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Essay on Effect of Greenhouse Gasses with professionals


Effect of Greenhouse Gasses

The greenhouse gases have been responsible for making the planet Earth a warmer place. These gasses are mainly the reason due to which the heat gets trapped within the Earth which leads to a rise in the temperature. The main reason for the increase in greenhouse gasses is the activities of the human population. The greenhouse gases have increased drastically in the atmosphere within one hundred and fifty years. The largest source of greenhouse gas emission in the United States is the burning of fossil fuels in order to generate electricity, transportation, and heat.   This paper will talk about the effects of greenhouse gas emissions.

The greenhouse gas plays a very important role in keeping the planet Earth at a more suitable temperature which would help in the sustenance of life. The absence of these gasses would directly allow the heat emitted by the planet to pass outside the Earth's surface and ultimately go to space which would lead to a severe drop in the temperature where life cannot exist. The temperature may in fact drop to minus twenty degrees Celsius. The main reason for the name "greenhouse gas" is because it is able to absorb the infrared radiation that comes from the Sun. This comes to Earth in the form of heat and this heat is then distributed in the atmosphere evenly and then with time it gets lost into space. These gasses are also the deciding factor of how much shirt radiation comes from the main source or the sun. However, these radiations do not contribute much to the temperature globally. It is important that these gasses are limited within the atmosphere but in recent times, it has increased a lot and that is why it is a matter of grave concern. The level of CO2 or Carbon dioxide has been increasing in the atmosphere due to the rate at which fossil fuels are burnt. This leads to the formation of a layer around the Earth's surface and this blanket does not let the passage of heat back to space and traps it within the surface of Earth. As a result, the temperature of Earth increases abnormally. The activities by human beings lead to the formation of this layer which ultimately harms the earn as the effect of greenhouse gases increases at an alarming rate. If you are confused about how to choose proposal essay topics, then get help from's expert.


The greenhouse gasses are the main contributors to the greenhouse effect as it is these gasses that influence the amount of heat that is going to be absorbed and the amount of heat that is going to be released which ultimately balance the whole atmosphere. The gasses that mainly contribute to the greenhouse effect are Carbon dioxide (CO2), ozone (O3), water vapor (H2O), methane (CH4), and nitrous oxide (N2O). These gases are mainly responsible for the greenhouse effect. When it comes to their effectiveness on the absorption or re-radiation of the heat their levels might vary. Like for instance nitrous oxide is two hundred and ninety-six times more effective as compared to carbo dioxide. It is important to understand that all the gasses that are emitted by human activities do not stay within the atmosphere forever as some of them like carbon dioxide dissolve in the atmosphere after some time. This gas, that is, carbon dioxide gets dissolved in the ocean specifically. The level of greenhouse gases has been seen to increase significantly after the industrial revolution around the eighteenth century. As new industries were set up and various products were created with the help of fossil fuels and others, the gas emitted through these factors led to an increase in the level of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere drastically. The level of greenhouse gas was very less before industrialization. The level of carbon dioxide alone has increased to a great extent. In the present time, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is higher than what it was in the past 750,000 years which in itself shows how much technology and industry have harmed the environment. Most of the factories require fossil fuels, which in itself has been decreasing with the passage of every century. This is another problem altogether but what is concerning is the effect that it has had on the atmosphere. The recent time has seen the emission of greenhouse gasses mostly because of burning coal and other natural gas. These were used to generate electricity or for railways. It was even done for marine transportation. While these are necessary things, there need to be some actions that are taken to ensure that these facilities continue without harming the environment much. Most of the commute systems railways, airways, or even marine transport depend on fossil fuels. This is scary and alarming at the same time. You should check the plagiarism of your essay and get essay assignment help. 


Agriculture and forestry also play a huge role when it comes to greenhouse effects. As per the reports of the United Nations, it is these fields alone that are responsible for around 14.5 percent of the total greenhouse gas emissions. The production and processing of feed for instance make up forty-five percent of the total 14.5 percent. The digestion of the cow also leads to the emission of greenhouse gas that amounts to thirty-nine percent and finally, the decomposition of manure makes up ten percent of the total 14.5 percent. The concentration of CH4 in the atmosphere is also a result of changes in the land fields. The manufacturing of cement also contributes to the increase in the level of Carbon dioxide as calcium carbonate when it is heated up it leads to the emission of carbon dioxide and lime. The emission of carbon dioxide makes the cement industry contribute five percent to the total greenhouse gas effect. It can be understood from the above discussion that humans are responsible for the greenhouse effect which has been damaging the planet Earth. It is high time to take action and switch to more sustainable life and life choices. The changes need to be brought about soon to save the environment before it is too late.

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