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Essay on Importance of Mental Health with professionals


Importance Of Mental Health

Health is the most important asset of one’s life. Without proper health conditions, one is unable to carry out daily tasks. Health can be subdivided into two parts. One is mental health, and the other is physical health. Physical health means all the system that runs the entire body such as movement of bone joints, digestive system, muscle health, respiratory system, vision, excretion system, and many more. On the other hand, mental health describes the mental state of a person. Happiness, depression, frustration, anxiety, fear, excitement, and any other emotional conditions are part of a person's mental state, and all these represent mental health. It is often observed that people are more concerned about physical health than mental health. However, mental health could greatly impact one’s life, and the influence could be greater than physical health conditions in many cases. Therefore, a human must take care of mental health along with physical health.

Researchers have found that a person who is in a good emotional state is more active and can enjoy life better than any other person with a worse emotional state. A person having a good emotional status is able to handle difficult emotional situations more efficiently. Good emotional status is a sign of good mental health. However, to be in an emotionally good state, a person needs to be physically fit. This is because if a person has good physical health, it is bound to impact the mood positively. As a result, the ability to deal with depressing situations increases. Therefore, it is suggested to work out regularly in order to have good physical health, which in turn improves mental health.

The psychological well-being of a person depends on the mental health person. This indicates that if a person is optimistic about everything and feels good about things in life is able to cope with adverse situations in the right manner and thereby enjoy life. Humans' fitness level depends on various emotional factors such as aggression, frustration, negative thoughts, depression, and fear. Regular workouts can keep these emotional factors under control, thereby improving mental health, and leading to emotional well-being. With positive psychological conditions, a person can keep away negative thoughts and cultural inner positivity that helps improve the proactive state of the brain. It has been found that mental health is replaced gradually by the term mental fitness. Nowadays, the term is more used by medical practitioners, psychologists, and schools. The objective behind popularizing the term is to make people aware of the importance of mental health. Considering the awareness about mental health among people, it is necessary to promote the concept of practicing activities that will help in improving mental conditions.

Physical illness means a person is suffering from a health condition that makes the person physically weak. A bad physical health condition could occur due to fever, heart disease, gastric ulcers, and many more. However, mental illness is much different from physical illness. This is because it is not possible to test mental health conditions like physical health. Mental health is identified mostly by the assessment of characteristics and behavior exhibited by a person. However, a chemical imbalance test could be done to assess mental health conditions because a change in mental state results in the secretion of various chemicals in the body that do not normally occur. The major reasons for mental illness are stress due to some specific incident, chemical imbalance, trauma, genetic disorder, social adversity, and bad physical health state. If carefully handled, mental illness can be cured. Experts are available who can effectively help a person to come out of mental illness. If the condition is not that serious, alteration in lifestyle and positive thoughts could help to alleviate the poor mental condition. It has been found that a person who regularly practices meditation, yoga, and sports activities lowers the chances of developing mental illness. A good diet, sufficient sleep, and soft music can also help to reduce mental problems. A person should always keep away from adverse thoughts and must think positively and conduct constructive work that distracts from an adverse situation that creates mental health problems. If you are confused about how to choose proposal essay topics, then get help from's expert.

Physical health is necessary for working hard, but mental health is required to work hard consistently.  Good mental health is required to be social, develop a strong network, and various skills necessary to improve a person's life. Again, physical health conditions cannot remain in good condition if mental health is not well. Working out and practicing good physical activities cannot be carried out if a person's mental state is not well. Tasks that require a high level of concentration and activeness cannot be conducted if mental health is in bad condition. Therefore, it can be said the importance of mental help in the life of humans is significant. To stay in a good mental health condition, it is advised to not react to situations, stay away from getting upset, and keep calm all the time. These would help in not developing adverse mental conditions. You should check the plagiarism of your essay and get essay assignment help.

TE cases of mental illness are increasing day by day. Mental illness is mostly referred to as madness by most people, and thus many people shy away from sharing their mental condition with others to keep the image right. This is the reason why many people do not visit doctors and eventually develop adverse mental conditions. Therefore, the growing condition of mental illness is a cause of worry. This can be changed only by changing the view of people regarding mental illness, and thus, the amount of treatment for the illness has increased. To increase awareness about mental illness, World Mental Health Day is observed on 10th October.

From the above discussion, it has been found that mental health is a serious concern, but it is not addressed as it should be. This has only increased adverse mental conditions. Increasing awareness about mental health's importance is necessary. Apart from that, one should always try to keep physical health good as it is said that a healthy mind resides in

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