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Argumentative Essay Topics For Student- Expert Guide

Argumentative Essay Topics

The entire objective of argumentative essays is to take a stance for or against a topic and share views supported with proper evidence. So, when you are asked to write one, it is crucial to learn the correct methods. In this blog, we will take you through the various aspects of argumentative essays and a list of trending essay topic.

Let’s get started!

What is an Argumentative Essay?

Argumentative essays aim to dig deep into a topic, find, evaluate, and take a stance for or against the topic.

Unlike persuasive essays, argumentative essays completely depend on fact-based evidence and unquestionable logic. Also, when it comes to fact-based writing, students often confuse these essays with expository essays. You need to understand that expository essays present both sides of arguments, while argumentative topics consider one point of view as correct.

With that in mind, let's move on to the next section and learn how to select a good topic for argumentative essays.

Criteria for Selecting a Good Argumentative Essay Topic

The topic is the most crucial element for essays. You cannot afford to make any mistakes while choosing a topic. Here’s how you can choose a good one:

  • Choose a topic you are passionate about

You certainly cannot argue on a topic you are not interested in. Hence, the first step is to choose a topic you are interested in. It will be easy to argue for or against the topic if you have a perspective of your own.

  • Relevance and significance

You cannot choose a topic that no one cares about. For example, if you have chosen a topic explaining the advantages of broadcasting channels in the age of OTT, you will not get an audience. So, understand if the topic can add any value before zeroing in on one.

  • Controversy and debate

Do you think that the essay has room for enough debate in the future? If yes, you are on the right track. Argumentative essays must pave the way for more research and debate. You cannot choose a topic that has been talked about multiple times. Topics like 'Parents must limit screen time for kids’ can be a strongly debatable topic.

  • Availability of evidence and research

Argumentative essays depend on strong evidence. So, you need to ensure that there is enough information on the topic you chose. Check the internet, ask your professor, and understand if you are on the right track. If evidence is readily available, it will also be easy for you to write the piece.

  • Audience engagement and interest

You need to understand your target audience when you select a topic. It is important to know if the essay can grab readers’ attention. Also, the facts you plan to state must be interesting enough for readers.

It is important to know about the structure of an argumentative essay before working on one. You can always find a Professional essay writer at AllEssayWriter writing services.

Structure of Argumentative Essay

What is an argumentative essay format? Is it different from other essays? While the basic structure remains the same, it is crucial to know how you present the write-up.

  • Introduction

To grab the readers’ attention right at the start, begin with staggering facts and statistics. That way, the readers get inclined to read the entire essay. Also, ensure to talk about the topic and give your audience a brief idea about the discussion.

  • Presentation of the argument

In the next section, state your stance clearly. You cannot leave your readers hanging with neutral views. If you are against the motion, consider stating that clearly before you move on to the next section.

  • Supporting arguments

To convince your audience, use supporting arguments or data. Include them in the body paragraphs. Make sure the data is appropriate for the topic and adds value to it.

  • Counterarguments and rebuttal

Ensure that your argumentative essay is not aggressive in nature by adding the counterarguments that might follow after you end the discussion. Try to answer all counterarguments logically to strengthen your perspective.

  • Conclusion

Sum up everything in this section. You must also revisit your thesis statement and the main points you have discussed in the essay. Don’t pass a verdict. Instead, try to give room for further discussion on the topic.

If you can fit in all your points following the above argumentative essay structure, you can be assured of bagging the best grades. Yet, there are a few who struggle to craft a perfect essay. The following section will help you get familiar with the key elements of an argumentative topics.

Key Elements of Argumentative Essay

The following are the key elements of argumentative essays:

  • Thesis statement

You need to ensure that the essay has a clear thesis statement. It is crucial for the readers to understand what the discussion is all about. A thesis statement aims to give a direction to the readers and help you put across the main point of discussion.

  • Research and evidence

Your essay will not be strong enough without proper evidence. It is crucial to conduct extensive research and find information on the topic. You cannot support or oppose a topic without any valid grounds. Hence, find data supporting your point of view.

