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How To Start Writing La Vita Nuova Essay?


La Vita Nuova refers to a text that has been written by Dante Alighieri, which had been published in the year 1294. This also refers to a specific expression for the medieval genre for courtly love within the prosimetrum style that is a specific combination of both existent prose as well as verse. La Vita Nuova is also referred to as Vita Nova.

History and Context

As referred to Libello, which is also a work of Dante and is called as the “little book”, The New Life also is the first part of the two collections for the well written verse by Dante. However, la vita nuova refers to a prosimetrum, which has been defined as a piece containing prose as well as verse. Within the vein of Consolation of Philosophy, which has been written by Boethius, Dante has made perfect utilization of every individual prosimetrum as a method of combining all kinds of written poems over long periods roughly for nearly 10 years. La Vita Nuova specifically contains his works before 1283, ranging nearly till 1293. The associated collection as well as the style appropriately fits into the movement, which has been termed as Doice Stil Novo.


The prose successfully displays a created illusion of narrative continuity between the existent poems. This refers to a primary method of Dante having to reconstruct himself along with all of his arts to undergo evolution as a sense of limitation for the courtly love. At times, during Dante’s twenties, he had undertaken the decision to write love poetry that was much less centered and was more aimed at affection and love. Additionally, Dante intended to bring up the love poetry, language, tropes into a scared form of a poetry. The first ever entire English translation of La Vita Nuova had been made by Joseph Garrow during the year 1846.

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La Vita Nuova specifically contains nearly 42 chapters in brief along with multiple commentaries based upon25 sonnets, four canzoni as well as a balata. However, one canzone out of the four remained unfinished, which had been interrupted by the demise of Beatrice Portinary, who was the lifelong love of Dante, in particular.


Two-part commentaries, which had been made by Dante had put forward a brief explanation of every individual poem, where the same has been placed within the associated context of his entire life. The existent chapters containing poems are mainly comprised of three parts. One part is referred to as a semi-autobiographical narrative, another one is the lyric that is an outcome from all relevant circumstances as well as short structural outline for the entire lyric. Each of the poems put forward a frame story, which recounts as a form of affection on Dante’s part for Beatrice, which was a feeling contained within him since the first sight. This continues till his last breath, filled with mourning along with the associated determination of him to write about her. Dante states that no other woman had been a part of his life, the way Beatrice had been throughout his life.


Every individual section associated with the commentaries of Dante refines his relevant concepts belonging to romantic love, which is referred to as the initial step towards appropriate spiritual developed resulting in a capacity for having a divine role. The unusual approach of Dante, having drawn upon the personal evens as well as experience, which addresses individual readers as well as writes the same piece in Italian rather than in Latin. This has been marked as a turning point across the field of European poetry, where most of the writers have been abandoned to utilize stylized forms of writing in a much simpler format.

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Keeping aside the content of La Vita Nuova, which is notable to have been written in Tuscan vernacular rather than in Latin language has provided with a helping hand in appropriately establishing Tuscan as a prime base for the national Italian language. Wallace Stevens, who was an American poet had referred to the text as one of the finest documents upon Christianity. This is in respect to the reflection of the text upon the displayed Christianity in terms of promulgating the distinguished feminine virtues, which have been placed to obtain sterner ideals of varied antiquity.


Dante always had the desire of collection as well as publishing lyrics to carry out proper dealing with his love, named as Beatrice. This explains the autobiographical aspect of composition along with pointing out the existent expository structure for every individual lyrics as a specific aid of carrying out a careful reading. This can be stated as a landmark in terms of development for the emotional autobiography, which is similar to literature documented during the medieval period that has been far eliminated from the modern forms of autobiographical impulse. However, Dante along with his specific segment of audience had been quite interested into the emotions of having courtly love along with a specific method of carrying out appropriate development. These have been considered while expressing the same into the verse.


All the names that have been mentioned within the poem including the likes of Beatrice have been employed without the usage of surnames or any other relevant details, which will provide the readers with an assistance towards identifying them within the population of Florence. However, only the name of Dante’s love, Beatrice has been referred to as her actual name and also a symbolic name for carrier of love and blessing. Eventually, the names along with the work of the people have been used as metaphors.

Conclusion of La Vita Nuova Essay

As mentioned in chapter XXIV, Dante has displayed his recounted attempts to meet his love, Beatrice, which has been portrayed as a specific honor for him to make her an important part of his life, throughout. In respect to all the verses, poems, lyrics and commentaries, Beatrice has been given the most importance by Dante, stating her to be the inspiration behind all his good deeds and a way of efficiently dealing with the failures in his life.

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