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What Is A 5 Paragraph Essay?

5 paragraph essay

As the name suggests, a five-paragraph essay is a pattern of academic write-up that comprises one introductory paragraph, three main paragraphs, and one concluding paragraph. In the three body paragraphs, you have to give your perspectives relating to the subject with adequate evidence. Since it comprises five layers, a 5 paragraph essay is also termed a hamburger essay.


What Are The Different Types Of 5 Paragraph Essays?

A five-paragraph essay can be any of the following:

Expository: The objective of an expository essay is to highlight unbiased opinions on a subject. It is the most common type of essay given in high school and college exams.
Descriptive: According to experienced essay help experts, the goal of a descriptive essay is to describe a place, a person, an object, an event, or anything else. Crafting a descriptive essay is easier than other essay types.
Argumentative: An argumentative essay demands a rigorous investigation of a topic that further leads to collecting and assessing the evidence. However, you need to have an established position on the subject while presenting all these aspects.
Narrative: The pattern of a narrative essay is more like a story. It can be emotional, anecdotal, moving, or insightful. It’s always advisable to use first-person pronouns while writing a narrative essay. Here, creativity on your part is appreciated in every sense. If you lack creativity, hire an expert who can 'do my essay’ before the deadline.
Persuasive: It is the opposite of expository writing. Your viewpoint will be the focus of this essay style. A persuasive five-paragraph essay aims to persuade the audience to develop a stance regarding a particular opinion.

Next up, you will find an example of a 5 paragraph essay.

How to Write a 5-Paragraph Essay?

If you struggle to write a five-paragraph essay, the tips below from experts offering essay assignment help will come to your aid.

  • Select a subject: You might already have a list of subjects. If you have to choose a topic, consider one that can support a guiding thesis and three supporting pieces of facts, and more importantly, each of which can support its paragraph.
  • Conduct research: After picking the subject, you have to delve deeper into the world of research. It will help you gain access to relevant information. You can also gain insights regarding the topic in this phase.
  • Come up with your thesis statement: After that, your focus will be to create a 100% unique thesis statement that goes well with the five-paragraph proposal essay topic. Stating something irrelevant in this statement won’t be granted under any circumstances.
  • Devise an essay outline: It is integral to the essay writing process. Framing an outline also makes your task simpler. If you face any difficulties while creating an essay outline, connect with essay help experts to get the necessary insights. Whether you are writing a five-paragraph essay or a dissertation, an outline is an excellent place to start. The perfect outline for a 5 paragraph essay comprises:
  1. Introductory paragraph: Here, you jot down your thesis.
  2. Initial body paragraph: Identify a critical idea that supports your thesis.
  3. Second body paragraph: Pick a second idea that gives a solid base to your thesis.
  4. Third body paragraph: Detect a third idea that is aligned with your thesis.
  5. Conclusion paragraph: Now, your task is to connect the dots from the previous three sections to highlight how you proved your thesis. However, you shouldn't present any new ideas in the conclusion as they will be off track.
  • Craft your essay: Now that you know the ideas to be highlighted in each paragraph, the time has come to fill in the blanks and put the supporting information. Next, try to execute the 5 paragraph essay according to the outline.
  • Edit and proofread your essay: The last step is to check for errors in your write-up. It can be grammatical mistakes, punctuation errors, syntactical mistakes, inconsistencies in sentence structure, etc.
  • Submit the essay: When you are done with proofreading and editing, you can expect to have a strong composition in hand. So, submit it without giving a second thought.

Knowing what to write in the essay isn't going to be enough. You must also know how to structure the piece. Read on to learn more about that.

5 Paragraph Essay Format and Structure

The format of a five-paragraph essay is stated below:

a) Introduction: This is where you write your thesis statement.

b) First body paragraph: Identify a key point supporting your thesis in the first body paragraph.

c) Second body paragraph: Choose a second notion that strengthens your thesis.

d) Third body paragraph: Find a third subject related to your thesis in the third body paragraph.

e) Ending paragraph: Now, you must align the dots from the previous three paragraphs to show the significance of your thesis. Also, remember not to give any new ideas in conclusion.

5 Paragraph Essay Outline

It’s always advisable to create an outline before writing a 5 paragraph essay. Besides simplifying the task, it also gives a smooth flow to your content, enabling readers to understand the topic and the happenings in each paragraph. If you buy essays from experts, you can easily understand the subtle differences in writing approaches in every paragraph.

A 5 paragraph essay comprises three crucial parts, namely, introduction, body, and conclusion. The introductory paragraph serves several purposes while gaining the attention of readers. When it comes to writing body paragraphs, always use a transition word or phrase in the beginning. The first sentence of your body paragraph should continue with the topic sentence. Then, you have to state the supporting sentences in the rest of the sections. If you want to make a point that is not directly connected to your thesis statement, you can make a separate paragraph in that case. As the term suggests, the concluding section gives your essay a perfect closure. So, while writing the conclusion, ensure to do the summation of the essay content. It will remind the readers of the basic ideas presented in the essay.

Now that you know a 5 paragraph essay is just another essay type, you have to be specific while dealing with a topic. Go through the above blog and get an overall idea of five-paragraph essays and what you need to do to implement the same in your paper.

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