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Grandparents are true blessings


Students and Children

Grandparents are an integral part of our life. They are the ones who are just next to our parents who love us more than our parents even. Our Grandparents are a blessing to us, and they form the backbone of our family who can never be replaceable. Because of our grandparents, we have our parents. In this generation, most modern parents are relieved if their parents look after them. Modern parents are very busy managing family and work, under such situations if grandparents form the following most trusted individuals to leave the kids with. Our grandparents are the eldest members of the family. They show us proper bonding and love, which should be nurtured in a family.


Most of the time, grandchildren feel more comfortable with being with their grandparents as they provide unconditional love and affection. This essay will teach you that Grandparents can have enough experience handling babies and small children; Grandparents can easily take themselves down to understand the babies to interact with them.  It is told that as one is ageing, they are approaching their second term of childhood. Just like Shakespeare mentioned in his play As You Like It,  “With spectacles on nose and pouch on side, His youthful hose, well saved, a world too wide For his shrunk shank and his big manly voice, Turning again toward childish treble, pipes And whistles in his sound”.


Grandparents are thus able to identify themselves close to their grandchildren, and thus the bonding is also very close and affectionate. Grandparents are also a source of stories that have a profound impact on our lives. Many war veterans or doctors, nurses, social fighters, school principals, college deans are our grandparents who give us vivid descriptions of what life was like during their times. Modern grandchildren are equipped with technology and somewhat have an easy life compared to grandparents how might have seen wars taking place, epidemics taking place. If you want to get quality essays for your college assignment then you can contact our professionals.


Grandparents are the only ones who, with care, keep the social relations intact and keep our old cultures and traditions alive. The teachings of our older generation are essential to imbibe in life because they teach us how to struggle, how hardships do bring success and how we too can get inspired from their outlook and experiences. They teach us the importance of education and career when the competition has increased to high rates. They are sometimes the inspirations of our career paths, and their unfinished works form our aim. Our older generation is a treasure trove of experiences that let us know about their lives and times and how things were in the past that we might not see in our times.


Grandparents like war veterans, social workers, tell us about the various wars that took place, some of our grandparents have already served in the army, and they have experience of what a war like the World War can do to the people of any nation. They have seen people suffer, getting homeless and starving for days, and they recount those experiences. They teach us that being humble is a strength, and feeling blessed not to see those situations make us believe that we are lucky enough. Some grandparents have had everyday life working and earning a salary for their families.


They teach us kindness and humility are gifts one can nurture in themselves.  They recount how urban development can take away some places' serenity and how countryside areas become developed and turn into towns full of life. Grandmothers are a special darling to some of us because of the delicious food that they make for us. Even if we don’t live with them, our visit on the weekends gives the most precious moments of our life with their love, food and affection. We feel free to tell our school and college stories with them.  These experiences inform us about the changes that take place in any growing nation.


Grandparents sometimes are seen to detest modern trends. They find it uncomfortable with the heavy use of technology and quickly point out the flaws in having such a life. It becomes a responsibility of our generation to uphold those teachings and the emotional side of society to make it a better place for ourselves and others. It becomes essential to focus on family relations even after having hard days at the office. Grandparents provide a holistic environment for kids to grow up, and they, with our parents, can maintain good social and traditional values and morals. There are so many things to learn from such experienced individuals in life to make it valuable.


Sometimes we can find such grandparents who are very keen to learn the new technology and modern way of living. The younger generation should keep these urges as a good indicator that grandparents who might have embedded cultures and premonitions can get rid of stigmatization and make themselves accessible. Because of their bag full of experiences, they are the most incredible supporters of dreams and aim in our lives. We often see that even our parents are that much supportive of our dreams as they might be. Grandparents are also the ones who keep us protected when our parents are not close. They save us from harmful experiences and advice on how to handle critical situations. Since grandparents become are close to us, they are just like best friends with who we feel no restriction to share our problems and difficulties in life. Often, we find that they give simple but essential solutions to our parents' problems even might not provide us with.

Grandparents are our saviours; they are like those huge banyan trees providing us with shade from the harsh summer temperatures. Grandparents are our responsibility, and we should never abandon them. They also need love and affection in their old age when they feel alone and want to have some company because of their children’s busy work schedule.  We as grandchildren should take our parents' place to take care of our grandparents, who are our most significant support and friend.

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