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Top 100 Trending Dissertation Topics

Dissertation Topics

When you are at the last leg of your graduate school journey, one paper that will probably drive you up the wall is your dissertation. Writing a dissertation from scratch is no walk in the park. It demands hours of researching dissertation topics in a specific study area to develop something unique and productive.

As a graduate student, you are probably juggling study, work and life, so brainstorming and researching interesting dissertation ideas may not always be easy. You will struggle to produce a ground-breaking dissertation if your dissertation topics are not innovative or high in demand. This means the last thing you should do is underestimate the significance of good dissertation topics.   

If you are stuck in a rut and cannot find a good topic for your research dissertation, you have us by your side. We will assist you in finding the most-searched dissertation topics from diverse academic disciplines. Also, in the following paragraphs, we will give some surefire tricks on finding the best topics to ease your dissertation writing journey.

So let’s get the ball rolling!

What is a Dissertation? 

A dissertation is a long piece of academic writing based on extensive research conducted by a post-graduate or research student in order to complete their PhD program. The paper is heavy on research and requires impeccable writing and analytical skills, often leaving students feeling intimidated.


Types of Dissertations 

Generally, a dissertation is of two types: Empirical Dissertations and Non-empirical dissertations.

  • An Empirical dissertation contains the findings and results related to the dissertation research questions based on lab tests or specific research methods.
  • A non-empirical dissertation focuses on the existing data and results of various academic works and entities.

As for the structure, a dissertation follows a standard format containing a title of a dissertation, an abstract, an introduction, a review of literature, a methodology or research approach, results and outcomes, a conclusion, references, and appendices.


Dissertation vs Thesis: the Key Differences

A lot of students confuse a dissertation with a thesis. Some believe it’s the same thing to obtain a degree as a research student – so relax; it's not just you. But the thing is, a dissertation and a thesis are NOT similar. The main difference is that a student has to write a thesis to complete a master's program, while a dissertation is imperative for a PhD. Let’s look at some other differences:


On the contrary, you will find several common aspects between a thesis and a dissertation. For instance:

  • Both papers are of high importance for completing a degree program
  • You need to exhibit an extensive understanding of the topic and quality writing skills.
  • You are required to defend your side of the argument.
  • Both must be 100% plagiarism-free with accurate citations.


Finding Good Dissertation Topics – The Broader Picture 

The search for relevant and interesting dissertation topics can be one rocky ride. Despite so, you cannot rush the process and settle for a random dissertation title. Just as how a catchy movie title grabs your attention, your dissertation ideas should also have a similar appeal and attract readers.

There’s no denying that you are spoilt for choices when you hit the search button to find dissertation title examples relevant to your study area. You will be bombarded with recommendations and suggestions, so the best way out would be to consult your mentors or professors for advice on different themes. They possess profound knowledge and can guide you to narrow down the best dissertation ideas from your academic domain.

Then again, what do you do if you have no mentor to turn to?

How do you find an idea that will motivate you to give your absolute best and make your paper successful?

Simple! Consider the factors listed below:

Area of Interest

It becomes easier to work on a topic from a study area you are interested in, regardless of the complexities of the dissertation research questions. A dissertation will take long hours of research and writing. So choose a topic from your area of interest to stay motivated to the task.

Relevance to Career Path

If you plan to pursue a career in academic research, opt for dissertation topics that will help you in your future career. You can embark on a new journey to further research and learn about the matter. If you are unsure about the potential, discuss it with your professor to understand if proceeding with the topic will add value to your career.

Data Availability

Yes, you want to stand out from the crowd and work with something uncommon and unknown to many people. But the downside of picking rarely researched dissertation topics is the insufficient data availability. You cannot develop your argument if the topic is narrow with limited resources. Consult your professor for suggestions for relevant sources with credible data.

Uniqueness & Well-balanced

Your primary goal should be to conduct distinctive research and make original contributions to your field of study. There's no point in exploring something that’s already been researched. Also, avoid broad research dissertation ideas. Too much information will confuse you and restrict you from developing a well-balanced paper.