  • Counterarguments

It is crucial to consider the counterarguments and refute them in your essay. You can’t go on saying you are right without considering the opposing arguments. Refuting counterarguments strengthens your point and helps you make an impact.

  • Logical organization

Maintaining a logical flow in the essay is crucial. Many of you have a lot to talk about and fail to organize them properly. It is highly recommended that you create an outline distributing all the points properly to maintain a logical flow of information.

  • Use of persuasive techniques

Argumentative essays solely rely on facts. But when you make your point after stating a piece of information, you need to use some persuasive techniques. However, do not mistake it for persuasive essays. Here, you need to be careful with your word choice and support it with proper data.

  • Conclusion

You need to end the essay on the right note. The conclusion must not have any new points. Make sure to summarize all the points in this section. Also, remind the readers about the main points you have discussed when you end the essay.

What Makes a Good Argumentative Essay?

I was sure if getting good scores for argumentative essay. But I don’t know why my professor deducted a lot of marks.’

This is a common scenario among students. While they feel they have the best piece, they fail to understand why they did not get the best grades. The grades do not depend only on your arguments. There are a few more things that make an essay good enough. The argumentative essay needs to be:

  • Well-researched
  • Accurate
  • Detailed
  • Carry current information

All these add value to argumentative topics. So, before you complain about not scoring well, check if your essay has all these elements.

How to write an argument

Examples of 300+ Topics For Argumentative Essay 

Finding the best argumentative essay topics has always been a tough job. So, to ease your problems, here are 300+ interesting argumentative topics:

Argumentative Essay Topics for Grade 6

  1. Schools should allow cell phones: Do you agree?
  2. Arguing on whether exotic animals should be kept in zoo
  3. Do you agree to harsher punishments for bullies?
  4. Specific anti-discrimination laws cause more harm to society
  5. Should students have homework for weekends?
  6. Do you feel governments can dictate what students get for school lunch?
  7. Physical education should be made compulsory in schools
  8. Plastic should be banned: Do you agree?
  9. Should students be allowed to have limits on access to the internet?

Argumentative Essay Topics for 7th Graders

  1. Do you think students get the opportunity to evaluate their teachers?
  2. Making friends virtually is not a good thing
  3. The rich must pay more taxes than the poor: Do you agree?
  4. Do you think free meals should be provided by schools?
  5. Social media plays a major role in today’s education: Do you agree?
  6. What do you think about the compulsory classes in schools? Are they necessary?
  7. Do you feel all students should get access to laptops in the classroom?
  8. Technology is harming the traditional education system: What do you feel?
  9. What’s your take on the importance of after-school activities?
  10. Do you think standardized tests can measure a student’s progress accurately?

Argumentative Essay Topics for High School

  1. Homeschooling vs. public schooling: Which is better?
  2. Smartphones are shaping the learning process
  3. Understanding which is better of the two: Co-education or single-sex education?
  4. Do you think GMOs are safe for human consumption?
  5. What do you feel about fast food? Is it healthy or a serious threat?
  6. Teenagers are more comfortable talking over social media: Do you agree?
  7. Kids below the age of 18 must be allowed to get tattoos
  8. Understanding if standardized tests are beneficial for school students
  9. Do you feel the education system prepares a student to face the world outside?
  10. Gender equality is crucial for our society

Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Understanding if the current taxation system is effective or not
  2. Do you think Shakespeare should be a part of the college curriculum?
  3. College tuition fees are becoming too expensive
  4. Do you think test scores are the only way to understand a student’s competency?
  5. Understanding if the Electoral College system is viable in the US
  6. Finding the Best ways for gun control in the US
  7. The young generation does not understand the need for privacy on social networks
  8. Students face more social pressure now as compared to the past
  9. Modifying children to fight against diseases is unethical
  10. STEM programs need more gender diversity

