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Punctuality Essay

Punctuality is the characteristic of being able to complete a required task before or at a previously designated time. Therefore, the completion of the obligation on time is referred to as punctuality (Chapman Jr et al. 2020). The acceptable degree of punctuality differs depending on the different cultures. Though a small amount of lateness is acceptable in some cultures, it varies in the case of the lessons of school and appointment of the doctors. A late of ten or fifteen minutes is considered acceptable in Western countries.


However, in the case of Japan, the expectations related to punctuality remain very stricter. There are good effects of punctuality. It is observed that punctuality leads to success. Punctuality is common among all the leaders around the world. Punctuality makes people be on time. Therefore, it automatically makes people disciplined and brings order to their life. These factors are considered highly important for success and growth.


As a result, punctuality assists in achieving goals faster within a set of time. People become a man of habit due to the incorporation of punctuality. Hence, a punctual person can easily impress others. Punctual persons are encouraged to complete their work in a timely fashion (Cao et al. 2018). Punctuality is an etiquette, which makes people realize the importance of time. A punctual person never disrespects their own time as well as others.


Punctuality encourages people to complete the work on time without any hindrance. Punctuality is necessary for every field to complete any work successfully. Some of the fields where punctuality is necessary, such as navy, army and air force. As a result, the people who join the navy, army and air force are trained to be punctual and disciplined to complete their work on time (Marini 2017).


People working in these fields pay no attention to any adverse circumstances. They are dedicated to fulfil their duties and work on time. It can be said that it is easier for a punctual person to get success at a faster rate in comparison with others (Absences 2017). Punctuality gives a person better life. Therefore, the habit of punctuality should be developed from the very childhood, which will become fruitful. It helps to shape the life of a child. A society always admires and respect a punctual person over an unpunctual one.


The importance of punctuality cannot be denied on the growth and development of a people. Punctuality makes people organized (Guépet et al. 2016). A person needs to meet deadlines to be organized. People can be productive and organized with the help of punctuality. Employers require optimal productivity from their teams. The individual growth of a person can be hut due to poor time management, which may cause the person to miss out on important tasks and relevant documents.


A punctual person is considered reliable. It is believed that people become serious about their responsibility when they understand the significance of punctuality. Therefore, people can depend on a punctual person. Good time management skills make an employer believe its team. Therefore, an important project is a hand over to a team of the punctual person by the employers due to their good time management skills. On the other hand, a team that fails to deliver the project on time may not get vital projects.


A punctual employee can be an asset of a company as it plays a vital role in enhancing the reputation of a company (Loong, van Lierop and El-Geneidy 2017). A punctual employee not only contributes to their own growth but also contributes to the growth of the company through completing the projects of the clients within time. Commitment and focus are highlighted by punctuality. An employee must be there on time in case of a meeting. It is observed a punctual employee respect their co-employees. Punctuality helps an employee to understand their co-workers. Collaboration influences teamwork significantly. Operational efficiency makes each department depending on the other. Any delay by a department can delay the whole process.


The habit of punctuality must be inculcated in order to work efficiently. However, it is difficult for an adult person to develop punctuality in a short time. It can be achieved with the help of the advice of an assignment expert. The time management technique can be adopted to boost productivity. Therefore, it will enable a person to prioritize tasks depending on the importance and urgency. Punctuality enables a person to avoid procrastination, which is detrimental to growth and development. It also increases the focus on the task at hand.


The civilized world needs more punctual persons to boost productivity. This attribute is appreciable for making performance better. A person can easily make their work-life balance with the help of punctuality (Sana, Siddiqui and Arain 2019). Punctuality gives power to the individual. It makes the personality of an individual stronger. It develops a skill of farsightedness among the people to detect and control the problems that may occur in future. The situation can be adapted easily and effectively with the help of proper time management. The competency of a person also highly depends on punctuality. The value of a person also enhanced due to punctuality. The competitive environment of the world demands punctuality. It helps the individual to get benefits in all aspects of life. A positive impression on society can be created by a punctual person.


The value of time is undeniable in one person’s life. In addition to this, punctuality makes people capable of valuing time (Srinivas 2020). It is one of the essential aspects to grow and develop in life. It will lower the time wastage. It helps in making an effective decision for punctual people. Punctuality enables a person to manage the household and outside works. Punctuality also makes the life of a student better. Responsibility and disciple are equally important for a student to shine in life, which can be achieved with the assistance of punctuality and disciple. Therefore, punctuality is vital for having a happy and healthy mind, which in turn makes the body healthy as well as happy. For else academic writing services help you can visit that provides you plagiarism-free services.



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