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Harvard Referencing Generator Tool

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Harvard Referencing Style


Harvard Referencing Style

Example reference

Example In-Text citation for a

Referencing can be daunting and time-consuming if you are not aware of the correct guidelines. Moreover, with so many referencing styles out there, students often get confused about the formatting techniques.

This is when they look for a Harvard referencing generator tool to ease their pain. If you are dumped with numerous tasks, then why don’t you just focus on other tasks and let Allessaywriter handle all of your citation issues?

What is Harvard Citation Generator?

The Harvard referencing system dates back to the 1880s when a Zoology professor at Harvard University brought forth the concept of this style. This referencing is generally an author-date method where the parenthetical system is used. However, with so many guidelines to follow, students often stand perplexed about how they are supported to create their references. This is when they reach out to us looking for a free Harvard referencing generator tool. You can also try our Oxford Referencing Tool.
This referencing style featured by the generator tool encompasses two types of citations, as mentioned below.

  1. In-Text Citations

This style is used when you must paraphrase o quote a source directly in the middle of your sentences in the document you are writing.

  1. Reference List

A reference list is usually located at the end of your paper, and it consists of all the citation sources used by you throughout your paper.


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Why do We Need to Cite?

Referencing is not an easy task, regardless of how easy it seems to be. It is cumbersome, but it is also highly confusing. This is when they face the consequences and receive poor grades that affect their academic journey. To save themselves from such situations, they look for a Harvard reference style generator and improve their grades. Allessaywriter also offers a plagiarism checker tool.
If you are also wondering why you need to cite all your sources, then here are some of the reasons why you should.

  • Gives Proper Credit To The Writers

Referencing is all about acknowledging other authors' ideas, works, and research. When you cite your sources, you give proper credit to the authors whose works you have incorporated into your document. If you are unaware of how to acknowledge your writers properly, use our Harvard referencing generator tool for help.

  • Allows The Readers To Locate Your Claims

When you are citing your sources, you allow your readers to locate the resource material you have used to learn more about the ideas you have included. Moreover, it also acts as a robust support system to provide evidence against all your claims.

  • Avoids Plagiarism Issues

Not citing your sources accurately can result in plagiarism issues, and being caught for plagiarism can adversely affect your academic journey. This is when students use a Vancouver Referencing Generator tool to precisely cite their sources to avoid plagiarism risks.

Harvard Reference Style Generator Machine: Ultimate Writing Guides

The term citation is often hard to explain. Still, technically it is a device used in academic writing to acknowledge the precise sources for prior claims, ideas, or statements. Students prefer to use Harvard citation generator to curate reliable citation results to end this confusion. If you are also struggling to write Harvard references, here is an ultimate writing guide.

1. Harvard In-text Citation System

This citation system appears in brackets when a source is paraphrased or quoted. It gives the author's last name and the publication year along with the page number or page range for locating the referenced passage.

2. Harvard reference List

A bibliography or reference list appears at the end of your document. It lists all the sources in alphabetical order by putting the author's last name and mentioning the complete information of the entire source so that the readers can quickly look them up if necessary. 


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What are the Steps to Create Accurate Harvard Referencing?

There are various versions of the Harvard referencing style that often gets students panicking. This is when they reach out to for the Harvard referencing generator to use the correct version. If you are also struggling to cite your sources appropriately, here are some steps to follow.

  1. Keep your reference list on a separate sheet at the end of your paper.
  2. Organize alphabetically by the author unless the author's name is not mentioned. In that case, you can arrange it by source title, excluding the articles like a, an, or the.
  3. Use double space, and there should be a completely blank line of space between the first line and the next.
  4. Or in-text citations, keep your sentences shorter.
  5. Mention full references about your in-text citation sources in the reference list.

Some of the Most Popular Harvard Citation Format And Examples

Referencing demonstrates the writer's credibility, displaying that they have read the relevant background literature and can provide authority for the statements they have used in their assignments.
Here are some of the most popular citation formats offered by our free Harvard referencing generator tool.

