Tips to Enhance English Assignment

14 Hacks To Enhance Your English Assignment


Going through the long chapters of your literature course often kills half of your time. In fact, students often struggle writing a prose piece for their English assignments, as most of them lack the creative skills to compose an appealing prose piece.
This is one of the primary causes why students look for online services that provide English homework help. Undoubtedly, English homework help online will lessen your stress of running after piles of writing assignments, but it's just short-term relief.

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Escalating in English is a gradual process, and it applies the same to writing English assignments. So why don't you follow these smart tips, which not only will increase your vocabulary for writing captivating prose pieces but also provide you with better ideas -

  1. Understand the context of English vocabulary

Language is essential in English literature: it is used in reading, writing, and debates.
You'll come across specific tools and terminology commonly associated with this area. Words like "narrator," "protagonist," "antagonist," and "denouement" are examples of literary jargon.
Understanding and employing such words will aid your comprehension of the reading material.
Instead of writing 'the main character,' you may write 'the protagonist.'
This will make your essay sound more professional and win you some bonus points.

  1. Make a list of good, relevant phrases

Assignments are all about making an impression on the professor or the instructor. Speaking of which, the correct use of a good phrase impresses more than anything else.
You can add these idioms, such as 'pulled an all-nighter,' 'passed with flying colors, 'take the bull by the horns, 'the back of beyond,' etc., in your write-up to make it denser.
To expand your knowledge of idioms and phrases, get in touch with your high school grammar books, or you can download apps that store thousands of terms and update you regularly.

  1. Keep a vocabulary list

One of the most crucial components of learning a language is having a large vocabulary.
You can also keep track of the vocabulary of English evaluation systems like the TOEFL(Test of English as a Foreign Language) or TOEIC(Test of English for International Communication) to make sure you increase your standards in the English language.

  1. Make a list of topics and ideas in hand

You never know when you'll get writer's block. That's why it's crucial to keep a running list of possible news pieces or personal tales that could be extended into essays.
If an idea strikes you, jot it down in a notepad or on your computer in a Word document. Then, when you're ready to begin writing, you'll have a place to start.
List down the ideas a month before so that you don't have a shortage of resources when you choose to write.
The topics in English assignments are often complicated, specifically in the literature segment. For example, 'American dream in literature,' 'Influence of Darwin on Literature,' etc., are topics that require thorough research work and a standard to maintain.

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  1. Use quotations

You must be so familiar with your literature that you can easily recall all of its ideas and important quotations.
Remember to incorporate quotations into your own sentence structure as much as possible.
Adding a quotation can help you comment on theme, style, and character.
Use quotations only if they are relevant to your answer and not just because you remember them.

  1. Expand your research

You cannot just rely on your class notes or textbooks to provide a well-researched English assignment. You will occasionally need to conduct further research to completely comprehend the circumstances of the novel.
Thanks to technology, you can now access digital notes, go for digital libraries or ebooks, and collect your resources.
Read excerpts, articles, documentaries, historians, and sociologists, and participate in forums where you can ask questions online.

  1. Illustrate your point

Always back up your claims with textual proof - give examples from the play or book that sway your opinion. Don't just say you believe something; back it up with evidence!
When you're asked to list essential theories in your assignments, add relevant examples to prove that you understand the point.
Give at least four distinct instances from the passage when asked for your opinion on a particular character.
This will give you bonus points because you understand the content and know how to apply it if necessary.

  1. Use updated sources and academic papers

Use reliable sources and academic articles for gathering information. Several free websites can offer you information on English assignments. However, it may not be necessary for the information to be correct.
Therefore, experts recommend going for scholarly articles or previous year's assignments. They provide accurate information as well as academic publications.

  1. Write in a standard language

It's a myth that you have to write every task in an English assignment in a flowery language.
Instead, use language that is appropriate for your context of the topic.
Your essay should not force the reader to look up every paragraph with a doubt.
Your essay will not attract enough readers if your vocabulary is too tough to comprehend. To make conversation easier, use basic language.

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  1. Make sure you're following the grammar rules

Students who do not speak English as their first language have a significant chance of making grammatical and punctuation errors.
Such errors will undermine the essay as a whole.
Hence, proofread your essay several times to catch grammatical or typo errors.
To avoid such errors, you can also use online proofreading tools like Grammarly.

  1. Format and add appropriate referencing style

This is also an important aspect of the essay writing process, in fact, in any assignment.
You will be penalized if you create an incorrect reference and do not format your English essay according to the university's rules.
To keep yourself on the safe side, go for essay samples. They are well-versed in a variety of formats.
Train yourself with the techniques of the MLA (Modern Languages Association) system, the APA (American Psychological Association) system, the Harvard system, etc.
Get accustomed to in-text citation, as it's essential in the segment when quoting or explaining anything.

  1. Save time for a final revision

After producing the final edition of your English assignment, keep an eye on even the minute blunder possible.
Keep in mind that everything at the university level is closely scrutinized. Therefore, if you want to achieve good scores, limit your margin of error as small as feasible.
Read your write-up as much as you can to ensure the idea you have produced is appropriate to the context.

  1. Take references from online literature websites

This is a useful supplement for English Literature students. This is in addition to the textbooks for the course. Cliffnotes, Sparknotes, and Jiffynotes, among others, were created specifically to help students better understand their course material.
These volumes are jam-packed with literary knowledge and cover many poems, books, and plays.
The information you obtain from the online study materials will assist you in better comprehending the topics in your course book.
Your engagement in class and the essays you submit will reflect this.

  1. Watch English Plays and movies

Reading alone isn't always enough to completely comprehend the subject, especially when it's a play. Watching the movie or seeing it in the theater is one technique to help you understand it better!
Make a mental note of anything that stands out or appears significant as you watch.
You can help yourself remember significant scenes by seeing a visual re-enactment of a play or novel.
It also helps you remember that plays are designed to be performed before an audience, not just written on paper.

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Concluding words

Though there are various ways to improve English assignments, you will do well if you start with good vocabulary and proper structure. These 14 power pack hacks can help you compose a well-researched English assignment.

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