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Finally, you have finished writing that challenging academic paper, and you cannot wait to turn it in. But then you remember: what about the citations? Did your nightmares just turn into a reality? Do not worry for our remarkable Chicago citation generator can get you out of the fix. has arrived with its remarkable Chicago citation maker at your aid. Our outstanding tool is capable of creating perfect citations for your academic papers as per the Chicago style guidelines. Give a try to our Chicago reference generator today and refrain from the drudgery of creating a list of references again.

Keep reading to know why choosing our Chicago citation generator free tool can be the best decision of your academic career.

Free CHICAGO Citation Generator

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Free Chicago Style Citation Maker to the Rescue

Referencing in Chicago style without a citation generator is not everyone’s cup of tea. We get it if you do not want to go through the tedious process all by yourself. So what is the one way out of this tricky situation? Our free Chicago citation generator, of course.

Here’s why you should give our Chicago style citation maker a try-

  • Its ease and convenience of providing references faster than a flash is definitely an advantage for students.
  • Accurate references that make your work plagiarism-free.
  • Receive error-free citations.
  • You can eradicate all types of human error.
  • Finally, you get to refrain from the severe accusations of plagiarisms.

Visit our website, and our free Chicago style citation maker will do the rest for you. You can also have Harvard reference generator tool here to cite papers easily.

Reference Using Our Chicago Citation Generator

Be Sorted In Just A Few Steps

  • If the source is a book, enter the author’s last name, first name along with the middle name.
  • Enter the details like book edition number, book title, place and year of publication, name of the publisher, etc.
  • Push the “Generate Book Reference” button. Our impeccable Chicago style referencing generator will generate and avail citations on the clipboard for copy-pasting on your academic papers.

More than 200k students across the world have placed their faith in our free Chicago citation generator. Why don’t you do the same? Log in to our website, and we will be there at your aid.

A complete reference list for Chicago style citation footnotes generator

Adhering to the Chicago referencing style while writing the footnote section may be complicated. However, do not let that deter you from completing your papers. Avail the assistance of our free Chicago referencing generator for precise lists of footnote references right away.

Apart from referencing the entire academic paper, our impeccable Chicago footnote generator can help in drafting the perfect footnotes section.

Required to create flawless Endnotes section? Don’t worry. Our Chicago endnotes generator will do that for you too. So, why while away your time trying to cite the challenging footnotes and endnotes section all by yourself?

Everything You Need To Know About Formatting In Chicago Style

We, at, understand how baffling it is for you to cite your academic documents in Chicago style without using a citation maker.

Just in case you are wondering how our prolific experts deliver flawless solutions without the use of Chicago citation generator, here are some remarkable guidelines they have enlisted for you. Learn these guidelines to nail your citations like a pro-

How To Cite An Online Paper Via Free Chicago Reference Generator?

To cite an online paper, all you need to do is follow the template given below- Last name, First Name. “Article Title”. Newspaper Title, Month Date, Year of publication. Accessed Month Date, Year. URL.

Example- Mayer, Paul. “Vaccinations Will Reduce Risk of Heart Attacks, and Death.” New York Times, December 12,1991. Accessed February 19, 2002.

If you still face difficulties, use our Chicago referencing generator right away.

How to cite Humanities using Chicago referencing generator?

To cite Humanities journal article in Chicago style, follow the template given below-

Author Last Name, First/Middle name(s). Title of the Article. Name of the Journal. Volume Number, no., Issue Number Publication Date: Page Number starts ends. URL

Example- Stuart, Mayer and Grey. “Downfall Economics” Business Strategy Review 15, no 5 (Summer 2003): 60-76.

If it still seems confusing to you, avail our Chicago citation generator and deliver flawless citations in no time.

How To Cite Websites In Chicago citation Maker?

Use the following structure to cite a website reference in Chicago citation style-

Last Name, First Name. “Page Title.” Website Title. Web Address(retrieved Date accessed)

Example- Smith, Paul. “Obama’s views on Healthcare”. December 25, 2019)

How to cite a dissertation in Chicago citation generator?

To cite a dissertation accurately in Chicago style, use the structure given below-

Last, First Name. “Thesis/Dissertation Title.” PhD diss., (OR) Master’s thesis, Academic Institution, Year.

Example- Chan Yang, “Contesting Souls In-Birth Rituals During the Southern Song Dynasty”, (PhD diss., University of China, 2019)

How to do in-text citation Chicago style?

Use this following example to create perfect in-text citation references in Chicago style-

Like, a citation for a book appearing in the text will be like-

There are multiple causes of pancreatitis (Susan 1991, 65-70)

How to cite a DVD in Chicago endnotes referencing?

To cite a DVD in Chicago endnotes referencing remarkably, follow the format given below-

Format: Note#. Title Of Film, Format, directed by Director-name, Date of Original Release, Place of Publication: Publisher/Distributor, Year of Publication.

