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How To Write Cite A Website In MLA Format - Step By Step

MLA Format

When you provide proper details of the sources, you leave no doubt in your reader’s mind regarding the originality of the information. If you are asked to create an MLA citation style website for the first time, you might have trouble regarding where to begin.  Citing sources are a necessity to maintain academic integrity.

For MLA citation websites, you need to remember that an author doesn't need to have to be a specific person. It can also denote to a corporation or group. Information on the author of a website can also be found under an “About” section. If you are still struggling with finding information on the website's authors, or unaware of how to cite a website in MLA format, you may seek guidance from 

How to Cite A Website in MLA Style 8 Format?

For citing a website in MLA style, here are a few general information you are required to add:

  • Author
  • Title of source
  • Title of the container
  • Other contributors Version
  • Number
  • Publisher
  • Publication date
  • Location of the source (URL or page range)

If you are asked to use the MLA format while formatting your website, the elements mentioned above will form your website citation foundations. You are advised to include an URL whenever you are citing a website, but make sure you ask your instructor’s opinion on it. 

Here is a Basic Format of MLA Citation Website:

Last name, First name. “Page title.”Website title. Name of the publisher, Date of publication in Day Month Year format, URL.

Example: Taylor, Joanna. “Bigrock.” Pensake Media Corporation, 24 August December, URL.

If you want to learn more about “How do you cite a website in MLA format?”, consult experts of

How to Cite a Website with no Author MLA?

It can be a struggle when students have to cite a website with no author in MLA format. When you see the webpage comes from a domain which includes .org, here is a structure you have to follow:

“Title of web page.” Title of Website, Publisher. Date published in Day Month Year format, URL.

Example: People for the Ethical Treatments of Animals (PETA). Animals used for food. 24 October 1992. URL.

Structure of in-text citation: (Title of a web page).

Example: (“People for the Ethical Treatments of Animals”).

Whenever you have to cite an MBA website citation with no author, follow the instructions mentioned above. If you do not have the time to go over the revised MLA handbook and wonder how to cite a website with no author in MLA 8 style?, specify your requirements to our experts. They will do the job for you. Click to read more about APA Citation

How to Cite a Website with Two Authors in MLA 8?

As per the 8th edition of the MLA handbook, you will require to follow the structure whenever handling websites with two authors.

Structure: Last name, First name of author 1, and first name Last name of author 2. 

 “Title of web page.” Title of Website, Date published in Day Month Year format, URL.

Example: Stuart, Joey, and Shane Watson. “10 Best Technologies in 2021” Wired, Conde Nast, 22 July 2016, URL.

Suppose you do not have enough time to do MLA works cited in the website. In that case, you may use our online MLA referencing generator which will instantly generate the in-text citation as well as create bibliographies in just a few minutes.

How to Cite a Government Website in MLA Style?

If you are wondering “How to cite a government website in MLA style”, this section is the best place for you. If you plan on citing a government website in MLA style citation, you must add the following elements:

  • Author’s name
  • Title of the website
  • Name of the publisher
  • Publication year
  • URL
  • Date of access

Structure of government website citation in MLA format:

Author(s) name. Title of the website. Publisher, Year of publication, URL. Accessed Date of access.

Example of government website in MLA citation style: Disasters and Emergencies.URL. Accessed 24 August 2001.

It is essential that you are thorough with the MLA formatting style of websites. Whenever you find yourself worrying about how to cite a website in MLA, check examples provided in our sample section that will give you a visual understanding of how you should format your website using the MLA style. We will help you understand with a step-by-step analysis on how to cite a government website using MLA. Also read more about harvard referencing.

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