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Unity In Diversity

Unity in diversity reflects harmony and unity between diverse group of individuals, belonging to different cultural backgrounds. Multiculturalism enhances the glory of countries like that of India. Flora, fauna, waterbodies, lakes, mountains, art and culture are the symbols of pride for the country, India. Unity in diversity is best seen when tourists from diversified cultures visit India. In spite of the differences in colour, caste, creed, cultural and religious beliefs, traditions, unity prevails among the people. This uniformity and harmony are the strength, which improves the social position of the people, enhancing equality, fraternity, and brotherhood. 

An Insight Into Unity In Diversity

India is a democratic, republic country, where people from diverse cultural backgrounds reside. Despite this difference, people live together, fostering respect for each other. Festivals, cultural shows, are some of the instances, which reflects unity in diversity among all religions. The etymological origin of unity in diversity lies in the ancient times, when the state, and federal government urged the societies to practice equality, fraternity, and brotherhood, for maintaining peace and harmony. India adopted the model of unity from North American and Chinese in 500 BC, and penned down the phrase, “Unity in Diversity” in the Constitution. From the past to the present times, unity has diversity has been disrupted. This is because of the instances of discrimination of lower castes, and classes, and domination of women by the patriarchy. However, several laws have been passed by the state and federal governments for protecting harassments, and discriminations. This approach has been effective for restoring the ambience of equality, fraternity, and brotherhood. Caste system has also obliterated, except of some of the cultures. Culture and religious studies have revealed the interventions, evidence-based approaches towards curbing all of these instances. These practices strengthen the strive for excellence in restoring unity in diversity.

Unity In Diversity In Ancient Times

Ancient Indian history witnessed the existence of many tribes, which were diverse in their cultural values, customs, and traditions. These tribes were pre-Aryans, Indo-Aryans, Greeks, Scythians, Hunas, Turks, and others. These tribes extended cooperation towards social systems, structures, and processes. The professions of arts, and culture blended the unity in diversity for these tribes. Vedic and puranic culture were mixed with pre-Davidian, and Tamil culture of the south. Mention can also be made of the several religions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Jainism, Brahmanism, all of which have respective languages. This is one of the dimensions of unity in diversity. In spite of these differences, there is commonality in lifestyle.  Along with this, unity also prevails in spite of the geographical differences.

Importance Of Unity In Diversity

The importance of Unity in Diversity lies in the following factors:

National Integration

Unity among people from diverse cultural backgrounds is vital for securing the pride of India, by preventing instances of disintegration. It is this unity, which is the pillar of strength, fostering peace and prosperity. The national integrity is another important part as well as unity in diversity.

Development And Growth

Unity in diversity is really an asset for the growth and development of countries like India. Culturally diversified country, India, is in an advantageous position as compared to the countries, with internal issues, socially weak, and disintegrated culturally, politically, economically, among others.

Global Recognition

Unity in diversity, for countries like India, is prosperous in terms of internationalization. The values and morals of unity, integrity, honesty, respect are the symbols of pride, which enhances the cultural diversity of India in the globalized platforms.

Peace And Harmony

Diversified backgrounds, when conglomerates, results in conflicts, disputes, harassments, discriminations, which destroy the integrity and peace of India. However, unity in diversity among the people is a strength towards fighting all evils and malice, and embrace peaceful coexistence.

Difference Between Unity And Diversity

Unity is an attribute, tying all of the people from different cultural backgrounds in same thread. However, these cultural differences also initiate conflicts between people. On the other hand, diversity indicates the diversified religion, race, colour, language, customs, traditions, cultural values, which people practice, and believe. As a result of this, the thought process of the people is different. In India, the people belong to different cultures, but as a democratic and republic country, they are unified among themselves, adding to the peace and harmony.

Benefits Of Unity In Diversity

The concept of unity in diversity, in the workplace, is really effective, as it enhances the cultural diversity. An example can be the cross-cultural communication, which promotes the cultural diversity. These communications enhance the stability in professional relationships, as the cultural values, customs, traditions, religious values are exchanged. The motive of unity in diversity is to ensure and promote equality. One of the dimensions of unity in diversity is that of Indian tourism, which is a pull factor for the people from foreign countries, and different cultures. As a result of this, the cultural heritage of India is globalized. Hiring labours from the international labour market is also an exemplar for unity in diversity, which adds to the economy in the sectors of agriculture, industrial productions, power, and steel, and others.

Disadvantages Of Unity In Diversity

Cultural differences result in inequality among the people, disrupting the unity in diversity. An example can be cited of language differences, which is an obstacle in cultural diversity. This is because some people are very strict in compliance with the cultural and religious values, which they maintain while communicating with the people from other cultural backgrounds.


India is a culturally diversified country, where many religious coexist peacefully, aptly justifying the phrase, unity in diversity. In spite of these differences, the people have respect for each other, reflecting equality, fraternity, and brotherhood. This is evident since the ancient times, when tribes like Dravidians, Greeks, Scythians, and others blended their cultures with North. From the ancient times, the state and federal government have transformed in operations for protecting the peace and harmony across all of the cultures, and religions from the instances like discrimination, and harassment of women, and lower-class people. Globalization enhances the unity in diversity for India. Else you can take academic writing services that are plagiarism-free at

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