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100+ Trending Informative Speech Topics

Topics for informative speech

Students are not new to presentations. From your junior school days to today, your teacher has often asked you to speak on a topic and educate your peers about it. Informative speeches aim to do the same.

Informative speeches are directed towards sharing detailed knowledge on a topic. A simple ‘introduce yourself’ can be a great example of an informative speech. However, when teachers start evaluating you based on informative speeches, things can get a bit tricky.

The first step to a good speech is finding the right essay title or topic. Students have a hard time looking for the right topic. So, to ease the process, we have listed more than a hundred informative speech topics. Choose the one that you are comfortable with and start preparing your speech.

But before you go through the topics, let’s explore the 4 common types of informative speech.

The 4 Common Types of Informative Speech

Delivering a perfect speech depends on how well you understand the type you are attempting. While there are many types of informative speech, the following are the four commonly used ones:


As the name suggests, definition speeches aim to explain the meaning of something. The topics must be something the audience has little knowledge about. You need to have proper knowledge about the topic you choose and use the best ways to define the same. It is always great to use examples for a better explanation of the topic. Here's an example of a definition informative speech topic, ‘Defining CRISP and reasons the concept is an important one.’


Demonstration speeches are the best ones of all. Here, you can use anything to explain or talk about something. You need to be well-versed with the topic you are speaking on. It is crucial to use the right examples to demonstrate things and share an insight into a topic. Further, you can also ask for volunteers to make things more interesting. ‘The best ways to understand statistics’ can be a great demonstration informative speech topic.

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Description speeches are dependent on the five human senses. The speeches aim to describe an event, product, or situation. Hence, when you speak, you must engage the audience using words that can help them create a mental picture. These can be very tough for beginners. However, if you look at some examples, you will be able to understand and ace these speeches easily.


These are mainly about explaining a process or concept. Students attempting such speeches must ensure that all information is passed on properly. There's a high chance of the audience getting bored. Hence, you need to look for interesting ways to present complex information. Try not to use jargon or topic specific terms too much during the speech. Instead, try to use examples to make things engaging.

The following section will help you get familiar with more than a hundred essay topics for informative speech on various subjects.

Trending Topics for Informative Speech

 Informative Speech Topics for College

  1. Exploring the ways to reduce carbon footprint
  2. Understanding the various forms of learning
  3. Exploring the truth about microplastics and possible alternatives
  4. Finding the best ways to ace a college test
  5. An insight into the reasons schools should not give homework
  6. Identifying the fastest-growing cities in America
  7. Finding the differences between male and female communication
  8. An insight into the best marketing tactics
  9. Understanding how education is important for the economy of a country
  10. Exploring some ethical questions on artificial intelligence

 Informative Speech Topics for High School

  1. Do you feel homeschooling can have better results for students?
  2. You will spend your best and worst times in high school
  3. Acing your way through high school is not impossible
  4. All high school students must wear uniforms
  5. Do you feel boys procrastinate more than girls?
  6. Finding the best ways to set goals for yourself and achieve them
  7. Identifying the things that add value to life and make it meaningful
  8. Understanding the relationship between physical work and slavery
  9. Parents must try and understand their children better
  10. Do you think telepathy is real?

 Informative Speech Topics about Music

  1. Identifying the ways music can cure mental health problems
  2. Reasons one should learn an instrument
  3. Understanding how listening to music can enhance your productivity
  4. Exploring the various genres of music
  5. Finding the relationship between classical music and IQ
  6. Exploring the reasons people bond over music
  7. An insight into the rarest instruments in the world
  8. Identifying the instruments that are the easiest to play
  9. Who are the best country musicians of all time?
  10. An insight into the evolution of rap and hip hop

 Mental Health Informative Speech Topics

  1. Understanding how mental illness and substance abuse are related to each other
  2. An insight into the various types of anxiety disorders
  3. A discussion on cognitive behavioral therapy as a way to cure chronic stress
  4. An insight into the impact of social media on mental health
  5. Finding the best ways to manage symptoms of depression
  6. Identifying the early warning signs of mental illness
  7. How does trauma affect mental health?
  8. Understanding how the environment impacts mental well-being
  9. An insight into the various kinds of support for people with mental illness
  10. A look into post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the various ways of treatment

Psychology Informative Speech Topics

  1. Exploring the reasons, women are more inclined towards romantic comedies, and men enjoy action movies
  2. A look into life after 250 years
  3. Understanding the reasons women are fascinated by roses
  4. Reasons you would not want to be a billionaire
  5. Exploring the reasons movies based on true stories are not actually true
  6. Reasons your younger siblings respect you
  7. An insight into the usefulness of learning a computer language
  8. Exploring the ways computers understand us
  9. An insight into the truth about turning 30
  10. Do you feel assisted suicide should be legalized?

