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A Guide to Water Conservation - Saving Water and the Earth


Save Water Save Earth

In the overall solar system, the earth is the only planet that is known to have water resources around the globe. Most parts of this planet are covered with water and are called the blue planet also. Most living organisms which are present within this planet are dependent upon water to survive and it is due to the existence of seawater and freshwater. Humans depend upon water as the human body includes 70 percent of water. The problem is even though there is so much water on this planet; however, a small portion of this only is deemed drinkable and this has become important in saving and conserving water resources. With the population's increasing rate, demand is increasing also. However, the water supply is decreasing and such imbalance might be critical for the survival of humans.

Several natural resources are provided by other nature for making the lives of people comfortable. Natural resources like fuel, air, plants, water, coal, minerals, and wood are provided by mother nature. However, for the longest period, these resources are being destroyed by humans and overusing these to extent that depletion might be soon. Natural resources have provided people much to live and also have made the lives of people more comfortable. With such resources, several advancements could be made in technology for finding viable ways for using such resources, such that they would get exhausted quickly. Water is as crucial as air and is vital for the survival of humans. Every life form which is present on this planet could survive with the use of water like human beings, animals, insects, and plants need water to consume. Water could be used for several purposes such as cooking, washing, and cleaning. Fresh water and portable water are necessary for the use and survival of humans.

Save Water Save Earth Summary

Over years, several water resources are destroyed and it is due to global warming and the increasing population. All must be aware of water’s importance and learning ways for conserving this. Over the last few decades, water pollution is really bad and it is due to technology's advancement and increasing population. Hence, this is crucial in saving water as these are non-renewable resources and this is tough to come by. Over these years, resources of water are used so much that this has become quite tough to come by and it is due to the constant rate by which this is being used and destroyed. There exist several factors which affect water consumption and a major factor is the need for the survival of people. It is said that humans could go a maximum of 5 days only without water. Everyone must participate actively to use water effectively and not misuse this, such that shortage of water could be avoided. Several developed cities all over the globe are facing water shortage and it is due to constant misuse of water over these years. In several big cities, there is the use of so much groundwater, so if more is dug deeper, this could create big problems in the ground system and could cause several earthquakes as there would be much imbalance. Also, several countries have an abundant supply of water that could serve people and they should start using water carefully to not creating shortages in the future.

Water scarcity is due to contamination of soil of groundwater and acid rainfall due to air pollution which is present. Since urbanization and industrialization, there are several issues related to water’s scarcity, other development of land has contaminated also groundwater over last few decades. There are several benefits of water and this is quite crucial for the survival of every creature on this planet, which includes plants and trees. This plays quite a crucial role also in agriculture like farming and investing. This is an essential element in industrial sectors. Since the rise of pollution, this has created an increase in global warming and has created massive issues in scarcity of water. In these unprecedented times, this has now become of huge importance in making people aware of such issues that water' overuse causes. People should understand the importance of water conservation and the need to save water. The problem of accessing pure water is going to create catastrophic issues all over the globe. The planet is being used constantly for several resources and this is quite essential to learn to save and conserve these resources in quite a timely manner. Rainwater harvesting and saving this could help people in the future. Conservation of groundwater is essential also and this should be used quite carefully. More ways should be found for stopping pollution, such that this does not get contaminated further. With the use of groundwater conservation, groundwater could be stored and used more effectively in the future.

Saving water could result in a reduction of drought all over the globe. Also, groundwater levels could remain less or more sufficient and there might be no storage. It would increase the chances of animal species' survival significantly. Living beings could benefit greatly as a suitable amount of water would be available for them to drink. Many species’ extinction might be prevented also. It is due to such species would not need to suffer or struggle for finding water. Reducing the usage of water would help certainly in energy conservation. Energy is needed for processing and delivering water to homes, farms, and other places. When there is the use of energy for processing water, there is the production of huge pollution. Due to lesser usage of water, lesser energy would be used that in turn could lead to lesser pollution. Another crucial benefit to save water is to prevent desertification. Water's abundance would mean more plant and tree cover. It is due to the reason that water is needed by plants for survival. Due to water’s deficiency, several trees and plants would end dying. Saving water could help to eliminate desertification and return the green cover of this planet. Water is crucial for this planet and significant damage is made already to the environment. Humans are quite reckless when this is about valuing water. This is time that humans realize the imminent danger of wasting water. One way to save water might be beneficial for this planet and would be the prevention of this desertification.

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