Argumentative Essay Topics for University Students

  1. Mental health services should be made completely free of cost
  2. Income inequality is a major cause of capitalism
  3. Do you feel minimum wages must be increased in all countries?
  4. Understanding the impact of technology on mental health
  5. Universities must not charge students for taking classes: Do you feel the same?
  6. Governments must fund space explorations
  7. Debating whether religion should be taught in public schools
  8. Arguing over the necessity of animal experiments in medicine
  9. Do you feel that young students must join politics for a better democracy?
  10. Free speech promotes extremism in society: Argue for or against

 Topics for O Levels

  1. Government must regulate social media usage: What’s your take on it?
  2. Can the death penalty be an effective way to control crime?
  3. Online classes are replacing traditional classes in school
  4. Standardized tests are the best way to measure academic achievements
  5. Abortion should be legalized in all countries
  6. Understanding how celebrity role models have an impact on young people
  7. School uniforms must be made compulsory in all schools
  8. Governments across the globe must censor the internet
  9. Do you think GMO foods should be allowed in supermarkets?

What’s your opinion on free trade: Is it helping or harming the economy?

Argumentative Essay Topics for Students

  1. Understanding if wind farms are of any benefit to the environment and economy
  2. Do you feel climate change is a real threat?
  3. What’s your take on allowing people to wear fur of any kind?
  4. Do you think the United States is falling behind in terms of national education?
  5. A nation gets influenced by its leader: Do you agree?
  6. What do you feel about electoral colleges? Should they be abolished?
  7. Do you feel AI will harm the world in the future?
  8. Do you think parents can decide whether their children need medical treatment or not?
  9. A discussion on whether it is necessary for schools to offer art courses
  10. Do you feel all new cars should be electric?

Argumentative Essay Topics for Kids

  1. Commercials in kids' programs are unnecessary: Do you agree?
  2. Homework is a great way to learn for kids
  3. Do you agree to school all year?
  4. Do you agree to schools starting before eight o’clock in the morning?
  5. What is the best to read? Fiction or non-fiction?
  6. What do you think is the best for kids? Distance learning or to be in school?
  7. Do you feel eating dessert is good before dinner?
  8. Is it necessary for schools to include vegetables in lunch despite protests from students?
  9. Do you think hot dogs are not good for kids?
  10. Do you think kids change teachers every year or stick to one teacher?

Argumentative Essay Topics for Middle School

  1. Middle schoolers are overburdened with too much homework: Do you agree?
  2. Do you feel life is more challenging now than in the past?
  3. Who is your favorite musical artist, and why?
  4. Should kids be allowed to read grown-up books, or must they stick to age-appropriate books?
  5. What do you think is better? An hour of reading or an hour of exercise?
  6. Which is better of the two? Online classes or traditional classrooms
  7. Do you think grading in movies is necessary?
  8. Discussing which is better, walking to school or taking the bus
  9. Do you think cyberbullying is as harmful as in-person bullying?
  10. Do you feel violent video games are harmful?

Argumentative Essay Topics for Elementary School

  1. Teachers influence a child’s personality
  2. Do you feel cheating in homework has more advantages than disadvantages?
  3. Understanding the reasons kids should not be allowed to play video games for a long time
  4. Do you think there must be a limit to sweets consumption for kids?
  5. Is it necessary to ban people from smoking in public places?
  6. Understanding the reasons children love holidays
  7. Is it necessary for students to write tests and exams?
  8. Do you feel students have to spend a lot of time in school?
  9. Is it necessary for schools to expel deviant students?
  10. Do you think computer games must be based on classroom training?

Argumentative Essay Topics for Science

  1. Do you think cloning animals is ethical?
  2. What's your take on law enforcement allowing the use of DNA for profiling? Is it ethical?
  3. Do you think humans should be allowed to do medical research on animals?
  4. Do you think vaccines are major causes of autism?
  5. Vaccines are not necessary
  6. Do you think the number of children a person should have been limited?
  7. Do you feel alternative energy is an effective substitute for fossil fuels?
  8. Human activity is a major reason for climate change: Do you agree?
  9. What’s your take on marijuana being used for the purpose of medicine?
  10. Using cells from a deceased person without permission is unethical