Understanding of the Topic

When the topic is known, and you understand the issue well, it will save you time. So while brainstorming, note down all the topics you have researched before. This way, you can evaluate your opportunities with different topics and save yourself ample time and effort.

Where to Search For Topics for Your Research Dissertation?

Searching "interesting titles of dissertation online can be tempting when you are stuck and cannot find anything relevant or worthy of researching further. However, relying on a sample title of a dissertation cannot be an ideal solution when you aim to craft a stellar piece of work. Hence, you should raid the right places for the best dissertation ideas. For example:

  1. Refer to the sample dissertation papers available on different online forums.
  2. Review the papers published recently with relevance to your study field to understand the issues that can be further researched.
  3. Go through the works of other scientists and researchers and look for topics relevant today.
  4. Read scientific articles and peer-reviewed papers and watch different conferences and seminars to learn about the issues about your interested subject and develop your idea.
  5. Check online websites and journals of famous researchers and authors of different academic fields to explore ideas for your paper.
  6. Search for the most trending and burning topics and research questions to form your dissertation idea.

How to Spot the Most Suitable Ideas for Your Research Dissertation?

Frankly, when searching for dissertation titles, topics, and ideas on your own, you will come across countless options and suggestions. The real challenge is picking “THE” one from the list. So to make sure you end up with the right pick, follow these tips:

  1. Always give ample time to brainstorm and research dissertation topics.
  2. Whether looking for a finance dissertation topic or a dissertation title for psychology, stick to your field of interest and pick a topic you know.
  3. Do initial research on the potential topics and check if the selected topics have enough information. If the issue has already been discussed, identify a new research area with enough credible sources.
  4. Opt for topics with scientific importance that inspires readers. Ensure the topic suits your university guidelines and meets the norms for writing the dissertation.

How to Determine If the Dissertation Topic Is Achievable?

Even if you have found the dissertation topics you are interested in, it’s almost impossible to determine whether you can complete your paper successfully. This is mostly for students attempting dissertation writing for the first time. The good thing is there are several ways to determine if the topic is achievable within the given timeframe. Here are some questions to ask yourself before finalizing the dissertation topics:

  1. Will I get access to credible sources?
  2. Do I have the necessary skills to tackle the topic?
  3. Will I get intellectual help when required?
  4. Is my topic too narrow or broad?
  5. Am I interested in the topic?
  6. How long will it take to prepare my ethics proposal and get permission?
  7. What if my ethics proposal gets rejected? When can I re-submit? Do I have to come up with another idea?
  8. Does the topic have enough data? Are they publicly accessible?
  9. Is special permission required to use the data?
  10. Does the topic require quantitative or qualitative research?
  11. Will I be comfortable collaborating with others for data?
  12. Are my English language skills strong for the paper?
  13. Where can I get help with my unfinished dissertation?
  14. What resources does my university offer to enhance the quality of write-ups?
  15. Do I really have enough information about the topic?

Answering these questions will help you determine where you stand with the topic and whether you can use it tactfully to develop a quality dissertation within the necessary timeframe.

Perfecting the Title of a Dissertation

The title of a dissertation is the first thing your readers will see, so you should compose something clear and concise to grab your readers' attention.

Let’s look at it this way. When searching for comedies to binge-watch on a boring Saturday afternoon, how do you identify the best clips from a long list of suggestions? You obviously look for witty captions that you can relate to, such as “mothers vs the maid,” “how NOT to impress a girl," and things like that. These titles are quirky and entice viewers to click on them to watch the videos.

Similarly, build curiosity in your readers with catchy and relevant words without giving away too much information. Use words like "what," "how," and "why” to formulate your dissertation topic ideas. Summing up the entire dissertation in under fifty words may be challenging but not impossible. Once you have got your idea in place, play with words and form a title of a dissertation that encourages any individual interested in the field to read your paper.

