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How To Start Writing Lao Tzu Essay?


A Brief Introduction to Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu has also been rendered in the name Laozi. He is an ancient philosopher from China and also a writer. Also, he is a reputed author of the work of Tao Te Ching. Further, he is the founder of philosophical Taosim, also one of the deities belonging to religious Taosim and conventional religions from China. He is also a semi-legendary figure. Usually, he is portrayed as a sixth century BC and at the same time as Confucius during the time of autumn and spring. Nonetheless, few of the current experts have considered him to be living during the time of Warring States time of the fourth century BC. Besides, he is one of the core figures from the culture of China. He is claimed by the modern people as having the surname of Li and the emperors of the Tang dynasty being the founder of the lineage. Apart from that, his tasks are accepted by different Chinese legalism and anti-authoritarian movements.


Introduction to Lao Tzu


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Background of Lao Tzu

He belonged to the southern state belonging to the Zhou dynasty and is seen to be the founder of Taoism. He was a senior from the same time as Confucius and is claimed to have consulted Confucius on specific matters of rituals. Nevertheless, these philosophies, Confucianism and Taoism are different reactions to the political and social situations of China’s life during the period. As the former has been addressing conduct, society, and social relationships, Taoism has been has been dealing more with distinct properties and a nature-centered and spiritual approach toward life. Lao Tzu was 80 years old when he left Chu, which is the present land of Tibet, for disillusioned, saddened, and retired that at large society has been unindenting in following the way to common goodness. Before leaving, at the request of the guard of Yin Xi, it is recorded that his teachings are there as Tao Te Ching or the way and its power. Further, one of the premises of Tao Te Ching as done by Lao Tzu is that every striving and straining in life has not failed and is counterproductive and must endeavour rather that doing nothing. It never indicated that to perform nothing literally, know to identify and after that follow natural powers. This means flowing as per the shape of events instead of resisting of fighting natural orders.


Background of Lao Tzu


In the same manner, as the language for demonstrating and expressing aspects of present and eternal reality is considered, that has its own limits. That comprises of ideas, thoughts, words, and sounds and could never be demonstrated totally as a reality. Moreover, he has been skeptical of the dependability of language for demonstrating the actuality due to its changeable and traditional nature. Also, he has needed people to abandon understanding as the format of the social system making differences and controlling actions and desires. Besides, he has been favoring a way in which people have been using their spontaneous, authentic, and natural impulses. Moreover, he has delineated a difference between traditional and natural approaches. In the same way as words or thing’s names are used, people understand to differentiate between them. Apart from that, as they make those distinctions, things are categorized in any way and thus they are drawn into social design. In this way, society has been shaping desires with differences and words, and is with artificial intentions that trouble arises. Firstly, due to social structures, there is a rise in the amount of desires. Next, due to more competition instead of natural elements. Intentions that are instilled socially have been generating a thirst for power and status as expects that are authentically and naturally gaining few and simple. Apart from that, philosophy of his has been advocating freedom, spontaneity, and naturalness from desires and social conventions. This means the way in the Tao that indicates to ultimate order from things and finally the basis of actuality. Further, he has instructed people to live a happy life at present despite resulting to unneeded distress and turmoil. Also, he has been telling people that people who is able to harmonize with this philosophy would remain with happiness.  Some of the most important learnings that have been researched till now as per Derek Lin along with his translations of this are as follows.

  • Non-contention:

He contended that violence is controlled. Otherwise one can result in adverse outcomes. This ideal is for resolving issues in a peaceful manner.

  • Non-action:

The stupid expend of high time deal and attempting energy is to perform all the things and end up in gaining none. Thus, the one who are actually wise has been appearing to be performing less and achieving things that they need.

  • Non-intention:

People have been commonly performing virtuous acts expecting to garner recognition or praise. Nevertheless, that is not at all virtual. Actual virtue takes place as actions flow forth naturally and despite any conscious thought or effort.

  • Simplicity:

It is the basis for existence and reality that is uncomplicated and basic. People generate lots of conflicts for their own by making things more complicated than that has to be. As people understand to simplify their lives, they can undergo a profound level of satisfaction and this is more meaningful than the rewards of material scenarios.

  • Wisdom:

As logic comprises applications found in human affairs that is never all the things. Limits are there to what one can know through reasoning and rationality. To transcend the barriers, one should ink totally with intuition. This is the basis for insights against knowledge and the difference between reading and living Tao.

  • Humility:

The more people learn, the more they understand the extent to which there is learning. Invariably that understanding makes one humble. Again, egotism and arrogance from ignorance or understanding less and summing that one understands a lot are included here.

  • Duality:

It is seen that he highlighted all qualities having meaning just through the presence of the opposite. Anything that could be large as there is something other that has been little as compared. There is a good present in this globe till evil exists. Here, one cannot exist despite another’s existence.

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