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6 Tips To Save Money On College Textbooks

Some Tips for Saving Money on College Textbooks

It's not a secret that pursuing a college education in the USA is expensive. Those with hefty student loans feel it a little more than the others. Keeping aside the tuition fees, even the textbooks can burn a hole in your pockets. The hefty price of textbooks compels some students to make some tough choices. You can try to scrape together the money to buy the expensive books or use student loans or other financial support to cover the cost of these textbooks. It isn’t unusual for some students to just skip buying them, which can negatively affect their academic performance. However, there are ways you can easily procure the textbooks you need to sail through each semester. 

Go digital

Digital copy or e-book version of the college textbooks often comes at a lower price point than print copies. If you have a tablet or any type of e-reader, you can actually receive a nice deal on the e-book version than a print copy. In some cases, you can get e-books for free from online stores. Almost any textbook that’s in the public domain is free for you to download. For instance, you can browse through Amazon for free Kindle versions of books, or you can check out Project Gutenberg when you need resources for assignment writing.

The advantage of procuring e-books is that you can highlight sections of the book or take notes without losing track of the text. You can easily find your notes and highlights instead of flipping through the printed books every time.

Exchange books with your friends and classmates

It’s highly likely that you’ll take the same class as one or multiple of your friends throughout your college days. If you and your friend don't take the same courses simultaneously, you can consider exchanging books with your friends. This is an excellent option, provided the professor hasn’t changed the syllabus from one semester to the next.

Your friends will probably be kind enough to give you their books or let you buy the book at a lower price than it would cost at a used bookstore. Before you cough up $200 on a hardcover management textbook, have a word with your classmates. In fact, even if you offer to cover half the price of the book, you’ll be saving tons of money.

Better yet? Create a study group so even more of your friends and classmates can save on the study materials. As long as you all stay productive, it’s possible for you and your friends to work with just one or two sets of books.

Head to the library

Your campus library or the local public library are both good options for finding copies of textbooks. Libraries may not have a copy of the $135 quantum physics textbook. But they’ll probably have copies of many texts for liberal arts courses. Those of you with English majors have reasons to rejoice here. You can receive easy-to-rent classics that are simple to pick up from the library when you need college essay writing assignment help. One potential issue, in this case, could be availability. If other students in your course also borrowed textbooks from the library, you may not be able to find a copy when you need it. So, you need to visit the libraries well ahead of time and reserve copies of the books you need.

Use the older edition

Textbook publishers generally don’t charge too high between different editions. If you can find a previous version of a book, you might save more than half the price of the new edition. However, the problem is you may find discrepancies in page numbers between the older and newer versions when working on your college assignments. Thankfully, you can use the index to avoid confusion as you need assignment writing help from the books.

Purchase used books if required

Used books are always more economical than new ones. Unless you need to buy the most recent edition of a college textbook, and this recent edition was published only a month ago, you’ll get by with a secondhand copy. Used textbooks can be found easily when you want to pay less for writing your assignments and textbooks. Your institution’s bookstore is likely to have a few copies available with the new editions. One thing to pay attention to when buying a used book is its condition. If you’re shopping online for your books, check the description included by the seller. Some used books have highlights, underlines, or notes scribbled in the margins. If you’re uncomfortable with those, try to procure a copy that’s as clean as possible. Another important thing is that you often don’t get access to bonus material, like online content (which comes with a one-time use access code) when you buy a secondhand textbook. But you should be fine without the additional content. But you can have a word with your professor and see if they expect you to learn the online material.

Rent a textbook

Let’s face it; once your chemistry or applied mathematics course is over, you’ll probably never take a second look at materials again. You won’t curl up on a Friday evening to read the kinetic molecular theory of probability. You only need the course materials during your classes, so it doesn’t make sense to lay out your cash (or worse, student loans) and purchase the book. It's a feasible idea to rent your books for the semester. Fortunately, many of the stores that sell textbooks to students will happily let you rent them as well. However, conduct some research before you decide to rent a textbook. In some cases, renting might cost as much as getting a used version of the book. Winding it up,

Now that you know all the ways you can save a few extra dollars, you should definitely use them when you need a textbook for the new semester. The best part is these ideas will help you learn important lessons about savings from early on, apart from helping you find all your textbooks.

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