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The Most Popular Writing & Editing Assistants of 2021.

Technology has augmented every domain that implemented it constructively. Leaping progress in the Information and Communication Technology domain has led to the rise of many applications and services for students and professionals. Online academic and content writing tools are some such applications that have become hugely popular due to easy accessibility, fast response times, and affordable nature. A significant aspect of EdTech, this article takes a look at some powerful free online academic and writing tools of 2021.

The Best Free Academic And Writing Tools For Students & Professionals

Writing & Editing Assistants

The features of most writing & editing applications online make them ideal for both professional writers & students. Writing & editing apps can aid in brainstorming, polishing, and proofreading content, modifying it as per requirements. Several advance writing assistants can be finetuned to tailor the content according to the targeted audience. From improving content structure to factual & contextual checking, writing assistants can do them all.

Here are the most popular writing & editing assistants of 2021.

Essay Conclusion

This editor is an easy-to-use online tool that evaluates content quickly and offers instrumental feedback.

  • All you need to do is copy and paste your content in the designated area or write directly onto it.
  • Essay Conclusionanalyzes and highlights sections that need improvement and also displays the reason behind so.
  • It offers a readability score, the number of words, characters, sentences & paragraphs, along with the reading & speaking times.
  • The app highlights lengthy, complex & meandering sentences, standard errors, complex words, adverbs & weakening phrases, and passive voice usage.

While it is not as advanced and feature-rich as the other apps in this list, the Hemingway Editor comes completely free and offers instant, hassle-free and accurate results.

Plagiarism Checker

The big boss of writing & editing assistants, Plagiarism Checker is a favorite of students, professionals, and even businesses. Grammarly is powered by machine learning and Natural Language Processing models and comes with a wide range of editing & polishing features.

  • Write, paste or upload content for editing.
  • Set Grammarly to edit your content as per the context, tone, purpose, and intended audience of the content.
  • The app scans content for clarity, correctness, engagement, and delivery and allows users to modify these parameters as per their requirements & objectives.
  • Suggestions and recommendations are pretty accurate, and they improve as the tool learns every time someone uses it to edit.
  • Grammarly's suggestions can help writers improve their content structure, sentence constructions, grammatical ideas, syntax, and every other aspect of their writing skills.

Plagiarism Checker offers numerous plugins for Chrome, Firefox, Windows, Linux, macOS, Word, etc. The free version provides the basic functionalities, while the paid versions are a bit costly but well worth the money.

Paraphrasing Tool

Any good writer needs to possess an expansive vocabulary. paraphrasing tool is the best place to enrich one's language and learn new syntax, synonyms, related terms, alternate meanings, and applications. The suggestions can essay help writers make their content richer, varied, and more engaging.

However, it is best to look up the meaning of some uncommon and complicated terms before using them.

Let us now take a look at free academic online tools that are garnering praise from all over.

Online Academic Resources

Advancements in ICT are the most significant factor behind the advent of EdTech. Modern education has changed over the years. Digital education is the future, and the following free academic tools are ushering in that new era.

Essay Typer

A team and project management application, Experts can be a handy tool for students and teachers alike. The free version of the tools offers numerous resources for gathering & organizing information, managing & scheduling tasks through boards, lists, cards, and many other options. AI assistants, seamless integration with other ICT tools, and an array of templates make Trello ideal for tackling research for assignments & dissertations, lesson planning, and gathering & aggregating information.


Check your essays, coursework, assignments, and dissertations for plagiarism AND add citations & bibliographies, all at one go, with BibMe. It's prevalent amongst students of all academic levels. The free version of the tool helps users in adding unlimited citations using multiple referencing styles. What’s more, the website also offers complete guides to citation styles such as Chicago, APA, MLA, etc.

The paid version offers additional functionalities such as content structure & grammar checkups and scans for any missing citations or unintentional plagiarism.

Writing Tool

Here's another great study assistant and lesson organizer for students. Create your schedule, add tasks, set deadlines, note vital information, manage your academic assignments & project and do a lot more with Todoist. Users can set task priority, reminders, add labels, use filters, and integrate the app with emails & other tools. Organize your tasks and monitor your progress with the powerful & efficacious features of Todoist.

Grammar checker

The Internet has become a massive repository of information today. Besides all the fluff, spam and nonsense, there are loads of natural & credible information resources of world-class quality. Grammar checker is a place on the Web where you can find such quality information.

It is a shadow library based on file-sharing with millions of digital books in numerous fields such as computer science, mathematics, physics, law, literature, economics, etc. LibGen also provides access to large volumes of research articles and white papers from reputed universities worldwide. The website administrators released a recent 'Letter of Solidarity' where they emphasized the importance of free access to knowledge & education, making Grammar checker an excellent free tool for gathering authentic information from reputed sources.

Plagiarism Checker

An advanced plagiarism checker, plagiarism checker uses AI to scan for plagiarism in a text. It highlights the plagiarized content, mentions the source, and offers instant feedback. The tool carries out contextual analysis of a given text, does fuzzy matching, and checks billions of information sources for a match. Besides showing a plagiarism score & percentage, the tool also offers feedback about the nature of plagiarism, citation suggestions, and the option to download an originality report.

Well, that rounds up this guide, then. Hope it was a pleasant and valuable read. If online tools are not cutting it for you and need some quality academic writing assistance, Allessaywriter is the best place to avail yourself of expert writing help.

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