Balance of Nature Essay

Balance of Nature and Everything about it

Definition of The Balance Of Nature

The stable condition of nature or ecological system (homeostasis or equilibrium) sometimes corrected with the help of negative feedback.  It will generally bring back the original point of balance. The rest of the system also hampered for this reason. Some reasons the population is dependent on each other. Suppose the predator and the prey system. Another example is herbivores and the food source of them.
The world’s weather is also connected with this balance of nature.  It is also related to the Earth’s ecosystem. The Gaia hypothesis is used to set theory for the ecology. The coordinated system is also very useful for natural balance — the theory of nature discredited by that scientist (directly involved with the ecosystem). Chaotic changes are very usual in this situation.  The idea of this theory is very popular for the public.  The chaos theory and the catastrophe theory both are superseded in the twentieth century. Ancient provenance is helped to maintain the concept of nature. The predator and prey animals have a beautiful relationship.  It helps to complete the nature as well as the balance of the population is maintained by this concept. Human invention also interrupts the flow of the environment.
The validity of nature is questioned several times. First, the question has arisen in the year 1990. The scientists are always trying to find the cause of this situation where the ecology is hampered. To maintain the nature with the proper way to complete the balance of nature. If any species is in the extinct situation and nature was perfectly balanced; then we can say that the ecology will hamper in that situation. So each and every species has an effect on nature. Definition of balance: The concept of a healthy nature is interlinked with one keyword; that is a balance. Balance is everything across nature. So balance is a situation where the various elements of nature are equal and the existence, as well as their activity, is in a healthy position of correct proportions.
Now to explain the so-called popular term ‘balance’; the relation between the predator and prey should be explained. The chaotic behavior between the predator-prey is happening from the start of nature. The food chain is the cause of this relationship. Some species are different from this situation. Like the plankton (Baltic Sea creatures). The plankton is different and they stayed at the separate portion of the ocean. So if the predator will stop eating, they will not survive. As well as the prey will grow so much that the ecosystem will be destroyed. And it will affect the balance of nature. On the other hand, human activity is hugely involved in this matter. The human invention hugely affects the forest as well as many ecosystems that effected nature as well creates a misbalance in nature. Suppose for human growth, many forests have been removed. For those reasons, the local ecosystem of that place has been hampered. So a huge effect has been situated in nature.
 Sometimes the non-recyclable product has been made by the human being. Those products are still in nature, after using it. As a wastage, it will hamper on the soil ecosystem of the water ecosystem. Both ecosystems may be polluted be through these wastages (like plastic, polymer).  So it can be said the balance of the system may hamper with this kind of direct and indirect involvement. So carefully this problem should be solved.

The working nature of Balance in nature

The nature of the Balance is naturally set up from the beginning of the Earth. When the soft earth surface became harder as well as the ocean is compatible with life; the ecosystem is created naturally according to the need.  Sometimes any of the species have huge birth growth. So they are eaten by the predator. So the number of survived species became suitable in nature. As well as the predator has been survived by eating them. Thus the Balance should be maintained. Sometimes many species are habituated, giving the birth of excessive spouse. That will hamper the Balance of nature (maybe not enough food is available, or other species may hamper). But in the actual case, only a few spouses will survive against nature (those the stronger ones). So the number of the species is maintained, and the Balance of the environment is also maintained.
On the other hand human being has hampered nature from decades. For their own comfort, the human being has been developed; the Earth is a new way. They have invented such things that will difficult to dissolve in nature and pollute the atmosphere. For this reason, the Balance of nature is hampered. In this case, the human has to be alert about the situation, and for existence, human has to be cautious. All those things that affect nature should be avoided. Like plastic material and the wastage of industry; hamper the nature a lot. So it is needed to avoid this thing. Some human-made gases also create problems in nature. All of this should be avoided. If the human-made things will reduce, then many ecosystems will regain the existence and nature will be balanced. According to the thesis, this is how Balance is the pillar of nature.

Balance of nature’s side effects

For human existence, the Balance of nature is needed. There are several steps that nature has to change for modifying the system properly. An ecosystem is the pillar of nature. If any ecosystem works appropriately, then all of the species will survive properly as well as modified themselves properly; if the climate of the Earth's surface has been changed. So the effect is huge. If the balance is not maintained, then several damages will happen in nature. Mainly the existence of those species may increase or decrease.
If any species may increase rapidly, then other species' survival may hamper. Thus only those species will remain in nature. So Balance is important. The effect of Balance is to maintain the stability of nature. Each and every species is dependent on the food chain. If the food chain is not stable, then it will hamper the ecosystem; which will affect nature.

Effect of non-maintained equilibrium

The less maintained system would unstable for any species. It may cause of death of specific species that are hampered. May be any species will extinct for this reason. If any ecosystem hampers, then all of the species will be hampered at that situation. So the equilibrium state is needed for the Balance of nature. Sometimes temperature, change of atmosphere also the reason for the unstable equilibrium state. So if the system is unstable, then nature will hamper, and it will affect every species of that ecosystem. So it is very important that the equilibrium state should be maintained at anyhow any cost. If the equilibrium state is maintained, then nature will be stable forever.

The solution to maintaining the balance of nature

The Balance of nature should be maintained naturally. But the human being has created huge participation to create nature unstable. That is why the human being has to be cautious about pollution. The pollution has a huge step to destroy the balance of nature. From the soil pollution to the air and water pollution; each and every pollution has a huge effect on the unstable Balance. So to avoid this situation; pollution should be maintained or controlled. Human being has created so many things that produce a massive amount of pollutant. So if human prevent those things that will hamper the nature, then the Balance of nature will be controlled. So human being has to be a concern. If the Balance will happen naturally, then it quite hard to change it.
Nature has its own power to stabilize it, but still some times with huge natural changes like Earthquake or Volcano disaster or Tornado; the Balance of nature is hugely hampered. In this matter, nature will try to modify itself to be in stable condition. Otherwise, it is very difficult to stabilize the situation. Because at that moment the human existence is also hampered, and it is very difficult to survive. So the manual way is, to avoid the creation of such waste that will hamper the nature. Humans should make such a substitute that will dissolve and recyclable in nature. Like human use, plastic bag which is very hard to destroy, after using; it will pollute the soil and the water. To avoid this, we can use the paper bag; which is easily dissolve with the soil. So humans have to be cautious about pollution. The use of that product that creates enormous wastages should be avoided.
Those industries that leave massive pollutant gases should be reduced. That’s how the Balance of nature should be maintained and nature will be safe and balanced. Balanced nature will take care of every species existence properly. 

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