Analytical essay

How to Write an Analytical Essay with Examples and Topics

An analytical essay is a type of academic writing that requires a writer to analyze a particular topic, issue, and ideas. At some point in time or the other, we all had arguments over certain topics, events and global affairs, didn’t we? What were the key elements of contrast or the major standpoints in those debates? Mostly it was nothing but pure factual data based on analysis, close evaluations and strong knowledge acquisition. These components essentially mark the existence and application of an analytical essay.

Analytical writing will need you to present some sort of strong argument, claims, and perspectives over the subject you are analyzing. It usually focuses on how the piece was ideated and written in the first place. From movies to poems – you can analyze and break down each perspective into meaningful chunks with the right insights into writing analytical essays.

Now that you are here, wondering how to go about your next essay like a pro, take some time to read this blog. It shall introduce you to the bigger picture with lucid insights and examples.

Here you go!

What Is an Analytical Essay?

First things first, you need to get the hang of analytical writing and what exactly it denotes.  Here’s what you need to comprehend.

  1. An analytical essay encompasses some type of argument, claim, and perspective based on what and how you evaluate the subject matter.
  2. It generally focuses on how the original piece was written and what perspectives were put across the same.
  3. Here, you need to have a standpoint, a point of view, and well-evaluated slants to dissect the given subject matter in a constructive manner.

At the end of the day, it is all about how you choose to look at certain things – Is the glass full or half empty? Getting the hang of it? I am sure you are.

Writing An Analytical Essay? The Real Deal

Now that you have got the hang of an analytical essay, you must be looking for ways and ideas to know how to write an analytical paper with perfection.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Analytical Essay Outline

You simply cannot go about an analytical paper without a proper outline and concrete format. The essay usually comprises 500 to 1,000 words. This means you can abide by the traditional five-paragraph essay format. If you have too many perspectives to put across or slants to elaborate on, then add up a few more paragraphs and structure your write-up accordingly.

Here’s how an analytical essay outline looks like:

analytical essay outline

Well, here’s a detailed overview of each of the aforementioned key components of an analytical essay outline.

Introducing the paper

As they say, “First impression is the last impression”, your got to take the context of introducing an analytical essay quite seriously. Here’s how you can go about it.

  1. Come up with solid background information on the topic you are analyzing.
  2. Your primary aim is to capture readers’ attention with compelling words and the perfect hook.
  3. In case, you would analyze someone else’s work such as movies, poems, novels, and the likes, the introduction is the place where you should ideally include the name of the author/director, title, release date, and year.
  4. Take note, you need to come up with a clear and transparent thesis statement as well.
  5. A thesis statement should comprise one or two sentences that will focus on identifying the primary problems associated with the topic and how you’re going to analyze the same.
  6. It should hint towards the claim you are trying to put forth and your opinions and perspectives across the same.

How to Create the Right Hook?

The trick is to keep things simple. You need to focus on the primary topic and come up with an opening sentence that attempts to make a striking impression on the readers. It can be done by bringing different elements into play, such as – a question, a quote, anecdote or statistic.

Coming Up with Impressive Topic Sentences

A topic sentence is basically what comes after the hook in the form of a paragraph by presenting perspectives that are solely based or related to the introductory notes or other context of the discussion in an analytical essay.

For example, if the essay topic relates to “Buying a Car”, then you should ideally begin the sentence with something like, “With the global population hitting the top spot each day, you simply cannot rely on public transportation all the time. Thus, a four-wheeler comes to the rescue.” 

Going about supporting evidence and data

Referring back to the topic discussed above, merely stating the problem will not help. You need to back your claims with data and statistical information in order to make things believable in your readers’ eyes.

For example, “According to Globalcarbrandsa, “With the global population hitting the top spot each day, you simply cannot rely on public transportation all the time. Thus, a four-wheeler comes to the rescue.”

As you can see, citing sources and hyperlinking the same simply makes your claims more credible and valid in all aspects.

What is a Thesis Statement and How it Works?

thesis statement basically appears at the concluding part of an introduction. It focuses on coming up with a concise, summarized version of primary point or claim of the analytical paper. A thesis statement is generally expressed in one sentence.

