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How to Start Writing Essay on Article Summarizer?


A Brief Introduction of Article Summarizer

Summarizing is used all across someone's career and in all aspects of their life when reading anything. Every day, individuals summarise topics and articles. Reading a summary, from my personal view, is easier and quicker than reading a whole book article. By reading a summary, someone can rapidly gain a better and core understanding of any subject matter. Individuals also generally summarise everything; summaries have been used not only in books, but also in television and movies shows to offer us a mini summary of what the television or movie show is primarily about without having to watch the full show or movie. Summaries can also be utilized at workplace to assist someone understand and inform a specific topic without having them go through studying and comprehension sections. The challenging part now is determining how to compose a summary. Not everybody understands how to compose a summery or summarise a subject matter. Individuals find it hard to read an entire article, book, or chapter and then summarise it into a 1-2 page document outlining the primary ideas and concepts. This paper mainly focuses in discussing the importance of article summarizer.

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Characteristics of a Good Summary

A fantastic summary is simple to read and covers all of the key points of the initial article. It is vital to r emember the following points:

  • The article's main points need to be communicated clearly and succinctly.
  • The summary needs to be written in the author's distinct style.
  • The summary needs to be significantly shorter than the actual paper.
  • The summary needs to explain all of the key concepts and rebuttals.
  • The summary needs to consolidate a large amount of data into a small amount of space.

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Important Points To Keep In Mind Before Writing a Summary

A summary's intent is to provide the reader with a clear, impartial picture of the original document. Most notably, the summary only repeats the key points of a document or lecture without providing instances or detailed information like date and time, numbers, or facts and figures. In order to write the summary of an article it is important to:

  • Summarize the article's key points.
  • Determine the most crucial information that support the key concepts.
  • Write someone's summary in their own phrases; unless they are direct quotes, prevent unnecessary copying words and sentences from the article.
  • Convey the article's actual meaning rather than just the surface information.
  • Someone's summary needs to be approximately one-third the length of the initial article.

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When to Write a Summary?

Someone should summarize an article when it is important:

  • To demonstrate how an author's concepts endorse their point of view;
  • To make a counter-argument to the author's concepts;
  • To cram a lot of data into a relatively small space; and
  • To gain a better understanding of an article.

Steps of Summarizing an Article

There are three simple steps of summarizing an article.

  • Determine the main concept or subject matter: An article's objective is to explain a specific concept or subject matter through evidence and arguments. In a summary, someone should outline the major concept of the article and express it in their own phrases. They  must be inclined to read the article numerous times to accomplish this. Try to get a general understanding of what the article is attempting to say on the first reading. After completing this, it is vital to make a note of the immediate impression. This is most plausible the thesis, or key concepts, of the article. In ones notation, include the writer's first and last name, including the headline of the article, for future reference purposes.
  • Determine the most important rebuttals: Someone needs to read the entire article again at this moment in the preparation phase. Read more attentively. Take a glance for the supporting arguments in particular. The following are some pointers for identifying the main points of an article. In order to find out vital argumants in an article, the following steps need to be followed:
  1. Read on a paper or with a computer program that allows someone to make annotations;

  2. Each paragraph's subject matter sentence should be highlighted. (If no single sentence conveys the central idea, write a summary of the key point in the edge);

  3. Write that sentence on the side of the page or on a separate piece of paper in their own phrases;

  4. When someone have finished reading the article, go back and read all of the subject matter sentences they marked or wrote down;

  5. Revise those key points in their own phrases;

  6. Full sentences with appropriate transition words should be used;

  7. Make sure they do not reuse any of the original's words, phrases, or sentence construction;

  8. They may discover that some of the minor details must be omitted; and

  9. Their summary needs to be as brief and to-the-point as plausible.

  • Create a summary: Begin their summary with the author's name and the title of the work. Here are a few examples of how to do it properly:
  1. In their first sentence of the summary, merge the article's thesis with the headline and writer. 

  2. Their first sentence must, if feasible, summarise the article.The rest of their summary must go over a few of the core ideas used to back up their thesis. Make sure to rephrase these concepts in their own words, and keep their summary as brief and to-the-point as plausible. Condense sentences and omit unnecessary explanations and instances. Concentrate on the most crucial details.

Tools for Writing an Article Summary

There are several free online article summarizer available in the internet. These article summarizers are most capable of quickly assimilating concepts while exploring and removing filler. Summaries can save the time of people if they are trying to come up with a thesis on a subject matter or doing background study for an essay. Anybody who needs to extract a range of data quickly, such as students rushing to complete last-minute assignments and essays, will gain the maximum from having the main points of an article distinguished from the rest and summarised.


Thus, it can be concluded that large articles of Wikipedia, scholarly journal articles, online newspaper stories, encyclopaedia entries, and so on must frequently be compressed, compacted, and digestible into a small size. This tools allow people to do so quickly, conveniently, and for free.

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