  • Cite A Book

Books are probably the most commonly cited source using the Harvard referencing style. In case you want to present error-free referencing while citing a book, take a look.
In-text Citation
Author’s name, year of publication, page number(s).
(Holt, 1997:3)
Reference List
Author(s) family name, initial(s). Book title, publisher name, publication place
Holt, D.H. 1997. Management principles and practices. Sydney: Prentice-Hall.

  • Cite A Journal

Citing a journal in Harvard referencing follows the components given below:

    • The surname of the author or authors followed by the initials of the first name.
    • Year of publication.
    • The title of the journal is to be put in inverted commas and in italics.
    • The issue number and volume of the journal are to be mentioned.
    • Include the page number or page range as applicable.

Example: Jacobs, W 1997, ‘The competitive advantage and performance of small organizations: a perspective of management, International Small Business Journal, vol. 16, no. 3, pp. 66-82. Available from: The University of Australian Library Unit Readings. [7 September 2017]

  • Cite A Website

While citing a website in Harvard format, you need to be aware of the required conventions. Here are some of the points that you need to keep in mind.

    • Mention the name of the author.
    • Include the name of the compiler or editor, or publisher.
    • Write the publication date on which the pages were last revised or updated.

University London 2014, University Library Home Page, 24 January 2014, the University of Australia. Available from: the website’s URL. [21 June 2014]

  • Cite A Newspaper

Follow the standard format while citing newspaper articles in Harvard reference style:

    • The name of the author.
    • The year of publication is in Parenthesis.
    • The title of the newspaper is within single quotation marks and in italics.
    • Edition in parenthesis, month, day, and page reference.

Lee, D. (2012) ‘Protest March for Racial Discrimination in College Campuses’, The Daily Press, (Melbourne 19 July), p.5.

  • Cite A Dissertation

Take note of the following points that are required to cite a dissertation in Harvard reference style:

    • The author’s name.
    • The year of submission is in round brackets.
    • Third, the title should be mentioned in italics.
    • Finally, note the degree statement along with the awarding body.

Jones, S. (1988) The Art of Meditation and Yoga. B.A. Dissertation. The University of Dundee.

  • Cite A Blog

Take note of the following aspects while citing a blog in Harvard referencing style.

    • The author of the blog.
    • Publication year or the year of the last updates in parenthesis.
    • Title of the blog in single quotation marks and italics.
    • Month and day of the blog.
    • The URL of the blog along with the accessed date.

Johnson, A. (2012) ‘World Politics in the 70s’, The News-Times, 17 April. Available at: -politics -70s (Accessed: 21 June 2014).


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Benefits of Using Our Free Harvard Referencing Generator Tool?

Harvard referencing citation is not an easy feat for students, and this is when they look for a Harvard reference style generator and finally reach out to us for help. Remembering all the guidelines and format of the different sources might often be tricky and challenging, and we completely understand that. This is why we have introduced a reference generator tool online, and here are some of the benefits you will enjoy.

  • 100% accurate results.
  • Free and easy to use.
  • You get instant results without having to wait for long hours.
  • Help with multiple sources to be flexible while citing books, e-books, journals, etc.

How Does Harvard Citation Tool Work?

Harvard referencing consists of various formats for a variety of sources. Students might often get confused with all the complications this style has and might fail to deliver perfect work. In addition, the usage of wrong quotes and improper details might put you in trouble. Thus, use our Harvard Citation Generator to eliminate your citation blues. If you wonder how our citation tools work, take a look.

  1. Our generator receives information about a source. Moreover, you can select your source like books, websites, journals, etc.
  2. The tool then processes the information as per the settings and details mentioned by you to put all the pieces of information together and apply the correct formatting.
  3. Finally, when you hit the generate button, it produces citation results that can be used for your documents. Just copy-paste the citation to your paper.

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