Argumentative Essay Topics

Top 50 Awesome Argumentative Essay Topics To Help You

Top 50 Argumentative Essay Topics to Help You


Argumentative essay topics selection can be a very difficult job for you. This is because, this type of essay are not similar to the other forms and involves a lot of formats, ideas, and other explanations. While choosing the topics, the student may get confused in various steps and it can give rise to dilemmas. Therefore, it is better to get a list of some suitable topics on which they can work and nail their academic papers.

In an argumentative essay, students need to come up with new ideas along with proper supporting evidence for the same. It is not about only writing the essay, but also about forming a proper argumentative essay outline. There should be visions, explanations and also other facts to make it relevant and worthy. Thorough research and understanding is required to write an argumentative essay.

Take a look at the top 50 amazing argumentative essay topic to avail a good grip on the work. The entire convenient topic has been mentioned on the list so that you do not face any difficulty in working on any of them.

50 good argumentative essay topics to work on

  1. How to manage to be a creative man- pros and cons
  2. How smoking can cause a drastic effect on your health?
  3. Should alcohol be prohibited all over the country?
  4. How the family gets together is important for relationships?
  5. Should education be free and accessible for all?
  6. How digital media is becoming a boon in marketing?
  7. Pros and cons of technological up-gradation
  8. How mobile phones can affect children’s life?
  9. Is finding new friends in social media a trend or depression?
  10. How to be safe on social media?
  11. What is a popular form of art and why?
  12. How music can heal a depressed mind?
  13. How to tackle the financial crisis of a nation?
  14. What is the role of government in handling crimes?
  15. How to make people happy in just a few minutes?
  16. Why politics is always termed as ‘dirty’ by certain people?
  17. Why students compulsorily wear school uniforms?
  18. Why abortion is one of the unethical crimes?
  19. How a robot can replace humans in the near future?
  20. Is True love a reality or a myth?
  21. How soft skills development can improve your personality?
  22. How television is still important in this age of new media?
  23. How education is commercialized in this globalized world?
  24. How physical education is equally as important as other subjects?
  25. How teenagers can maintain a healthy diet?
  26. How swimming can be the best type of sports?
  27. How to make your parents happy?
  28. What is the suitable age to get the right to vote?
  29. How to get rid of unnecessary anxiety?
  30. How being responsible is important?
  31. How motivation can help a person to develop?
  32. How to make a person liberal with proper mental therapy?
  33. Why being skeptical is harmful to relationships?
  34. Pros and cons of globalization?
  35. Is it a born talent to be a politician?
  36. Is CIS is better than USSR?
  37. How technology is important in education?
  38. Is humanity is evaporating under the canopy of technology?
  39. How much censorship is needed is on the internet?
  40. How medical help is needed in every institution?
  41. How cross-cultural marriages add up to racial tolerance?
  42. How unemployment can lead to poor financial condition?
  43. What should be the role of partners in every relationship?
  44. How superman movies can affect children?
  45. Is fantasy a real needed thing in everyone’s life?
  46. How cinematography is important in every single film?
  47. Describe the evolution of films?
  48. Can a chip control human minds just like robots?
  49. How to get rid of the vicious people in life?
  50. How children have become addicted to video games?

These are the top-most topic with which you can easily choose for argumentative essay examples. However, apart from these, there are other ideas and explanations too which you can select to move ahead and explore. Now, it is important to understand how the work should be done. Thus, have a look to know the systematic approach of moving ahead with the topic.

How to prepare the argumentative essay outline?

An argumentative essay needs a proper outline. The main reason behind it is that when you want to discuss an argument, you have to be clear about your own ideas. Thus, an outline of the essay is a must. Before knowing about how to write an argumentative essay after choosing from the argumentative essay topics, you need to prepare the outline compulsorily.

There are three vital steps that you should follow while writing the outline.

  • Choosing the topic: - You have to choose a convenient topic where you can raise a proper argument and provide a suitable explanation for it. Thus, in the argumentative essay outline, you have to write about the topic first. 
  • Deciding the purpose: - As argumentative essay topics deal with highlighting a new idea against an existing one, the purpose is very much important. In the outline, you have to discuss the purpose that you want to set with the essay. 
  • Establishing the hypothesis: - When you choose to find out a counter-argument, you have to choose a hypothesis for the same. Thus, when you try to write the essay, the accomplishment you want to achieve is clear to the readers. 

By following these simple three steps, you can easily create your paper outline with the help of essay writers and then eventually start writing the paper.

What is the systematic approach to writing the article?

After you choose a good argumentative essay topic from the list and prepare the outline, you have to delve into the writing part. For that too, you have to choose a proper way out.

  • Collect relevant data for the argument: - As you have chosen the counter-argument of the topic, you have to collect proper evidence and supporting statements. When you write the body part of the essay, you have to highlight the supporting evidence for the argument. Therefore, you have to collect the data wisely.
  • Interpretation and analysis: - You can check samples or argumentative essay examples for your topic. You will get to know that it is not about only interpreting the existing fact. In every single argument, you have to highlight a point of your own. You need to make it clear that what you are aiming to establish in this essay. 
  • Achieving the hypothesis:- In the conclusion part of the essay you have to prove that the hypothesis chosen in the outline of the essay has been achieved. If you fail to achieve the hypothesis, the whole effort will be in vain. 

These methods can help you to create a flawless argumentative essay. Do not get panicked and just follow the steps described here.

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