Argumentative Essay Topics for Environmental

  1. Everyone has a major role to play in fighting climate change
  2. Is it necessary for governments to establish strict environmental regulations?
  3. Do you think renewable energy is the future of the earth?
  4. What’s your take on plastic waste? Are they destroying our oceans?
  5. Corporations should be held responsible for the adverse effects on the environment
  6. Climate change can be solved using geo-engineering
  7. Nuclear energy can be the best option for a sustainable future: Argue for or against
  8. Is International Cooperation doing its part in addressing global environmental issues?
  9. Gas emissions are having a negative impact on the environment
  10. Nuclear power should not be used as an energy source

Argumentative Essay Topics for Economic

  1. Hosting the Olympics is a waste of money: Do you agree?
  2. Do you feel there must be a living wage for all workers?
  3. Canada must adopt the system of Universal Basic Income: Do you agree?
  4. Is it true that the ‘gig economy’ is responsible for exploiting workers?
  5. Arguing if globalization is harming or helping developing countries
  6. Do you think governments must take the initiative to regulate monopolies?
  7. Is it necessary for governments to offer free healthcare facilities to all citizens?
  8. Understanding if the government must intervene and take care of the BC housing market
  9. Do you feel MNCs are helping the host countries?
  10. Arguing if Brexit was a good decision for Britain

Argumentative Essay Topics for Entrepreneurship

  1. A high pay scale is a better motivation than anything else
  2. Entrepreneurs working in service-oriented businesses must work on being more democratic
  3. Learning, self-improvement, and self-awareness are crucial things for developing leadership skills
  4. A good marketing strategy is the key to a good business
  5. Having an MBA degree can lead to a successful entrepreneurship career
  6. Innovation is one of the major elements that make leaders different from others
  7. Star-ups must focus on building a team with experienced individuals
  8. Entrepreneurs must refrain from using multi-level marketing techniques
  9. Customer service is a crucial element for start-ups
  10. Governments must take the initiative to control investment in start-ups

Argumentative Essay Topics for Animals

  1. Do you feel it is ethical to test on animals?
  2. Animals do not deserve to be abused
  3. Animals are not fed well in zoos: Do you agree?
  4. Do you feel tigers are on the verge of extinction?
  5. Eating animals should not be allowed
  6. Do you think elephant back safari should be allowed?
  7. Having a pet dog will change your life
  8. Boycotting animal products is the only way to fight industries
  9. Do you feel everyone should take the initiative to save snow leopards?
  10. Protecting all animals in the world is impossible: Do you agree?

Argumentative Essay Topics for School

  1. Do you feel schools should allow religious clubs led by students?
  2. A Pledge of Allegiance is necessary for students in schools
  3. Is it necessary to have a grading system for physical education?
  4. Do you feel students who cheat must be punished?
  5. Arguing that schools must limit the use of computers and various other technology by students
  6. Do you feel homework must be abolished in schools?
  7. Sports do not affect academic performance: Do you agree?
  8. Is it necessary for students in middle and high school to work part-time?
  9. Do you feel parents must be held responsible if their children skip school?
  10. Is it necessary to ban certain books in school libraries?

Argumentative Topics for Vehicles

  1. Is riding a dirt bike safe?
  2. Which is your best car before 2000 and why?
  3. Arguing over the ways one can Boost Engine Power
  4. Which one is better? The present horsepower or the past
  5. Cars cannot run forever: Do you agree?
  6. Buying a car is better than leasing one: Do you agree?
  7. Why do you prefer muscle cars over other cars?
  8. Gas or electricity: Which is the better option for cars?
  9. The original Top Gear is better than the new one
  10. Breath analyzers are important for all cars

Argumentative Essay Topics for Social Media

  1. Understanding if social media is adding any value
  2. Social media is a great way to enhance a lot of skills
  3. Social media does not have a good effect on the young generation
  4. Education has benefitted from social media
  5. Social media is responsible for the rise of cyberbullying
  6. Businesses highly depend on social media
  7. Everyone is addicted to social media
  8. Real-life communication is being impacted by social media
  9. Social media is promoting unhealthy lifestyles
  10. Everyone needs special training to use social media

