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A fascinating insight into preparing an excellent exploratory essay

Make way for A+ with this detailed guide on exploratory essay

Writing an exploratory essay is a piece of cake, said no university student ever. This basically sums up how they feel every time their professors assign them with the back-breaking task of preparing the essay paper. If you are riding the same boat, and have been consistently receiving less than satisfactory grades, then it’s about time you buckle up. Because let’s face it, ignorance isn’t exactly bliss when you are running after the A+.

On that note, mentioned below is an elaborate process to prepare a brilliant exploratory essay.

What is an exploratory essay?

An exploratory essay requires you to present plenty of opinions and perspectives, to explain and evaluate the topic you have selected. The more opinions you include within the exploratory essay, the more appropriate and coherent it appears. In this case, you must remember to evaluate and elaborate on the chosen topic. You don’t have to argue for or against the topic you are writing about.

The following are the three elements you should pay attention to while preparing an exploratory essay.

  • Common areas: Exploratory essays focus on the diverse audience and/or groups who are interested in a particular issue discussed within the topic. It elucidates on the different notions of the people while emphasizing the common ground.
  • Objectivity: While working on an exploratory essay, it is essential to maintain an objective point of view with a neutral tone. Instead of focusing on solving a problem, this type of essay pays attention to the different perspectives on the issues and seeks to elaborate on different ideas.
  • Multiple perspectives: In an exploratory essay, the emphasis is often on more than one angle, which tends to polarise the debate. This form of essay seeks to look beyond the obvious answers to find creative solutions.

You can check out this exploratory essay example from Dallas Baptist University.

How to write an engaging exploratory essay

The following are some of the vital steps of an exploratory essay format you need to be acquainted with in order to establish its credibility.

  1. Introducing the essay with a bang

Unlike other kinds of essays, it isn’t necessary to include a thesis statement in exploratory essays. The introduction should focus on the following things:

  • Define the context: This is the part in which the writer can provide general background details on the topic and create a “map” of what the essay will elucidate.
  • Emphasize on the relevance: The introductory section should also elaborate on why the topic is significant. It should compel the readers to read further. In fact, this section should also generate an interest in the topic among the readers.
  • Clearly mention the question or topic: There can be one or multiple sentences or questions. The questions focus on what the author is interested in finding out, why, and how he/she intends to do it.
  1. Exploring the main paragraphs of the essay

The body paragraphs of the exploratory essay come in two parts. The first part is ideally one paragraph and elaborates on the problem. The second part tends to be of three or more paragraphs and presents different positions on the topic.

Here are the elements that are included in the first part.

  • Text: Focus on the kind of texts that exist on this subject. You need to check if it is an issue being discussed in the news or advocacy groups.
  • Reader: You must determine the interest of the audience in the question. In fact, you need to decipher the reason behind the readers’ interest in the issue.
  • Constraints: Emphasise the attitudes, circumstances, beliefs, traditions, people, or events that restrict the way we can talk about this subject. Gain a solid understanding of whether the constraints lead to a common ground or do they drive the people holding different positions apart.
  • Exigency (context of the debate on the issue): You need to elaborate on the events or circumstances that make people interested in the issue. Make sure that you elaborate on the background of the issue. Also, you must consider how the interest in the topic has changed over time.

Now, coming to the next part of the main paragraphs, you need to dedicate a separate paragraph of the three or more positions. The paragraphs should be structured in the following way.

  • Elaborate on the position.
  • Discuss why people believe in that position.

You can also try comparing the positions. That makes for an especially effective transition.

  1. Presenting a thought-provoking conclusion

The conclusion of your exploratory essay is where you can provide the crux of your chosen topic. You can elucidate on why you are interested in a particular topic. In this section, you can briefly touch upon every idea that you have discussed in the body.

  • Include the evidence you find to be convincing.
  • Discuss your own conclusions and perspectives.
  • If you are unsure about your stance on the topic, you can still mention it and explain what you believe are the most important elements.
  • Challenge the readers to decide for themselves.
  • Outline the main areas we need to consider when we make a decision about the topic and the question. Explain what’s important and what isn’t.

Select good exploratory essay topics that can strike a chord with the audience

In your quest to find a suitable topic for an exploratory essay, you need to find an issue that you want to delve into. Ideally, it’s best to pick an issue that you’re aware of and feel strongly about. This way, you would be able to give a proper shape to your essay paper. Given below are some examples of good exploratory essay topics.

  1. The implications of adopting technology in the classroom
  2. The impact of Brexit on the entire European Union
  3. Should there be a special reform in the healthcare system for people with low income in Australia?
  4. The role of the EU in the refugee crisis in Europe.
  5. The contribution of art and music in the recovery of people suffering from mental disorders.
  6. The positive and negative outcome of embracing Nanotechnology.
  7. Discuss the stance of the United States on internet censorship.
  8. Is technology a worthy substitute for manual labor?
  9. Should First World countries take more responsibilities and provide better health care to Third World countries?
  10. How does violence in different forms of media affect children?

In conclusion, presenting an exploratory essay won’t seem all that difficult anymore when you follow the steps mentioned above. The next time you see yourself fumble, you can refer to this entire process of exploratory essay writing discussed here.

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