How To Write A Movie Review

How To Write The Perfect Movie Review- A Detailed Guide

Every person could find what she/he needs in a movie- humor, drama, adrenaline, love, an alternative reality, or a journey back through time. Thus, writing an outstanding movie review turns out to be one of the most intriguing assignments for most students. But, enjoying an amazing film in the evening and watching it solely to craft a review is not quite the same.

An incredible movie review can be a work of art in its own right. It should serve to entertain, persuade, and inform, offering an original opinion without giving away too much of the plot. Also, it should be presented logically, concisely, and creatively, enabling the readers to decide whether they want to see the movie.

Undeniably, it can be a bit daunting to articulate your thoughts into words perfectly that will truly captivate your reader’s attention. Today’s well-detailed post will walk you through certain unique guidelines that will enable you to craft your unique analysis of the movie and make it an intriguing read for the audience.

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Movie Review: A Brief Overview 

A movie review is a detailed analysis of a film or documentary. It includes extensive research, thorough analysis, and reporting one's views in a structured way. The writer assumes a position of educating readers whether they have watched the movie or not. As a matter of fact, countless people go through movie reviews to determine whether they want to see a film or not.

A movie review is categorised as a creative review. It implies that any film is considered an artwork. One must pursue creative and analytical approaches while crafting a movie review.

The Key Purposes of Writing A Movie Review

According to the best minds who cater to your 'do my movie review essay' requests,  the key to writing an impeccable movie review lies in comprehending its purpose. Hence, it is essential to keep your objectives in mind while writing-

  • Discuss The Plot Briefly- share certain information about characters, relations, and events, but don't reveal the whole story. Yet, you can mention the crucial moments or turning points that make the film worth watching.

  • Evaluate The Film- Ensure to assess the film in general and certain aspects, like acting, the director's work, theme, music, and special effects. Conclude if the key idea of the film was duly implemented. Try being objective and detailed in your assessments.

  • Share Your Views- Explain your feelings during and after watching the film. Specify what you liked and didn’t like. Offer your general impressions about the movie based on descriptions, examples, and comparisons helping readers to make their own decisions.

  • Offer a Recommendation- Try not to be categorical while writing your movie review. However, let your readers know what they can expect from the movie and who might find it intriguing. Say if it matches the official film description and declared genre, why it might be worth watching, and what its weaknesses are.

  • Entertain the Reader- Going through movie reviews is kind of fun in itself. But, try to draft an easy-to-read review and write it intriguingly.

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A Step-By-Step Guide To Write A Movie Review

Whether you’re a student, an actor, a filmmaker, or a film geek, drafting film reviews can help you hone your ability to think critically and watch movies with a response to goes deeper than ‘That movie was fantastic!’

Here are effective guidelines on how to write a perfect film review that people will want to read remarkably-

Watch The Movie Like A Film Critic

Even if you've seen a movie a hundred times, watch it again to unravel new details and comprehend the characters and their motives better. We recommend watching a film at least two or three times. While watching it for the first time, try to focus on the main heroes, their storylines, and emotions. The second time around will enable you to notice the details of minor characters and their stories, like music, timelines, costumes, decorations, and locations. All these crucial aspects contribute to how you perceive the movie.

Conduct An In-Depth Research

A close look at ‘do my movie review essay’ forums will enable you to understand that watching the movie isn't enough. Conducting extensive research is equally vital. Look for crucial details like the name of the filmmaker and his/her motivation to make that film or documentary work, locations, plot, characterization, and historic events that serve as an inspiration for the movie. Your research must assimilate information that offers more depth to your review

Evaluate The Movie

After fully comprehending the movie, you can begin its analysis. Critically assess the film from beginning to end, noting each detail. While assessing, if you come across any confusing part, re-watch to grasp the idea portrayed completely. After you've finally understood it, you are set to draft the movie review like a pro.