Argumentative Essay Topics for American History

  1. Identifying the reasons for the conflict between Native Americans and colonists
  2. The Mormon's opposition was necessary
  3. Mormons had a positive impact on the development of American society
  4. The USA played a major role in the First World War: Do you agree?
  5. The Pearl Harbor attack pushed the US to join the Second World War
  6. The Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings were not justified
  7. The Korean War was necessary for the United States: Do you agree?
  8. The Americans proved the Mexican word
  9. The Vietnam invasion by the US was not justified
  10. Puritans had a massive influence on American society

Argumentative Essay Topics for Mental Health

  1. Mental health affects our everyday life
  2. Stigmatization of psychological illness must be minimized
  3. Mental illness is not common among the LGBT community
  4. Teenage depression needs to be tackled properly
  5. Mental health programs are important in developing countries
  6. Cognitive illness is a social issue: Do you agree?
  7. Understanding the subconscious mind and self-knowledge is important
  8. Parenting and antisocial personality disorder are related to each other
  9. Eating disorders are an adverse effect of social media
  10. Mental disorder is an after-effect of child abuse

Argumentative Essay Topics for Social Issues

  1. Ageism is the new racism: Do you agree?
  2. Convicts are still punished even after they complete their serving time
  3. Labor laws are unfair: Do you agree?
  4. Domestic violence towards men is not talked about
  5. Poverty-based discrimination in society is on the rise
  6. The recovering addicts are victims of social injustice
  7. Arabs and Middle Easterners are victims of discrimination
  8. Health care is not taken seriously
  9. Fat shaming in the job market is on the rise
  10. Pregnant women face a lot of discrimination

Argumentative Essay Topics for Controversial

  1. Media should not run religious jokes
  2. Modern confession ceremonies should be kept private
  3. Priests must be responsible for reporting crimes
  4. Schools must not promote religious education
  5. Religious colleges are better than standard ones: Do you agree?
  6. Nurses deserve more payment for the emotional stress
  7. Healthcare specialists must be allowed to use force to protect themselves
  8. Euthanasia must be banned
  9. Marijuana must not be allowed for personal use
  10. It is hard to control cyber bullying

Argumentative Essay Topics for Music

  1. Music affects the human mind
  2. Music in psychology is important
  3. Classical music affects cognitive abilities
  4. Stroke patients can recover with music therapy
  5. Modern technology has an adverse effect on music
  6. Poetry and music are related to each other
  7. Music plays a major role in the field of neuroscience
  8. School musicals are important for students
  9. Singing to a person can be beneficial
  10. All cultures must accept all forms of music

Argumentative Essay Topics for Technology

  1. AI can be harmful to people
  2. Governments must put control on technology development
  3. Cloning in technology should not be allowed
  4. Technological Brave New World is inevitable with the development of technology
  5. Genetic engineering should not be allowed
  6. The Internet will become obsolete one day
  7. Governments must invest in space studies
  8. Technology has a major role in developing modern medicine
  9. Computers will kick doctors out of their jobs one day: Do you agree?
  10. The medical industry must invest in cognitive computing

Argumentative  Topics for Government

  1. War has always been a political decision: Do you agree?
  2. A politician should be merciful: Argue for or against
  3. Your country is following the right path
  4. People’s privacy is not greater than national security
  5. Presidential republics are better than parliamentary republics
  6. War or diplomacy, what do you think is better?
  7. Overcoming corruption completely is not possible
  8. Revolutions can cause more harm than good
  9. Nuclear weapons are crucial for countries in the 21stcentury
  10. America must build the wall

Argumentative Essay Topics for Health

  1. A flu shot is effective
  2. The need for alternative medicine to cure cancer
  3. Hospital birth is better than home birth
  4. Aromatherapy oil is the best to reduce stress and anxiety
  5. Taking vitamin C supplements is dangerous while you are on antibiotics
  6. Doctors should not be allowed to deny treatment on religious or moral grounds
  7. The doctor's confidentiality promise is time-sensitive
  8. What's your take on the use and abuse of prescription drugs among celebrities and athletes?
  9. People should be held responsible for the consumption of drugs and alcohol
  10. Governments should not be allowed to use prisoners’ organs who are on death row