Examples of Thesis Statements

Here are some good and better examples of thesis statement for your reference on the go.

Good Examples

  1. Digital education is going to be more important in the future
  2. Violent video games are bad for teenagers
  3. Global warming is one of the biggest challenges for the future generation

While these thesis statements are good to go, frankly speaking, they don’t talk much about the crux of the matter or what exactly the writer intends to put across. These statements might hint at something broader and convoluted. So, how about the better counterparts?

Better Thesis Statements

  1. Violence in video games is making wrong impacts on young minds, and endorsing negativities
  2. Digital education is the future for students and educators across the world
  3. Global warming is one of the biggest issues for students in the Middle East

Tell me what did you learn from these good and better examples mentioned above? Well, let me simplify things for you. Take a look below.

  1. If you look closely at good thesis statements, you will find out that the statements are precise, on point, and easy to read.
  2. Now, if you look at the better thesis statements, then you will find out that the statements are detailed, more transparent, and not that lengthy at the same time.

So, the idea is to keep thesis statements short and impactful but not too precise for your readers to comprehend in the long run.

If you take a look at the thesis statement examples on “Global Warming” you will see that the first one merely speaks about global warming as a general phenomenon, whereas, the second set of examples clearly mentions the place or the region being focused on. This makes all the difference, you see.

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A thesis statement should be clear and concise, at the same time, it should not appear to be too lengthy or convoluted.
So, refer back to these ideas and suggestions in the near future and never miss out on landing the perfectly flawless thesis statement for your next analytical essay. 

Landing the Perfect Analytical Essay Body

As already mentioned in the blog earlier, you can break down an analytical essay into the classic five-paragraph format or expand the body paragraphs in accordance with your perspectives and other priorities. Now, the question is, how do you go about an analytical essay body flawlessly?

Here’s all you need to know.

The key elements

There are a few elements and major dimensions to be acknowledged when it comes to drafting the perfect body paragraphs for your analytical essay paper. These include:

  1. Topic sentences elaborating on the motive and track of analysis for the particular paragraph
  2. The final piece of evidence and background data for your claim or standpoint
  3. Supporting data and knowledge and the perfect transition to the next paragraph.


Transitional Paragraphs – the key essentialities

Transitional paragraphs basically refer to the movement between two consecutive paragraphs with logical explanations and the use of the transitional devices in order to maintain the right flow and order in an analytical essay.

Wrapping up an analytical essay – the conclusion

Now that you have got the hang of the key elements to be considered and included in the body paragraphs, you must be eager to know how to wrap up the paper in style. Take a look below for the real hacks.

  1. First things first, you need to abide by the format and key components of an analytical essay.
  2. These include Thesis Restatement, Summarized version of the main topic sentences, inclusion of key evidences, your thoughts and perception on further scopes for research and analysis.
  3. Make sure there is a strong correlation between the thesis statements and the main body paragraphs.
  4. Also, you need to be careful in the matter of adding key takeaways based on the primary problems and solutions discussed across the paper.

Simply keep referring to more such examples and suggestions on the analytical essay outline and never miss out on kickstarting your paper like a boss.

6 Winning Steps to Ace Your Next Analytical Essay

Are you worried, “How to write an analysis essay?”. Is there is a fast-approaching submission deadline getting the better of you? Need a quick relief? Writing analytical essays is no rocket science. Simply pay heed to these six winning steps to ace your next essay and never look back.

Step 1: Pick the right topic

You need to a pick a topic that allows you to explore enough research avenues and acquire the right insights into the subject matter prior to initiating the final draft.

Step 2: Land the perfect thesis

You should present the thesis statement in such a way so that the reader can get the hang of the entire essay by simply taking a look at the statement. Remember, it shouldn’t be more than a sentence.

Step 3: Expand your research avenues

Now, you should walk the extra mile in an attempt to conduct strong background research. Acquire every data, report, and background history that would strengthen your primary standpoint and area of analysis.

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Step 4: Find evidence to support your claims/analysis

You should invest enough time in finding the right pieces of evidence based on the latest reports, case studies, and journals related to your primary point of analysis. Make sure the evidence are well-validated by renowned academicians, institutes, and libraries across the globe.

