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The world in which we live in has gone through numerous evolutions and changes. Just as the past is riddles with these changes so will the future of the world and the people in it will continue to experience such changes. It is through these changes that people through the world, in different communities, society, cultures and families, experience difference instances which result in learning opportunities. These opportunities allow people to learn more about the people and the world around them and through this shape their own perspectives and individuality as they live out their own lives. As such, people have different ways of living a unique perspective that allow the, to comprehend the world around them so that it can make sense to them, human, by nature are inquisitive creatures and the have long since attempted to fund explanations to the inner working if the universe. This same unbridled curiosity is often channeled to more abstract thoughts like the purpose of one’s life. The philosophy of life can be considered as any general attitude or perspective towards life.

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With life in the 21st century being one giant rat race where people are struggling put a roof over their heads and have money in their banks; having a defined purpose and understanding of where they are heading, they are able to get a better sense of inner wholeness and peace. This sense of being is something that is quintessential for people and young adults in the modern society who often find themselves lost when it comes to their purpose and identity.


Having a philosophy of life, usually consists of asking the fundamental questions of the where one comes from and where a person is ultimately going, by identifying the start and the end goal of one’s life, it become easier to have a road map which can be followed in order to live out the life to its fullest potential. Being able to find the right direction in life is something that causes existential crisis to a vast majority of people. With rate of depression, anxiety and suicide rates being at an all-time high in the entirety of human history, it can be states that the world and its inhabitants are at a loss of their place in the world. when living in such a society and world, finding a philosophy of life can allow for people to gain the motivation and optimism to enjoy life.

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Way of Gaining Philosophy of Life  

People can gain a philosophy of life through numerous means and methods there is not particular set of steps that one ca follow in order to gain a philosophy or outlook on life. Rather it is a result of the multiple choices that have been made and the exposure that people have experience that have shaped their worldview and the perspective through which they comprehend the world around them.  The stimulus that people have confronted with when living in a society and the special circumstances that people find themselves all from the foundations for the shaping of a philosophy of life. This results in different people developing different philosophies which can contradict or compliment other philosophies. the purpose of having such a philosophy of life culminates in the ability to make sense and comprehend the more abstract and existential question that may plague the mind of an individual.


People can gain a philosophy of life through multiple means. This can come in the forms of religion, a book, a movie or film, scenery, experience or even through by talking with certain people, friends or families. The formation of a philosophy of life depends on certain principles that resonate with a people and their own throughout process. Ideas, perspective, notions and even sentiments that allows people to gain a sense of order and reason in their lives and can adopt attitudes as their philosophy of life. Just as people can have their own philosophies of life, there are certain philosophies that are overarching in nature. These philosophies are applicable to all people around the world and serve as some of the most basic and foundational rule upon whose enactment people can function as member of their respective societies. Such philosophies usually include value lessons such as empathy, honesty, duty and responsibility towards one’s own self and the others as a whole.


Throughout history, there have also been individuals who have dedicated their lives in the pursuit of philosophical knowledge. Such philosophers have attempted in defining and finding the meaning of life. Through this discourse, multiple perspectives and thought processes have been established like nihilism, utilitarianism, secular humanism, essentialism and even religion, which are all topics and perspectives that aim to answer the question of the meaning of life. Each of the perspectives have their own unique means and measure of defining the purpose of life and what it means to live a good life. The different perspectives lay down rules and expectations that people ought to follow in order to make the most of their lives as a social animal and to find meaning in their own individual actions.


The concept of the philosophy f life is rather understood to be an umbrella term which consists of ever-changing, evolving and dynamic notions that have significant bearing on the mental and physical existence of man. The questions and doubts that people have often become the driving force behind the cause to take action in life. The philosophy of life that a person possess thereby serves as a means to justify and find solace in the actions that are taken to quell curiosity and ambiguity. Those who are able to find a philosophy of their live and base their actions and thoughts on such philosophies are the one who are able to be the most comfortable in their own skin, such people are the ones who have a clear understanding of why they are and what their purpose or goal in life is. This in turn allows them to act on their desires and bring about effective change in their live and also, at time, in the live of those who are around them.

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