Draft A Detailed Outline

Before you start writing the movie review, it is essential to crafting a detailed outline. The outline is a skeletal frame on which the whole review will stand. A sample movie review outline looks like this-

  • Introduction (Title, Date Release, Background Info, Cast, Director)

  • Summary of the story

  • Analysis of plot elements

  • Creative elements

  • Opinions (add examples to back up the claims)

  • Conclusion

Come Up With A Catchy Title

A title like ‘My review for Titanic’ sounds hugely boring. Instead, try thinking of interesting or impressive titles like ‘Why taking the cruise is not always an excellent idea .'This is to make your readers want to read further.

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Begin With A Compelling Fact Or Opinion On The Movie

While drafting the review, you will want to get your readers hooked on instantly. This sentence should offer them a feel for your review and the movie. For example- 'Despite an outstanding soundtrack and compelling performance of Tom Hanks, Forrest Gump never gets out of the shadow of its weak plot and questionable premise.'

Offer A Clear and Well-Established Opinion In The Early Phase

Do not ever leave the readers guessing whether you like the film or not. Let your readers know early on so you can spend the rest of the time 'proving' the rating. Use stars or a score out of 10 or 100 to convey your thoughts.  

Like, XYZ is a rare movie that succeeds on almost every level, where every character, scene, costume, and joke firing on all cylinders to make a film worth repeated viewings.

Support Opinions With Evidence From Specific Scenes

This is the section where taking notes while watching the movie really pays off. It's challenging to sway other people's opinions if you can't offer facts supporting your argument.

Example- ‘At the end of the day, Snowpiercer can’t determine what type of movie it desires to be. The attention to detail in fight scenes, where each weapon, light bulb, and slick patch of ground is accounted for, doesn’t in any way translate to an ending that seems powerful but ultimately proves to be a little of substance.’

Formulate an Original Thesis Based On Your Analysis

Now that you’ve studied the movie diligently, what crucial insights can bring you to the table? Develop a thesis statement, a central idea that will discuss and back up your observations on the different elements of the film. Having a strong thesis will also take your review beyond the plot summary stage and realm of film criticism that is rightfully its art form.

Present A Summary Of  The Story

You must always concentrate on summarizing the story without mentioning spoilers. It's wise to offer a summary of the plot in which you determine the main characters, explain the setting, and offer a sense of the central conflict or point of the movie. But don't give too much away. Don't ruin the movie for your readers.

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Move Into Your Movie Analysis

Craft several paragraphs discussing the movie's intriguing elements that support your thesis statement. Discuss the acting, the direction, the cinematography, the setting, and the likes with the use of clear prose that keeps your readers engaged. Avoid using excessive technical filmmaking jargon and make your language accessible.

Use Plenty Of Examples

The opinion and judgment you present in your movie review must always be backed up with concrete examples from the movie. Making a strong statement always requires evidence. Like, if you believe that Rami Malek deserves the Academy Award for Best Actor 2019, make sure to justify your statement by looking for scenes from his movie, Bohemian Rhapsody, that reflect your statement.

You can also quote dialogues from the movie for the same. This is because including examples makes your review more comprehensible and credible.

End The Review With A Bang

Wrapping up the movie review can be a tad bit confusing. Once you've already said everything, you had to claim, what more is left? Thus, the best way of ending is to bring your review to a full circle. Restate your thesis and bring a conclusion to the review with your stand on the movie.

It should also be written to remind your readers about the film elements that impressed you the most. Also, make it a point to add certain personal recommendations and mention for whom this film will be interesting and why. Remember that your conclusion is the last opportunity to convince your readers, so give your best!

Now, let’s take at certain brilliant and yet inspiring movie review examples so that you have a remarkable visual understanding of the structure as well as the writing style-

Well, that's all for today, peeps! With the lucid guide on writing a movie review, you can nail that task like never before. You can also look at the aforementioned examples to connect the theory to practice. Here's wishing you all the luck!

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