Step 5: Be careful with the references

Once you are done acquiring the right references and research data, be careful with the citation styles and their norms as observed across APA, MLA, Oxford, Vancouver, Harvard and the likes.

Step 6: Use compelling words and phrases

You cannot convince your reader-base and establish a strong standpoint if you fail to keep things compelling. So, the idea is to use power words and compelling tone in order to put emphasis on your claims, ideas and perspectives. You can consider using words such as Accelerate, Align, Anticipate, Boost, Create, Conquer, Decide, Leverage and the likes.

50+ Analytical Essay Topics to Dig in 2023

The process of selecting the perfect analytical essay topic is apparently one of the most challenging tasks. Moreover, you need to be extra-cautious when it comes to developing the topic further with the right proportion of brainstorming, analysis, cross-analysis, claims and arguments.

Here’s how you can choose the right essay topics and make an impression of excellence on your professors.

  1. Focus on the Why’s, Who’s What’s and Where’s.
  2. Why do you find the topic suitable for an analytical essay?
  3. Who is going to be your primary audience?
  4. What should essentially be your standpoint?
  5. Where can you get the right references and research data on the chosen topic?
  6. In addition, you need to brainstorm across the subject matter and figure out unique approaches to ideate the final draft.

Hold on! Here’s a list of more than 50 topics to write an analytical essays for you to explore this year.

Here you go!

Critical Analytical Essay Topics

  1. Violent video games should be banned
  2. Television creates negative impacts on our minds
  3. Global Warming is getting the better of world peace and sustainability
  4. Communal violence should be stopped at the earliest
  5. Drug tests in sports should be more stringent

Easy Analytical Essay Topics

  1. Why do people have nightmares?
  2. Why do certain people never lie?
  3. Why do you get angry at each other?
  4. There is no life after death
  5. Why should we get married after a certain age?

Analytical Essay Topics on Education

  1. Digital education is the future which is already here
  2. Online learning is creating a negative impact on the traditional education modes
  3. The pros and cons of offering free education
  4. Sex education should be taught in schools and colleges
  5. Music should be a compulsory subject in every academic board

Persuasive Analytical Essay Topics

  1. Should soda be offered in kindergarten?
  2. Do we really need to go to colleges?
  3. Is there a life beyond death?
  4. Do you need to learn a foreign language?
  5. What should be an ideal punishment for trespassing?

Analytical Essay Topics on Health

  1. Should we start addressing mental health issues?
  2. How dangerous are the long-term consequences of Insomnia?
  3. Is it possible to cure lung cancer?
  4. Health ethics in curing human ailments
  5. Is there a relation between psychological disorders and health issues?

Analytical Paper Topics on Literature

  1. Historical background of Othello
  2. The use of imagery in Macbeth
  3. Critical analysis of Keat’s works
  4. Male and female characters in Julius Caesar
  5. Focalization techniques in Paradise Lost

Analytical Essay Topics on Culture and Society

  1. The impact of English language on the American society
  2. The seven types of culture and their impact on the society
  3. The impact of new media on the world order and culture
  4. Can pop culture create a negative impact on the society?
  5. The role of verbal and non-verbal communication on our society

Historical Essay Topics for Analytical

  1. The economic impact post Titanic’s sinking
  2. Religion during the Victorian Era
  3. Symbolism in the Post-Modern Era
  4. The background history of the Palestinian War
  5. The role of women during the prehistoric period

Traditional Analysis Essay Topics

  1. Why is social media so addictive?
  2. Is it acceptable to sign up for drugs in sports?
  3. Reasons why minors choose drug abuse
  4. What are the secret ingredients of horror movies?
  5. Elaborate on how the choice of apparels creates an impact on the society

Political Analysis Essay Topics

  1. The role of UN in World Politics
  2. Nuclear weapons should be banned once and for all
  3. Do we really need political parties?
  4. The history of electoral nitty-gritty in world politics
  5. Is there really a thing called “ideal politics”?