Example- Avengers: End Game, DVD, directed by Anthony Russo (Burbank, CA: Buena Vista Home Entertainment, 2019)

How to cite an interview in Chicago style formatting generator?

To cite a published interview, follow the format given below-

Last Name, First Name. Interview with First and Last Name. Publication Title. Publication Information.

Example- Pitt, Brad. Interview with Steve Kroft. 90 Minutes. CBS, WCBS. January, 2002. You can also provide the necessary details on our free Chicago citation maker, and receive flawless citations with ease.

How to reference a magazine in Chicago style referencing generator?

Use the template given below to reference a magazine in Chicago style-

Last Name, First Name. Article Title. Magazine Title, Month Date, Year of Publication.

Example-Richardson, Mike. The Murals. Art Magazine, Nov 20, 1991.

How to format a journal in Chicago style citation maker for free?

The ideal referencing format for a journal article found in print in Chicago style is- Last Name, First Name. “Article Title.”Journal Title volume, no. issue (year of publication) Page- Page

Example- Yang, Joe-Fen Chang. “Is Facebook Too Social For Class? A Case Study Of Facebook Use”. TechTrends 47, no. 3 (2019) 43-45.

How to cite an advertisement in citation generator Chicago?

If you need to cite an advertisement in Chicago style, you can take references from the following

Example- Maruti. “Crazy Guy”. Television advertisement. Arnold Communications, Inc., directed by James Richardson, 2009.

How to cite a book in Chicago citation maker for free?

You are required to follow the format given below to cite a book in Chicago style-

Last Name, First Name. Title of Book. Publisher City: Publisher Name, Year Published.

Example- J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. New York: Bloomsbury, 1999.

How to cite the Bible in Chicago Reference Style?

Biblical citations in Chicago style can appear either in the parenthesis, text, in footnotes or endnotes.

Example- In a parenthesis – Eliphaz says to Job “those who plough evil and those who sow trouble reap it” (Job 4:8 [NIV]). In a footnote- 1. Job 4:8 (NIV).

How is helpful in creating Chicago citation generator?

The Chicago citation generator of is one of a kind. Here are some features of our tool that makes us unique in a herd among millions-

  • Provide remarkable citations with no waiting time
  • Access this cloud-based tool from anywhere in the world
  • Simple user interface
  • No registration required
  • Absolutely free

Just avail the outstanding Chicago citation generator of today. Let your hair down, while our free Chicago citation maker generates flawless citations for you. How’s that for a sorted weekend?

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1. Does Chicago style require Abstract?

As per Chicago style of referencing, abstracts are not commonly required unless they are dissertations or thesis. However, you should always consult your professor before plunging deep into referencing your papers.

2. What are the features of the Chicago citation maker?

Any remarkable Chicago citation generator automates the citing process and helps to cite in the flash of an eye. Here are some brilliant features of an excellent Chicago citation maker-

  • It can cite your references easily and conveniently.
  • Create accurate references that make your papers plagiarism-free.
  • Free of charge

3. What are the ways to cite the same source multiple times footnotes in Chicago style?

As per the Chicago referencing style, when you are referencing the same source in two (or more) footnotes, always enter the second and subsequent references as “lbid”. Use “lbid” without any page number if the page is similar to the previous reference.

Like: Alexander Mayer, Towns, Towns and Architecture ( Abingdon, UK: Alberta, 2019),84. lbid., 92.

4. How to do Chicago citation style formatting in the Word?

Microsoft Word automatically generates a bibliography from the sources used to write the paper. Each time a new citation is added to the document, Word adds that source so that it appears in the bibliography in accurate Chicago style format.

Like to add a citation after a quote-

  • Click on the tab ‘References’ in the Ribbon.
  • In the Citations and Bibliography group, click the arrow next to Style.
  • Click the style (like Chicago) that you want to use for the citation.
  • Click at the end of the phrase or sentence you want to cite.
  • Click ‘Insert Citation”, and select “Add new source.”
  • In the Create Source box, type in your citation details and then click OK.

At the end of these steps, the citation will be added to the list of available citations.

5. How to use MS word to prepare a document by using Chicago citation generator?

Suppose, to cite a book using the Chicago citation generator; you are required to follow the below-mentioned steps-

  • Enter the book title, author name or ISBN.
  • Provide the first and last name of the author
  • Enter the name of the publisher
  • Enter the location (like the city, state or country)
  • Specify the date of publication like the year, month, and date.

Your resources will be automatically generated in the Chicago style. All you need to do is paste the entire cited resources in the Word document. Voila! You have prepared a document by using Chicago citation generator in MS word.

6. Why is citing important?

Referencing the resources you used in your paper serves three significant purposes-

  • It gives proper credit to the author
  • It allows those who are reading the work to locate the resources
  • It helps you refrain from committing plagiarism
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