There’s no need to spend hours signing up any form to use our paraphrasing machine. Copy and paste the file and click on the 'Paraphrase Document' button.

Devoid of Bugs or Malicious Content

Using our paraphrasing tool won’t make your device slow. Also, it is perfectly safe for students of all educational levels.

Instant Results

The AI-based search algorithm integrated into our paraphrase tool replaces the original words with their meaningful synonyms quickly, thereby delivering you results instantly.

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