Here are some additional pointers you must consider to compose an interesting dissertation title:

  1. Focus on what you are actually trying to communicate. Let's say your paper is “International Expansion: Breaking Boundaries with Innovative Business Strategies.” The primary focus should be explaining how these new strategies will help businesses grow internationally.  
  2. Include a research approach, like, “A Qualitative Analysis of the Challenges Teenagers Endure with Academic Writing.” 
  3. Make a subtle reference to your research outcomes without sharing too much information. For instance, instead of using the title “International Expansion: Breaking Boundaries with Innovative Business Strategies," you could use“Winning Factors for Successful International Business Expansion” to better communicate the aim of your research.
  4. Maintain clarity and focus while adhering to the standard writing format. The last thing you want is to confuse your readers with obscure titles.
  5. Avoid the unnecessary use of acronyms and abbreviations. You can use a witty title to stand out but make sure it’s relevant to your paper and doesn’t distract your readers from what you are trying to communicate with your writing.

List of the Best of the Best Dissertation Topics of 2024

A dissertation usually ranges between ten thousand to fifty thousand words, but that too depends on the course, department and university requirements. However, the length is a secondary factor, the primary being finding relevant dissertation topics. You will only jeopardize your career if you recycle old topics and don’t keep up with global trends and issues.

Instead of working with common themes, explore ideas that will allow you to showcase your research abilities and find probable solutions to the identified issues and crises in different sectors. In this final leg of the journey, we have enlisted multiple dissertation topics from diverse academic disciplines to inspire you and make dissertation writing easier.

Humanities Dissertation Topics

  1. The role of capitalism in the development of conceptual art
  2. Bilingual education and its influence on a child’s cognitive function
  3. Surefire strategies for mastering modern languages
  4. Representation of minorities in books and movies
  5. The role of divorce in a parent-child relationship
  6. Gender-based violence and its influence on children's personalities
  7. Are poverty and homelessness social issues?
  8. Why do Americans find it hard to prevent racial discrimination?

Dissertation Law Topics

  1. Analyze the White-collar crime law in the States
  2. Terrorism and lawlessness against teenagers in the underdeveloped nations
  3. Major challenges encountered while establishing universal rules and norms
  4. Global legal challenges international businesses face while establishing businesses abroad
  5. Explore the important ethical aspects of Business law in the UK
  6. A critical analysis of the employment laws in 2024
  7. Relationship between criminal offences and employment laws
  8. Digital technology and its impact on domestic violence

Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. The role of nurses in managing patients with dementia
  2. Private and public healthcare systems in the US and the UK – A comparative study
  3. Is the nursing profession underrated? State your opinion based on the post-pandemic scenario
  4. Analyze the role of nurses in helping adolescents dealing with psychiatric challenges
  5. ADHD syndrome and how nurses can help an ADHD patient lead a better life
  6. How do nurses make a difference in the lives of the elderly dealing with physical and mental odds?
  7. Gestational diabetes and effective remedies to it in check from nursing perspectives
  8. Palliative care nursing and its importance in 2024 – use relevant examples to elaborate on the topic
  9. Discuss the key components of clinical management with relevant examples.

Dissertation Research Questions on Psychology

  1. Anorexia in adults – Analyze the key reasons with relevant examples
  2. Childhood abuse and its impact on children’s mental development  
  3. Use of drugs and its consequences on an individual’s psychological health
  4. Effectiveness of behavioral therapy on treating criminals – support your views with examples
  5. How effective are MRI studies for indicating brain function?
  6. Discuss how chronic anxiety and panic attacks can be treated with cognitive therapy.
  7. The rise in the cases of social anxiety and social phobia in this digital age
  8. Excessive use of cannabis can affect working memory. Discuss

Finance Dissertation Topic

  1. Microfinance and its negative impact on developing countries
  2. What is a digital currency, and why do banks oppose it fiercely?
  3. Auditors and their importance in financial reporting
  4. Discuss the importance of automation and RPA in auditing
  5. Internet banking: analyze the differences in the user ratio between the youth and the elderly
  6. How is microfinancing empowering women worldwide?
  7. Foreign investments and their role in the economic growth of India
  8. An assessment of the future of mutual funds in developing nations

Dissertation Topics on Education

  1. Self-studies and its importance on students’ academics
  2. The high costs of education facilities increase the disparity between learners and expand the class system
  3. Technology and its role in shaping students’ learning abilities
  4. How to support students from diverse economic and social backgrounds to excel in their studies?
  5. Role of group projects in helping students get a holistic learning experience
  6. Teaching methodologies and ways to choose the best methods fitting a student’s learning abilities
  7. The importance of education in shaping a better future and boosting a country’s economy
  8. How important are early literary skills for developing a child's language and communication skills?

