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Know The List of Case Study Topics On Various Academic Subjects

Preparing a case study can seem like an uphill journey to students who are not skilful enough. This is why it’s crucial to understand the case study topics before plunging into them fully. Students generally get confused while choosing an “out-of-the-box” topic and can’t get enough resources.

Indeed writing a case study topic involves choosing case study titles, formation or the structure, research, and citation. To fulfil your requirement, you must go through an example of a case study research paper or samples online. The team of case study experts give you a golden opportunity to hire the best case study research questions and analysis papers on your subjects or topics. 

The popularity of academic definitions of case study involves some procedures and research work related to the development of a particular person, group of people, or events over a period of time. Not only this, but your case study topics also involve specific analysis to identify various real-life problems and find fruitful results. Therefore, most case study topics already include some challenge or an assumption that requires additional research.

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The List of Case Study Topics on Various Academic Subjects

As you know, choosing a case study topic for a particular area is difficult. Coming up with a great and innovative idea is not everyone’s cup of tea. It involves your coursework, writing skills, and objectives. The case study is all about exploring a plethora of plenty of research methodologies, choosing your topic correctly, and lots more. 

Case Study Topic Ideas

Various online academic case study help sites have introduced a bundle of new case study examples that will help you identify the examples of a case study. So, look at the popular case studies based on the subject and use them as a starting point for your future case study assignments.

Case Study Ideas for Psychology students

Ideas for psychology case studies are a tricky affair because there are many theories and practical aspects. Nevertheless, here are some interesting case study assignment examples to consider if you are a psychology student:       

  • The popular misconceptions about kids with abnormality 

  • Workplace leadership and gender equality 

  • The perception of taboo in various cultures

  • Pandemic and related mental issues 

  • The dangerous effects of online education on children 

  • How COVID 19 has changed the mental stability  

  • Covid-19 and related anxiety cases among students 

Case Study Topics In Education

You should start with our suggested education case study assignment examples if you doubt. In addition, a professional academic writing case study help is always here to give you academic case study examples. 

Here are some of them to explore:

  • The experiments of remote education in rural places in the USA

  • Comparison between online education and traditional classroom education  

  • The tricks to motivate poor children 

  • How to inspire or guide children with dyslexia?

  • Advantages and disadvantages of online education   

  • Main purposes of self-motivation in European middle schools

Case Study Write Up Example On Environmental Science

Examining various typical case studies on environment science can make you confused. Since the popularity of tasks in this subject is vast, you must include your case studies with good examples. 

Here are some ideas to use as the starting points:

  • The saving of endangered species at this time

  • Vessel pump systems reduce ocean pollution and marine life

  • The advantages and disadvantages of ecological tourism

  • The use of Green Technologies during COVID 19

  • Global warming and world politics: How does it relate to each other?  

  • The Earthquake prevention organizations in the USA

  • The transparency of Carbon Dioxide Emission reports in 2022

  • The reason behind the Kyoto Protocol has a poor standard

Case Study Ideas on Marketing

Marketing professionals always have a lot of enough to discuss with through case study analysis papers help online. But still, students find it difficult to choose a fruitful case study topic on marketing or business.

Here is a list of case study topics on marketing: 

  • The comparison case study examples on female and male target marketing approaches

  • The unique business strategies and popularity of Samsung and MI

  • Most common blunders of entrepreneurs to make brand value online 

  • Types of brand development methods and their mistakes 

  • German Automotive Industry in the USA

  • Online marketing or offline marketing: which is the best and why?

  • The aspects of creating customer loyalty in the field of beverages

  • The future of marketing online methods in the post-Covid-19 

So, these are just glimpses of our academic case study examples online. Availing our case study paper and ideas can give you a high grade at your academic level. 

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Professionals assure you to give you the best case study ideas, including a case study on economics and other specific areas.

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Example of Case Study Research Paper

Experts know the real pain of choosing perfect case study topics and then a case study analysis paper with examples. It takes a lot of time, energy, and patience to devote you to composing case study research questions

So, if you need any urgent case analysis paper online, look after for the professional academic writing case study. A case study analysis expert will guide you in every term and give you the best case studies used in research. 

Most of your case study research questions examples are curated by the top case study specialized experts who are well-versed in their academic fields.

How To Choose Good Case Study Topics?

Are you tired of seeking examples of case study titles? Have you ever wondered how to choose the case study research questions with samples? If so, then stop worrying about your case analysis paper because we are nowhere to listen to you!

Professional academic writing case study experts are now easily available online.  They will provide you a perfect case study analysis paper, including children case study examples, example of case study research paper, and case study write-up example.   

Here is a brief list of rules to choose a good case study topic for you: 

Select a case study topic that brings into line with your research: 

Choosing the proper case study becomes easier if you have a clear vision about what you want to portray and how with your research. Next, study the area of case study topics that you are selecting for your case study analysis and research. Once you have a clear idea of what you need with the research examples, you can look for a sample case study analysis that complements the research subject.

Examine case study has global applicability: 

A case study analysis samples often purpose as the sample for an individual and group globally which you are conducting the case studies analysis paper research. 

If you choose the case study topics that are not exactly appropriate to the whole phenomenon, your case study ideas will be ineffective. So, always choose a case study that has a universal appeal.

Ensure the case study is relevant in the current time: 

Relevance is one of the vital issues that students need to keep in mind while picking case study examples. Like the global petition, relevance is a fundamental element of a case study. Unless the case study is relevant to the readers and to the time of research, it will not be successful research.

It is common to stick with your case study essay examples online, so don’t hesitate to take case studies ideas online.

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Sample Case Study Paper

Are you looking for sample case studies used in research is vital. An academic writing service like allessaywriter provides you various case study research questions online: 


Management Case Study Topics

Management is always complicated because it involves many different subjects that must be combined and analyzed. For example, consider this list of case study topics on business management:

  • Corporate planning and strategic management by Adidas 

  • The case study between Adidas and Nike

  • The activity-based costs systems in the USA marketing

  • Child entrepreneurship takes away the feature of childhood

  • Should financial management be taught at high schools?

  • The trials of global management in the 21st centuries

  • The online business and social media

Case studies in Applied Physics

It involves case study examples to determine the engineering mistakes or provide professors with a piece of evidence that you understand the subject correctly.

  • The most common misapprehensions about Nano-technology 

  • The Green Energy schemes in the domestic ecosystem

  • Case study of Microfluidics is often considered dangerous

  • The advantages of Astrophysics lessons for the school children

  • Radiation therapy and related mental aspects

Social Media Marketing case study topics

Here are some of them you must check:

  • The biggest challenges of influencers on social media like Instagram and Facebook.

  • The motives why TikTok became popular

  • The significance of unprepared dancing on social media

  • Online marketing and its dangers.

  • The differences between globalization and mass trend following.

MBA Case Study Topic Ideas

It is crucial to do all these writing tasks, including reflective journals and case study papers, as you only study. Have no fear as we have some MBA case study examples for you:

  • The specifics of marketing research in the USA

  • Service customer relationship management and religion

  • Strategic Thinking and leadership training

  • The details of MBA marketing specifics

  • The case study on Steve Jobs' marketing style

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