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How To Cite A Podcast In APA Style: A Guide

How to Cite a Podcast in APA

The podcast, of course. A really contemporary way to be entertained or learn something new! For a research paper, podcasts can be an excellent source of information. They cover a wide range of topics and might help you come up with discussion questions for your article.

Let's take a moment to examine why podcast citations are necessary before learning how to cite a podcast in APA and looking at some samples.

TEDx is an excellent example of why podcasts are so popular among college students. Whether you study Engineering, Nursing, or Journalism, you may contribute first-hand information by conducting interviews with experts and sharing useful information.

Because we are dealing with protected information, whether broadcast lives or obtained from the national archive, it is necessary to offer a reference in order to avoid copyright infringement and plagiarism. Now go over the APA podcast citation guidelines, practice with the examples, and be safe!

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What Is Podcast Citation?

The podcast is one of the newest trends in today's world. No matter what courses you have taken or are pursuing if you are using a podcast as a reference for your assignment, you have to give its creators or owners credits. If you do not provide the citation in your article or assignment, it will be a plagiarized one.

So, for being safe from any kind of crime, you have to cite the podcasts. So, in other words, podcast citation means giving credit to its creators while you are giving reference to it in your assignment writing.

You can cite the sources following your university guidelines. It can be an APA citation podcast, MLA citation podcast, etc. You can ask your friends or teachers to help you with how to cite a podcast in Chicago style also.

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Why Podcast Citing Matter?

Let's go over how to determine whether or not you need to cite a podcast before learning how to do so.

To evaluate whether you need to give credit to the show's creator, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I verbatim quoting the host/episode?

  • Did I take statistics, facts, or information from a podcast?

  • Have I paraphrased the creator's thoughts or summarized his or her ideas?

If you responded yes to any of these questions, you must cite the podcast in order to give credit to the presenter or guest whose work you cite. Unless it will be considered plagiarized work.

As a college or university student, you must have an idea about the consequences of plagiarism, right? First, it's nothing but a crime. Your institution can suspend or rusticate you for this intended or unintended mistake. So, be careful and learn how to cite a podcast.

At, we understand the importance of proper citation in academic writing. That's why our guide not only explains how to cite a podcast but also offers valuable tips and examples to help you apply APA formatting principles consistently throughout your essays and papers.

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How To Cite Podcasts in APA Style Format?

The following are the basic rules to learn how to cite a podcast in APA 7th edition

  • Gather information about the podcast's host. This information must be included in the list. If you can't find it, use the producer's name in the parenthesis instead (Host) or (Producer).

  • If the podcast is still being broadcast, write it with (Year - present).

  • If it's no longer on the air, use: (the year it has the started-the year it has ended).

  • The podcast's type must be specified in square brackets like [Audio podcast].

  • If you have a website URL, include it or the studio instead.

We need the following information when dealing with an episode of a more extensive podcast –

  • With the term "hosts" in parentheses, list the names of the hosts.

  • After the title of your podcast, in parenthesis, you must specify the episode number. If there are no numbers, leave the episode number blank.

  • After the podcast type, add the term "In" and the title of the podcast. It appears as follows: In Mechanics for Children.

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APA Podcast Citation Examples

Let's go over how to cite a podcast in APA style format when it's used in-text and then in the bibliography –

  • In-text APA Podcast Citation

When working with a primary podcast, you should use the following template -

If it's a parenthetical citation, it's as follows: (Blueberry, 2016- present)

And, for narrative citation: Blueberry (2016 – present)

  • Podcast Bibliography Citation

Here's how to cite a podcast in APA format for your bibliography:

Author’s Last Name, Initial(s) (Contributor title). (Year when the show started – the year when the show ended/present). Podcast episode title [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from URL.

For example –

Chang, A. (Host). (2017 - 2019). Why scientists can't explain the appeal of an eclipse [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from


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