Analytical Essay Examples

Theme: Violence in Video Games Is Making Wrong Impacts on The Young Minds, And Endorsing Negativities

Title: Violent Video Games and Their Impacts on the Young Minds

Thesis Statement: Violent Video Games Promote Negative Elements Across the Young Minds

Introduction: Video games, are undeniably one of the most entertaining forms of recreation at least for the young generation. However, things tend to take a completely different turn altogether when the young audience develops an inclination towards games such as Death RaceMad World and Bioshock are raising havocs around the world. The young crowd is not only becoming lethargic by bidding farewell to the real world, but they are also turning out to be intolerant and aggressive on many levels. It’s time, we should come together, look into the matter and create a better planet for the future generation. 

Body Paragraph 1: First of all, in order to reduce the tendencies of developing an inclination towards violent video games, we need to introduce the young crowd to the better avenues. We need to educate them on how violent video games can impact their mental health and how certain things can go wrong and never be fixed back ever.

Body Paragraph 2: There’s honestly no point in scolding the kid or going too harsh on them in an attempt to stop them from playing “violent video games”. That would rather be an irony. Instead, you can easy on them by clearly explaining what impact it could bring on their minds and of course by suggesting better avenues such as participating in outdoor games, signing up for extracurricular activities such as dancing, music, photography and the likes. 

Body Paragraph 3: After all, it is our responsibility to keep the odds of violence and acute intolerance completely at bay. It would rather be a wise choice to invest your time and energy in endorsing gamification in education and motivating the young crowd to sign up for the same. 


To end with, let me feel safe to assume that the future generation will come out wiser and stronger than ever before. Investing in violent video games will only make an individual restless and aggressive. So, the idea is to promote peace instead. The Psychiatry Advisor case study has a bigger take on this burning topic, elaborating on the dire consequences faced by an 11-year and a 14 year old boy. So, it’s time to leave better and more sustainable footprints for the future generation by eradicating the concept of violence in video games once and for all. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. Does the analytical essay structure comprise four parts?

No, it generally comprises three parts -  namely, the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

Q.2. Can I write an analytical essay on my own?

Yes, of course you can. Simply refer to more such blogs on analytical essay and keep winning.

Q.3. What is a title in an analytical essay?

A title in analytical essay comprises the name of the author/director if you are analyzing an original piece such as movies, poems or novels.

Q.4. What makes an analytical essay writing strong?

A strong analytical essay should carry the right meaning, the right hook and arguments that are based on facts and real information.

Q.5. What should I avoid in an analytical essay?

You should avoid fillers in an analytical essay. There’s no room for them. You need to be on-point and factual across the essay paper.

Q.6. Can I use quotes in analytical essay?

If you wish to make your claims stronger and add more relevance to the same, then you can surely use quotes, provided the quotations seem natural and effortlessly included.

Q.7. How to write an analytical essay on a poem?

Here’s how to write an analytical essay on a poem.

  1. Read out the poem aloud.
  2. Identify the theme of the poem.
  3. Take a note of the theme
  4. Identify the poetic devices uses
  5. Add strong references based on researched data
  6. Establish a strong standpoint
  7. Now, conclude the essay with a summary and key takeaways

Q.8. How To Write an Analytical Essay on An Article?

Here’s how to write an analytical essay on an article.

  1. Focus on the main topic
  2. See if the article is relevant to your area of study
  3. Acquire every needful data related to the article and its whereabouts
  4. Add references and back each claim with the right research insights
  5. Establish a strong correlation between the introduction and body paragraphs while concluding the paper

Q.9. Which words best describe an analytical essay?

Words such as compelling, argumentative, claim, evidence and source best describe an ideal analytical essay.

Q.10. Which would be the best topic for an analytical essay?

Here are the best topics for an analytical essay.

  • The impact of global warming across certain countries
  • How to keep gambling addiction at bay?
  • Why do certain people feel angry?
  • Is love a chemical reaction or is it something else?
  • Was Julius Caesar a better read than Othello?

Q.11. How many paragraphs are there is an analytical essay?

You may follow the traditional five paragraph format for an analytical essay. These comprise an Introduction, a three-fold paragraphs and a conclusion. You may choose to add up a few more body paragraphs if you have strong point of research and analysis to put forth.

Q.12. What Is the Purpose of An Analytical Essay?

An analytical essay aims to put forth strong argumentative standpoint based on analytical knowledge and insights with the intention to back your claims and perspectives across the given subject matter or topic.

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