Argumentative Essay Topics on Education

  1. Parents must actively participate in their child’s education
  2. The grading system must not act as a parameter to judge a student's abilities
  3. Technology is advantageous for the education system
  4. Students must learn at least one foreign language
  5. Schools must have the right to test students for drug consumption
  6. Girls must be encouraged to take part in sports
  7. There must be a uniform language in the world
  8. A successful life does not depend only on hard work
  9. Teachers must have the right to use force to discipline students
  10. The US education system needs to change rapidly

Argumentative Essay Topics for Ethics

  1. The notion of free will should be reconsidered
  2. Belief in God can change a person
  3. Do you agree with the concept of utilitarianism?
  4. Culture or society has a great influence on morals
  5. Moral facts do not exist
  6. Philosophers should be invited to work on the future of technological development
  7. The level of education is directly related to morality
  8. Personal use of drugs is legal: Do you agree?
  9. Charity is a moral obligation: Do you agree?
  10. The issue of hunger must be addressed by all developed countries

Argumentative Essay Topics for Religion

  1. Atheist groups will come to an end in the future
  2. Catholic priests must be allowed to marry
  3. Freedom of worship is a necessity throughout the world
  4. Christians follow the Bible’s instructions religiously
  5. Behavior is important in understanding one's religious beliefs
  6. One who prays often is better than the one who has some good deeds: Do you agree?
  7. People should not be allowed to change their religion at their convenience
  8. Praying in public should be reintroduced
  9. Removal of religious activities is causing an increase in moral decay in schools
  10. Priests play a major role in the promotion of good moral standards in society

Argumentative Essay Topics for Society and Culture

  1. Borrowing elements from different cultures should be celebrated
  2. Embracing global influences can help preserve traditional cultures
  3. Change is necessary for shaping societal expectations influenced by cultural expectations
  4. Immigrants must embrace the culture of the country they are living in
  5. Language has a massive influence on the American culture
  6. Contemporary culture is heavily influenced by male divine aspects
  7. The Harry Potter series has had a massive influence on the people of the US
  8. Sporting activities are a great way to bring together people from different culture
  9. Gender equality is influencing the change in the cultural environment
  10. Society’s moral compass is heavily influenced by culture

Argumentative Topics for History

  1. The First World War had a massive influence on the social status of women
  2. Women played a major role in the American Civil War
  3. American society and the superiority of the Whites
  4. The British were responsible for the defeat of Germany in the Second World War
  5. The progress during the 18th and 19th century can be attributed to the Industrial Revolution
  6. British colonization had an adverse effect on Kenya
  7. Religion is responsible for the change in the modern world
  8. The Civil War improved the condition of the US
  9. Britain’s participation in the Civil War was not justified
  10. The Civil War was a result of economic and moral concerns

Abortion Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Women should be allowed to decide on abortion
  2. Abortion is unethical
  3. Abortion leads to severe health risks
  4. Abortion is a public issue
  5. The moral status of abortion
  6. Abortion must be considered a political issue
  7. Abortion has more disadvantages
  8. Governments must take action to control illegal abortion
  9. Abortion is considered a crime in societies
  10. The United States and the issue of abortion

Baseball Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Cheating should be controlled in the game of baseball
  2. Baseball has a global impact
  3. Baseball provides a good way to illustrate economic principles
  4. Is it necessary to display advertisements in baseball stadiums?
  5. Major league baseball is getting affected by anabolic steroids
  6. The American Civil War had an impact on baseball
  7. Baseball is the best game to watch
  8. Baseball players must get proper benefits
  9. African Americans helped shape the game of baseball
  10. Baseball affected Cuba massively in the Mid-20thcentury