Dissertation Titles on History

  1. The political views of Julius Caesar and their impact on Rome
  2. Geography and its impact on the development of ancient cultures
  3. How did the Catholic Church deal with the disastrous Black Death phenomenon in the 14thCentury?
  4. The cultural, political and economic developments during the Renaissance period
  5. Women and their role in the American revolution
  6. Magna Carta and its importance in the British history
  7. Martin Luther King Jr. – Analyze his political and social views and legacy
  8. Investigating the impact of the Great Depression on the global economy

Research Dissertation Topics on Accounting

  1. Strategic management accounting in the healthcare industry
  2. Risk management in the banking sector
  3. Internal auditing and its impact on financial reporting
  4. Auditing challenges in the US
  5. Impact of income tax on start-ups and SMEs
  6. What are the American taxation system loopholes and ways to rectify them?
  7. External vs in-house auditors: a comparative study on the advantages and disadvantages with relevant case studies
  8. Discuss the importance of modern accounting in developing economies.
  9. Evolution of the accounting information system over the last two decades

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Dissertation Ideas on Public Administration

  1. The role of cultural diversity in implementing public policy
  2. Delivery of healthcare services – urban vs rural areas
  3. Technology and its role in improving the delivery of public services
  4. What’s the impact of public policy on domestic violence?
  5. Analyze the role of ethics in the functioning of the public sector
  6. How Privatization improves the efficiency of public services?
  7. A comparative study on the public service delivery models between the US and India

Marketing Dissertation Topics

  1. Tesco’s loyalty card scheme and the challenges it's facing in today's competitive business environment
  2. Importance of digital relationship marketing post the Covid-19 pandemic concerning personalization and customization
  3. How can businesses attract long-term customers with loyalty schemes?
  4. Effectiveness of digital methods in increasing brand salience
  5. Social media marketing and its role in building brand loyalty
  6. How effective is YouTube for direct marketing? Support your answer with relevant cases and examples.
  7. The role of culture in marketing communication - support your answer with the case of a popular foreign beverages brand in a developing economy like India.
  8. The use of pricing strategy to increase profitability and customer satisfaction in financial institutions

MBA Dissertation Topics

  1. An analysis of the Common Wealth Bank of Australia
  2. A comparative study between Bank of America and Citigroup
  3. Foreign direct investment and its role on the countries with developing economies
  4. Advancement of technology and its impact on the global trade process
  5. Effective tactics small businesses can use to gain long-term financial security
  6. Factors influencing the business profitability and ways to minimize them
  7. Investigate the role of supply chain management in regulating cost-cutting measures
  8. Examine the role of radio and television in the rural development
  9. The increase in the competition of online apparel stores in the US – Analyze the benefits and challenges

Good Dissertation Topics on Mental Health

  1. Qualitative research on the ways to prevent suicide cases among teenagers
  2. The mental health challenges among individuals dealing with personal losses post the pandemic.
  3. A complete overview of the importance of stability of family life on mental peace
  4. A critical overview of the factors triggering depression and anxiety in young adults in this digital age
  5. Cyberbullying and its role in the increase of teenage suicide cases
  6. Does prenatal and post-partum depression affect both parents? Conduct a meta-analysis on the same
  7. Explain how mental health and physical health are correlated.
  8. A qualitative study on the mental stress of young adults struggling to accept their sexuality caused due to social and parental pressure
  9. Explain with proper research how Paranoid Personality Disorder affects mental peace and destroys relationships.
  10. Virtual networking: critically analyze its social and psychological impacts

And there you go! Don’t forget to bookmark this list of dissertation topics and ideas for your future reference. You will find ample resources on these dissertation topics to develop a well-structured and well-written dissertation from square one. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.1. How to Choose a Dissertation Topic?

