Quantitative Research Topics

70+ Powerful Quantitative Research Topics to Score Top Grades


If you are aiming for good grades, you need to submit a well-written quantitative research paper. The quality of your research paper depends largely on the topic you choose. Owing to the grades that your paper carries, it is essential to select the topic very carefully. Keep reading for 70+ brilliant topics that will help you to write a quantitative paper that will fetch the best grades.

Apart from being interesting, a research topic should be of relevance. In addition, you should have access to online and offline material to write a paper that is informative and fetches the best grades. To give you a hand with the task of topic selection, let us get straight into the list of 70+ interesting quantitative research topics:

  1. What is the impact of social media on the purchase decision of customers in the fashion industry?
  2. How to promote gender equity in science education?
  3. Sexual abuse through harmful digital communication
  4. Can control noise promotes sleep in elderly people?
  5. The growing trend of Homeschooling - a quantitative research
  6. Occupation and income: the link between the two
  7. Can education cause obesity?
  8. How do arts, innovation, and entrepreneurship connect with each other in the workplace?
  9. Medical decisions by veterans and its impact on community reintegration
  10. Determine the effectiveness of a disaster-relief program
  11. The connection between economic growth and urbanization
  12. Crime statistics, immigration, and their relationship
  13. Volunteerism in Victoria
  14. The relation between the rate of crime and the rate of unemployment
  15. Stuff numbers against sales level for the tourism industry
  16. Australia’s limit in population size
  17. The connection between college education and future job satisfaction
  18. The effect of technology on communication
  19. How do siblings affect the development of social skills?
  20. The connection between children’s cognitive development and their nutrition
  21. Hate speech was given online- A survey among the adults of New Zealand
  22. Pension eligibility age, social policy, and the increase in life expectancy
  23. Cognitive-behavioral therapy for curing the Treatment-Resistant Depression in Primary care
  24. Benefits of a low carbohydrate diet in losing weight vs. the benefits of a high carbohydrate diet in losing weight
  25. The connection between fiscal decentralization and innovation
  26. The execution of peace agreements in the Civil Wars
  27. Impact of music on children
  28. Teachers and their perseverance
  29. Drinking behavior in a selected number of colleges
  30. Influence of Professional Learning Communities
  31. Is there any relationship between national happiness and materialism
  32. The use of online reading resources in a class of grade ten students to promote their use of multiple perspectives while writing responses to essays
  33. Cryptography development in the USSR
  34. Comparing and contrasting public security level
  35. Global warming is boosted by the Greenhouse effect- Truth or myth?
  36. Impact of solar electricity on the energy market
  37. Is there any relationship between independent living skills and the symptoms of psychiatric disorder?
  38. Definition of viability and scientific evidence for abortion
  39. Modern medical approaches vs. nutritional therapy
  40. Retirement pattern as revealed by the income tax records for the veterans
  41. Statistics of lies as found among the media, activists, and politicians
  42. A quantitative perspective about modeling
  43. Quantitative approaches in social work research
  44. Which quantitative methods are used by historians?
  45. Quantitative methodologies used in media and communication research
  46. How HIV/AIDS are treated in West Africa?
  47. How do mobile games, videos games, and electronic games affect teenagers’ social development
  48. Soviet propaganda posters and the graphics techniques used in it
  49. Unionisation and its impact on the distribution of employee earnings
  50. What biblical allusions are present therein modern literature
  51. Planning for college tuition
  52. Creating awareness about Cybercrime prevention
  53. Dissociative disorders that are the most dangerous
  54. How does one’s health condition gets affected by a sleep disorder
  55. The impact of smoking on mental health
  56. Potentials ways to lessen radioactive waste disposal
  57. Outsourcing services: Pros and cons
  58. How GPS system operates
  59. The effectiveness of the tools used in the international criminal law court
  60. The consequences of substance abuse
  61. A comparison between the workplace and social policies of Australia and America
  62. Is it necessary to have quantitative research papers in the Master’s degree
  63. A humanistic perspective on the quantitative research principles in counseling
  64. What is the basis of quantitative research?
  65. Can the use of competitive flashcard games help to improve memory?
  66. How does school prestige connect to academic standards
  67. How effective is the public policy in lowering the drinking problems of university students?
  68. Did work from home become a norm due to internet availability and the advancements in information technology?
  69. How does human resource management affect the success and effectiveness of projects
  70. The impact of management information systems on a firm’s productivity
  71. Impact of accounting principles on the world
  72. The evolution of trailblazers and accounting
  73. Do accounting models/practices/theories get impacted by religious or cultural values

Select from the list and write a stellar quantitative research paper. Once you pick the right topic, you will enjoy the task of writing a quantitative research paper.


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