Sport Argumentative Topics

  1. Football is a violent sport for children
  2. Betting on sports is unethical
  3. Banning extreme sports is essential
  4. Players’ jerseys should not display ads
  5. Countries hosting World Cups face adverse consequences after the event
  6. Two good teams can also have a boring game
  7. College football playoffs are better than BCS
  8. Women should be allowed to play for the NFL
  9. Football and rugby are not different from each other
  10. There is no relevance to the Olympic games anymore

Basketball Argumentative Topics

  1. The basketball rim needs to be raised: Do you agree?
  2. Complicated goals must be given more points
  3. The present NBA games are better than the ones in the past
  4. A stricter dress code is necessary for the NBA
  5. NBA teams should be allowed to relocate at their convenience
  6. Basketball championships are not the best way to evaluate a player’s proficiency
  7. Basketball is the most ‘athletic’ kind of sport
  8. The rules of basketball are different in the US and Europe
  9. The 24-second clock impacts the game of basketball
  10. Advanced metrics help teams formulate their strategies

Soccer Argumentative Topics

  1. Soccer has been made fair with the implementation of goal-line technology
  2. Hiring players for national teams from other countries is unreasonable
  3. Violent confrontation among spectators is on the rise because of soccer
  4. Women’s soccer is not as popular as male soccer
  5. The match-fixing crisis is on the rise in association football
  6. Instant replay is not essential in soccer
  7. The salaries of soccer players are very high
  8. Extra time is not necessary for soccer
  9. Technology will transform soccer in the future
  10. The present FIFA rating methodology is unfair

Informative Essay Topics about Sports

  • Should men and women have equal rights in sports?
  • Can women be a part of a team play professionally made up of men?
  • Are designated hitters beneficial or detrimental to baseball?
  • Should dancers compete in the Olympics?
  • Should athletes who use steroids ever again be allowed to compete?
  • Should youths under the age of 18 be prohibited from playing contact football?
  • Does wearing a helmet increase the risk of injury in contact sports like football and hockey?

Final thoughts,

Argumentative essays are not difficult if you choose the right topic and understand all the elements. Here, we have covered all about argumentative essays. From the meaning, structure, and elements to some interesting and unique argumentative topics, you have it all in one place. Remember, the quality of your argumentative essay plays a pivotal role in academic success. So, if you're aiming for excellence, don't hesitate to explore options like buying argumentative essays from trusted sources From AllEssaywriter.

FAQs Related To Argumentative Essay

Q1. What do I write about an argumentative essay?

The argumentative is written to address misconceptions of the audience. The essay is typically based on facts and research questions, essay outlines, and debates exist. 

Q2. How do I start an argumentative essay?

You need first to describe the topic elaborately. Your audience must understand the motto of your essay. If it is about OCD sufferers, explain what it is and what it typically looks like. Give all the information they require to comprehend your topic.

Q3. How do I end such essays?

To conclude the essay perfectly, you must review all the primary points. Last but not least, reiterate your assertion why your response to the research question is the right one.

Q4. What exactly is a myth?

Something that most people falsely believe yet it is not true is a myth. For instance, when asked which one falls faster, many would choose a bowling ball over a feather. They do, however, genuinely come down at the same rate.

Q5. What is evidence in an argumentative essay topic?

The evidence is a primary asset of your essay that supports your claim. An essay also needs proper citations and references. So, for your argumentative essay, don't forget to cite the references to establish your evidence. 

Q6. How do I pick an appropriate topic for my essay?

Consider a misconception that you frequently correct others on or perhaps a humorous or surprising truth that no one would ever imagine. 

Consider proverbs and adages widely believed to be true despite the fact that no one has bothered to look for supporting documentation.

Q7. What if my essay doesn't have enough space?

Quotes, examples, and justifications – there is so much to cover in an essay. So, you need to verify if you have thoroughly justified your response to the research question. Try including quotes and examples to better support your key ideas if you've done that and it's still not long enough.

Q.8. How do argumentative essay examples strengthen my arguments?

Argumentative essay examples strengthen your arguments by providing tangible evidence and real-life instances that support your claims. They illustrate the practical application of your ideas, making your essay more persuasive and convincing to the readers.



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