Here are some tips for handpicking the best dissertation topics from the lot:

  1. Choose a topic that fits your area of interest and knowledge
  2. Carefully analyze your university and department’s requirements
  3. Conduct preliminary research to find relevant resources.
  4. Pick a niche and analyze its social, scientific, and practical relevance
  5. Determine the research methodology
  6. Consider the timeframe you have to achieve the topic
  7. Consult your mentor and get approval for the case.

Q.2. What is the Best Topic for Writing a Dissertation?

Some of the most popular dissertation ideas are as follows:

  1. Obesity and its consequences on American teenagers
  2. Social media and its impact on mental health
  3. Racism and ways to fight it in American schools and colleges
  4. The relation between financial stability and happiness
  5. Feminism and its role in the society
  6. Technology and its influence on the modern lifestyle
  7. Impact of the pandemic on the global healthcare system

Q.3. How to Pick a Dissertation Topic?

Keep in mind the following points while researching dissertation research questions:

  1. Avoid dissertation topics that are either too broad or too narrow
  2. Give time to the process and indulge in an extensive research
  3. Choose a specific subject area and a niche to narrow your research.
  4. Determine the research sources, timeframe, and topic relevance to your career prospect.
  5. Refer to books, articles, and journals discussed in scientific conferences related to your interested area of study
  6. Conduct thorough research on the chosen topics and get your mentor's approval.

Q.4. What is the Ideal Way to Find Dissertation Topics?

The best way to find and choose a topic for a research dissertation is to:

  1. Get a clear understanding of the research methodology
  2. Refer to the most recently published dissertations
  3. Review different peer-reviewed papers and their academic literature to gather ideas
  4. List the potential topics for your research dissertation and shortlist the best ones.
  5. Research and determine the availability of information and decide (and make sure you stick to it!)

Q.5. What Makes a Dissertation Interesting?

The best way to make your dissertation interesting is to pick a topic that intrigues you and pushes you to learn more about it. It should be scientifically, socially, or practically relevant and contribute to your field of research. Also, develop a habit of reading to increase your vocabulary and specific subject knowledge. Read various research articles regularly and collect information to build a well-researched dissertation.

Q.6. Where Should I Search for Dissertation Topics?

You can refer to Google Scholar, books, articles, journals, subject-specific databases, and your university library’s resources to find unique and highly relevant dissertation topics. You can also search online for dissertation title examples to get ideas on your areas of knowledge and interest and shortlist topics.

Q.7. What Must You Not Do While Finding Dissertation Topics?

List of common mistakes you MUST AVOID while selecting dissertation topics and title examples:

  1. Picking a topic too broad or too narrow to stand out
  2. Procrastinating and starting the process late
  3. Limited or no interest in the topic
  4. No proper research on the topic
  5. Lack of cross-referencing and inaccurate linking of chapters
  6. Excessive use of technical jargon
  7. Rigidity with the dissertation
  8. Lack of probing respondents and data interpretation
  9. Not approaching mentors for guidance and support

Q.8. When to Start Searching for Dissertation Topics?

As early as possible! Finding good dissertation topics and ideas is a long and time-consuming process. Give yourself enough time to prepare, research, and shortlist the best topics for your dissertation. You will also have to get your supervisor's approval on the case before you start with the proposal. The ideal time to begin your dissertation topic search is the end of your second year or before you leave for the summer.

Q.9. Is a Thesis Topic Harder Than a Dissertation Topic?

Multiple surveys show that most students struggle to tackle dissertation topics more than thesis ones. This is mostly because a thesis is based on existing ideas, whereas students have to develop an original hypothesis for a dissertation. But then again, the complexity of both papers will vary by students based on their knowledge and personal skill sets.

Q.10. How to Write an Interesting Dissertation Title?

An interesting dissertation title should be clear and precise. Here are some pointers you must consider to compose an interesting dissertation title:

  1. Focus on what you want to communicate.
  2. Include a research approach to create an impact on the readers
  3. Refer to your research outcomes to help readers get an idea of what to expect
  4. Be focused, maintain clarity, and stick to the formatting guidelines
  5. Avoid jargon, abbreviations and acronyms unless they are required
  6. Add smart jokes, if you may, but ensure their relevance to the main idea of the dissertation.
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