 Great Informative Speech Topics

  1. Exploring the existence of the Bermuda Triangle
  2. An insight into some of the fastest-growing careers
  3. A look into the best ways to study for a test
  4. The right ways to train your dog
  5. Exploring the reasons people get tattoos
  6. A look into vampires and literature
  7. Exploring the ways anyone can direct a movie
  8. An insight into some of the basics of photography
  9. A discussion on the ways illegal items struggle in America
  10. A definition of foreign policy

 Informative Speech Topics about Sports

  1. Do you feel rugby is a dangerous sport?
  2. Should female athletes be allowed to play in male sports teams?
  3. What do you think is more dangerous, netball or hockey?
  4. Understanding the benefits of indulging in sports for all age groups
  5. An insight into the difference between American and Canadian football
  6. Understanding the significance of physical activity in relieving stress
  7. Reasons companies need to promote workplace fitness programs
  8. An insight into the ways people with disabilities can continue playing sports
  9. A look into the football culture in South America
  10. Understanding the ways yoga can substitute complement workouts

 Unique Informative Speech Topics

  1. Exploring some of the unique ways to pay off student loans in 10 years
  2. Understanding the various benefits of pleading guilty
  3. Finding the best ways to get a good internship
  4. A detailed guide on social media apps
  5. Finding the best ways to travel the world without spending a lot of money
  6. The advantages and disadvantages of colonizing Mars
  7. Exploring the best ways to deal with a bullied child
  8. Do you feel video blogs are new-age diaries?
  9. An insight into some of the good online jobs for students
  10. A look into the various ways to develop a positive relationship in life

Interesting Topics for Informative Speech

  1. Exploring how global warming is affecting the world
  2. An insight into adopting exotic pets
  3. Finding the best ways to perform an attention-getting first dance at your wedding
  4. Some interesting stories about near-death experiences
  5. Listing the places to visit in Northern Nevada
  6. A look into the life of Clyde Tombaugh
  7. An insight into the cliché marriage ritual’s history
  8. Do you always understand what your pet is thinking?
  9. An insight into what your handwriting reflects about you
  10. Exploring the ways Jackie Robinson transformed baseball

Informative Speech Topics 2023

  1. Exploring why drugs are not good for your health
  2. Reasons the world is preparing to take a step further from democracy
  3. The instances of corruption within the police department globally
  4. Do you feel we are paying a lot of tax to the government?
  5. Understanding if education should be made available to everyone as a basic human right
  6. Science theories are influenced by politics and are not always objective
  7. Do you think politics is a major reason people are talking about climate change?
  8. Exploring if professional athletes use steroids or not
  9. An insight into video games being real sports and why all cannot be pros
  10. Reasons governments of many countries support homeless people

 Creative Informative Speech Topics

  1. Exploring the various ways empathy is different from sympathy
  2. Is there a right age to get married?
  3. Identifying some of the best ways to spot toxic friends
  4. Do you accept the saying that God helps those who help themselves?
  5. An insight into the ways boundaries are different from limits
  6. Identifying the three basic and common goals everyone should have
  7. Finding the best ways to resolve conflicts
  8. Do you think life goes downhill after you complete high school
  9. Is technology helping you be creative?
  10. Exploring the best ways to enhance creative skills in the classroom


The perspective towards an informative speech can change the entire presentation. You need to stop thinking about these speeches as something too complicated. Instead, look at it as a way of sharing your experience or understanding of a topic. Choosing the right topic is the key to a great informative speech. So, go through all the topics listed above and choose the one that you are comfortable with and prepare an extraordinary speech.


Q.1. What are the important facts about informative speech?

Informative speeches aim to share information on specific topics using verbal descriptions. Sometimes these are also accompanied by visuals or demonstrations. You will come across many businesses that use informative speeches to share valuable information and educate their customers about their products.

Q.2. What makes an effective informative speech?

An effective informative speech must be able to convey useful information to an audience. The audience must also understand exactly what the speaker is trying to say and relate to the topic. You cannot expect to talk on a topic that the audience does not relate to or use data that are not in line with the topic. Hence, ensure the speech gives out a clear message.

Q.3. What is the main purpose of an informative speech?

An informative speech is used to impart new knowledge on a topic. The audience might be aware of the topic. To make things interesting, you need to share some interesting points and give your audience a new perspective. Informative speeches should not be based on the existing information. Instead, they must open a new side of the story and educate the audience.

Q.4. What do all informative speeches have in common?

Informative speeches are always objective, fair, and unbiased. The speeches do not aim to convince an audience to take action or persuade them to accept your views. Instead, you are expected to teach them something and help them learn about a new aspect of an existing topic. Further, you let your audience decide what they want to do with that information.

Q.5. What are the three main functions of informative speaking?

The three main functions of informative speaking are:

  • Sharing ideas with an audience
  • Increasing their understanding
  • Changing their perceptions

If you succeed in delivering these three things through the speech, you will get the right response from your audience.

Q.6. What is the rule that informative speakers must follow?

Informative speakers need to understand the aim of those speeches and work on them accordingly. The speakers need to be accurate, share meaningful information, articulate the message clearly, and ensure the speech is engaging. Also, you need to ensure that the speech is memorable and your audience remembers about it.

Q.7. What are the methods of informing?

The four primary methods of informing are:

  • Definition
  • Description
  • Demonstration
  • Explanation

Q.8. How do you build credibility in an informative speech?

The speakers need to establish themselves before they talk about a topic. So, when you start speaking on a topic, introduce yourself, share your interests, and shed light on reasons you are qualified to speak on the topic.

Q.9. How can you organize your informative speech?

The three most important methods to organize an informative speech are:

  • Topical method
  • Chronological method
  • Spatial method

 Q.10. What is the time limit for informative speeches?


An informative speech generally is short and is limited to 10 minutes. Students need to work on their speech and ensure to deliver a perfect one within ten minutes.

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