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Ultimate Guide To Writing Outstanding Climate Change Essays

Climate Change Essay

According to a 2015 study, nearly 500 species of animals have gone extinct since 1900. In 2018, we all witnessed the extinction of northern white rhino with the death of Sudan, the last male of the species. The smallest rhino species – Sumatran rhino became extinct in November 2019. Besides rhinos, hundreds of species of birds, mammals, reptiles and other animals were erased from the Earth in the last 100 years, and thousands are endangered. The primary reason behind it is climate change, and we – humans have a big part in it.

The melting polar ice caps, rising temperature and the increasing number of hurricanes, floods, and droughts are a clear indication of something wrong happening to our planet. The recent incidents of wildfires in the Amazon rainforest and bushfires in Australia have already taken a toll on our environment. And by leaving more greenhouse gas footprints, we are only contributing to climate change.

Schools, colleges and universities around the world are aware of the gravity of the situation. And to raise awareness regarding climate change, they are encouraging students to take initiatives in making the world a better place. Thus, writing climate change essays has become a norm across academic institutes worldwide to see how aware the new generation is about the issue. But in order to produce impressive climate change essays writing, we first need to understand the issue.

What Is Climate Change?

Climate and weather are not the same things. Before you learn about climate change definition, you need to know what is the climate. When we talk about Earth’s climate, we generally refer to the average weather conditions over a period of 30 years or longer. Weather is basically what we see and feel outside on a daily basis, like sunny, cloudy, or rainy. So, what is climate change?

Climate change is any change in the climate that lasts for several decades or longer, including changes in temperature, wind patterns, and rainfall. - Climate Council, Australia

The long-term air and ocean temperature records demonstrate that the Earth is getting warmer. In fact, the global average temperature has already risen by 1.1°C since the pre-industrial period. An increase of 1.1°C may not sound like a lot, but that is actually a massive amount of extra heat and energy which, according to Climate Council, the equivalent of four Hiroshima bomb detonations per second.

The Effects of Climate Change

Scientists believe that global temperatures will continue to rise for decades to come, and the increasing level of greenhouse gases is the primary reason behind it. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate change (IPCC) forecasts a temperature rise of 2.5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit over the next century. If things continue to happen the way they are happening right now, we may get to experience the following effects of climate change in the coming years:

  • The frost-free season will lengthen:

Since the 80s, the lengths of the frost-free season and the corresponding growing season have been increasing in the US. The western US has experienced the largest of increases, which have affected ecosystems and agriculture. The growing season is also projected to continue to lengthen in the country. With the growing emissions of heat-trapping gas, an increase of a month or more in the lengths of the frost-free and the growing season is expected by the end of the century.

  • Changes in precipitation patterns:

The change in precipitation patterns is also one of the most significant effects of climate change that we are witnessing right now. Since 1900, average precipitation in the US has increased. However, the weird part about the change is that while the increases in some areas are greater than the national average, there are areas that have experienced decreases. In fact, more winter and spring precipitation is projected to increase.

  • More droughts and heatwaves:

Droughts and heat waves everywhere are projected to become more intense, while the cold waves are going to be less intense in the coming years. The summer temperatures will continue to rise, and a reduction of soil moisture will be a common scenario as we proceed further down the future.

Apart from these, scientists predict that the hurricanes are going to become stronger and more intense, seas level will rise 1-4 feet, and arctic likely to become ice-free by the end of the century. And all the information is shared by NASA’s climate change web portal.

Causes of climate change

The major causes of climate change are man-made. However, there are bigger forces at work as well. While industrialization has left certainly increase the number of greenhouse gases in the environment, our Earth is experiencing a number of cosmic changes. All the factors together are causing a significant impact on our climate. Some of these causes of climate change are discussed below:

  • The greenhouse effect:

Besides writing a climate change essay, your professor may also ask you to prepare an essay on the greenhouse effect because of its impact on our planet. As you may realize, our planet gets heat and energy from the sun. When sunlight reaches Earth’s surface, it can either be reflected back into space or absorbed by Earth. However, greenhouse gases cloak our planet and absorb energy, which eventually slows or prevents the loss of heat to space. This is why the Earth is getting hotter.

  • Vegetation coverage of the land:

As human civilization progressed, we destroyed forests to build cities, and it has increased in the past few centuries. Now, on a global scale, patterns of vegetation and climate are closely related. The vegetation absorbs carbon dioxide. Since CO2 is a major greenhouse gas, the vegetation actually helps buffer some of the effects of global warming.

  • Ocean currents:

Ocean currents also carry heat around the Earth. Due to the movements of the currents, different areas become warmer or cooler. Small changes in these ocean currents can have a large impact on the coastal and global climate.

Besides, the plate tectonic processes, volcanic eruptions, changes in the orientation of the Earth’s axis of rotation and a lot of other geographic elements have shaped our climate over the millions of years. Some of the effects of climate change are so minor that we tend to overlook them. So, when you are asked what causes climate change, you need to identify all the factors mentioned above along with the man-made ones.

How to stop climate change?

Stopping climate change is no easy task. However, our collaborative efforts can help buffer some of the effects of contributing factors to climate change. So, if you willing to learn how to stop climate change, here are a few things you can do:

  1. Use the energy wisely –Instead of emptying our natural resources without thinking about the environment, we all can start using energy-efficient options.
  2. Use more renewable energy –We have a lot of untapped sources of energy, which are not only eco-friendly but also renewable. We can start using those energy sources more.
  3. Eat for a climate-stable planet – Growing your own food, relying more on organic products and eating more meat-free meals can bring a positive effect on the environment.
  4. Raise awareness –It is sad that not all of us are aware of the severe consequences of climate change. This is the reason why climate change conversations are really important.

Also, we need to join hands to initiate some crucial changes on a global scale. And for that, we need to involve our governments. And for that, everyone needs to come together to make our voices heard.

How To Prepare A Climate Change Essay?

Once you are aware of the basics of climate change, you are already several steps ahead of your peers in producing impressive climate change essays. However, you do need to keep the following things in mind if you want to nail this one.

  1. Choose a topic:

Global climate change is a broad area, as you may have gathered from the aforementioned details. You need to choose a topic that not only resonates with the readers but also has depth in when it comes to research. Also, you need to prioritize your preference as well. Once you shortlist the climate change essay topics, you can consult with your teacher which one to pursue. However, if you don’t have time for that, our team at can do it for you.

  1. Define the thesis statement:

Learning the climate change definition is not going to be enough when you are aiming for the highest grades. You need to determine your personal take on the problem. So, start by defining the main argument of the essay in your thesis statement. If you are working on a climate change argumentative essay, you need to make sure that the argument you are picking has some depth. Again, you can get the necessary help from the reliable experts at

  1. Prepare the essay outline:

In order to write an impressive essay about climate change, you need to make sure you know what you are going to with the content. Prepare an outline that helps you organize the researched material and placement of the arguments in the essay. Having such an essay outline not only helps you stay on the right track. But it also allows you to save time by keeping you from working on unnecessary details.

The next part is the usual essay writing work. Stick to the outline and prepare an impressive introduction, support your arguments with genuine climate change facts, wrap the content and mention further scope for study in the conclusion of climate change essay, proofread and edit, and finally cite the sources of references.

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