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List of English Essay Writing Topics and Ideas


Essay Topics on Nature

Essay Topics on Life & Family

Essay Topics on Education

Essay Topics on Politics

Essay Topics on Health

Essay Topics on Sports

Essay Topics on Leadership

Essay Topics

An academic essay is a hard nut to crack for most students. When we have the freedom to choose a topic, we get confused and make a mess of it. The things won’t be the same hereon. The expert essay writers of are always ready for every kind of assistance you need. Whatever the essay topic, you can expect our prolific academic content creators to complete the task with utmost precision. An essay has its types, and each set comes with different guidelines and structures. We understand the difficulties students face while trying to meet all the ends. Let’s explore some of the good argumentative essay topics that students have to deal with in their school and college life.

Good Argumentative Essay Topics 

In simple terms, an argumentative essay showcases an extended, evidence-based argument. However, it demands a strong thesis statement. You should also have a clear stance on the topic. These essays test your research abilities to the extreme. While writing an argumentative essay, you have to convince the readers using evidence like analysis and quotations. It’s the most common type of essay at college and university levels. Some popular argumentative essay topics are listed below:

  1. Religion is the main cause of war. Do you agree?

  2. Is fashion really essential?

  3. Buying lottery tickets---Is it a good idea?

  4. Is the death penalty justified and effective?

  5. Is competition healthy?

  6. Is it true that life was more convenient 100 years ago?

  7. Drawbacks of a democratic political system: Give your views

  8. Should working mothers be given special privileges?

  9. Are social networking sites making us lonelier?

  10. Does social media have a role to play in one’s life?

  11. Discuss the pros and cons of dating apps.

  12. Will the creation of AI lead to human extinction?

  13. Ebooks or paper books: Which one do you prefer?

  14. Should website content be more restricted?

  15. Should all disciplines be optional?

No matter whatever the topic your professor has assigned, connect with our experts to execute the same with utmost accuracy and precision. So, why wait? Set your academics on the right track with a call.

Persuasive essay topics 

Though persuasive essays are also sometimes termed argumentative essays, there is a fine line of difference between the two. Persuasive essays question a debatable aspect but on an affirmative tone. A persuasive essay implements logic and reason to highlight that one idea is more legitimate than another. In other words, it attempts to persuade the readers to adopt a certain viewpoint or take a specific action. Issue, side, and argument are the three parts of a persuasive essay. Some popular persuasive essay topics are listed below:

  1. What should be the punishment for cheating in examinations?

  2. Should students engage in a self-defense class?

  3. Should kids learn to cook their own food?

  4. Will it be okay to keep wild animals as pets?

  5. What’s the best sport to play?

  6. Do students prefer summer sports to winter sports?

  7. What’s the easiest hobby to grasp?

  8. Who is the best cricketer in the world?

  9. Should music and movies be free?

  10. Are reality shows better than other shows?

  11. Do you find scary movies enjoyable to watch?

  12. Should affluent people pay more taxes?

  13. Is social media addictive?

  14. Is capital punishment ethical?

  15. Is classroom learning better than virtual learning?

  16. Is democracy the best governmental structure?

If you want to discover more of such topics, seek our professional academic guidance. We succeed when you succeed.

Interesting essay topics 

As the name suggests, an interesting essay is obviously ‘interesting’ to write. While writing academic essays, you are allowed to adopt a creative stance while approaching the subject from a diverse perspective. Even if you are writing something that has already been mentioned, try to place the old wine in a new bottle. So, let’s have a look at some of the interesting essay topics:

  1. Pollution due to urbanization

  2. Should smoking in public places be banned?

  3. Students shouldn’t be allowed to play PUBG. Give your views for or against.

  4. Education should be free. Give your views for or against.

  5. Discuss the contribution of technology in education.

  6. Is social media addictive?

  7. Who is the best footballer in the world?

  8. Classroom learning vs. Virtual learning

  9. Does social media have a role to play in one’s life?

  10. Discuss the pros and cons of dating apps.

  11. Should music and movies be free?

  12. Should plastic be banned?

  13. Your favorite character from any movie

  14. Farewell in college

  15. How to succeed at a job interview?

  16. Some productive ways to spend the weekend.

  17. Pros and cons of social media

  18. On-campus life and off-campus life

  19. Difference between an active student and a passive student.

  20. Falling in love

  21. Ways of saving money

  22. Classify the summer and winter sports.

Handling all these essay types is undoubtedly difficult and demands versatility on your part. However, with an expert in place, you can execute them precisely without making any effort.

Cause and Effect essay topics 

Generally, the cause and effect essay is a type of argumentative essay that specifies the relationship between two disciplines. When it comes to writing, you need to portray how one person, idea, thing, or event directly influences another idea, person, thing, or event. Let’s explore some of the cause and effect essay topics:

  1. Effects of pollution

  2. Global warming and its impact

  3. The Civil Rights Movement and the effect

  4. Impact of music on the human body

  5. Adverse effects of bullying on children

  6. Dating at teens

  7. Earthquakes and the potential dangers

  8. Stress impact on health

  9. How drug usage affects the human body

  10. Impact of smoking on a pregnant woman

  11. Globalization and economy: How they are interrelated?

  12. The credit culture and its effects

  13. How happy relationships contribute to the mental growth of a person

  14. Effects of online dating

  15. How traveling shapes your personality

Whatever the topic, connect with our ingenious minds and achieve something in the grade card you always dreamt of.

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