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My School Essay


My School Essay

A school is referred to as the place meant for getting an education, awareness as well as knowledge. This fulfils the primary requirement of humankind, which is education. The schools form an integral part of their lives, where they have been shaping the young minds of the individuals for a long time now. The provisioned education by the school, which is the primary reason for progress as well as the development of the existing humankind. Schools have been building and shaping the future of the following generation by moulding the minds of the younger people. With multiple activities along with the academics, all individual processes have either a negative or a positive impact upon the minds of the individuals. Hence, the following discussion in this essay is about my school, which has played a primary role in shaping the professional career for myself.

I am currently studying at New Horizon Public School, located at a distance of few minutes from my place. This is a very renowned school across the town when it lives. Most of my relatives, as well as neighbours, have been studying in this school where I have been admitted. Hence, every individual day has got my presence across the school premises, which states appropriate company motivating me to come down to school daily. You can also get great quality college essays from the experts.

My school has been one of the renowned institutions across the town, acquiring the reputation due to an excellent academic record. This has always been due to the excellent teaching faculty of the organisation and the knowledgeable individuals who the organisation has hired. My school has been working as one of the respected institutions due to an excellent academic record in the national examinations and the evaluated individuals who have passed out of the school throughout the years the institution has been in operation.

Along with the teaching faculties, the administration of the school is also very good. All the associated teachers and the other additional staff members follow all the principles or disciplines formulated by the school's authorities. In addition to this, the school principal is very helpful and has been motivating students individually daily. My school has the best teachers set because they all contain sufficient knowledge in the respective subjects that they have been assigned for teaching the students, starting from the primary classes to the senior classes. In addition to sufficient knowledge, the teachers are also caring and kind towards individual students, especially those studying in the primary classes.

My school also has a good studying environment, which allows the individuals to carry out their academic activities in a motivating environment with all of their friends and the kind teaching faculties. In addition to this, any problems that individual students might face are supported and provided with extra attention. In addition to this, the administration department also acts as a helping hand towards the students facing issues in the administrative processes required to carry out the preliminary administrative processes related to academics.
To provide a motivating academic environment to all the students and motivate them to come to the school and interact with their friends and the faculty daily, various co-curricular activities have been integrated into the syllabus by the school authorities. The school management has integrated various activities such as the likes of sports, talent as well as other additional activities. The management has incorporated the following extra-curricular activities into the daily operations at the school,

  • Sports activities: the school authorities at my school has incorporated various sport-related activities and have arranged separate timing schedules on the daily schedule meant for the students of every individual academic year of the school. In addition to this, my school has also undertaken the decision to organise annual sport-related activities and invite other schools to integrate a competitive attitude within the students of my schools to better and grooming the students belonging to the school.

  • Cultural events: the management of my school and relative authorities have also undertaken the decision to organise various cultural events to bring out the inner talents of the students for the betterment of the society and also to pave the path for such students who are excellent in curricular activities apart from the academics.

In addition to such events, various other kinds of events have also been organised by my school to increase and enhance the social awareness among the students of my school. As a reason for this, the school authorities have also organised some social awareness campaigns, which have motivated our senior students to become social motivators or influences after passing out from our school. This has provided them with a specific direction to move towards with definite professional growth.

Along with this, my school has also been rising as one of the defined institutions to have actively participated in training and awareness campaigns organised by our nation's government. From such activities, various individuals have been identified from among the students of my school to have actively participated and undertaken the issue to be a genuine concern affecting the region's environment.

Various events and seminars are scheduled within the school where the students have been provisioned with the encouragement of participating in all those events. There is a big auditorium hall existing within the premise of my school, ensuring that all the events are organised. In addition to this, multiple competitions such as quizzes, tabloids, debates, and speeches are organised to bring out the potential of a particular student without fail.


Undertaking all of this information as a part of the organisation, I can term my school as one of the best schools across the town due to all the qualities of education provided by the authorities as well as to ensure that the students come out with excellence in their academic awards. In addition to this, there also exist various operational aspects within the school, making my school one of the most efficient forms of educational institution, providing all kinds of courses related to education and ensuring that the students get the option of their preferred course of education study.

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