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Compare And Contrast Essay: Everything You Need To Know

What Is a Compare and Contrast Essay?

A compare and contrast essay basically evaluates two or more topics. The essay compares their similarities. Also, it contrasts their differences. Are you still in doubt? Do you need further explanation? Here we go! First, let us understand what is comparison and contrast. What will you do if you have two subjects? You will try and compare.

Then, you will find out the differences. Once done, you will tally the differences. That's how you proceed with this essay type. There is a simple theory. Choosing two different subjects for compare and contrast essays isn't always necessary. You can choose similar subjects too.

For example, you can pick two variants of the same car model. And you can compare and contrast the same. Talk about how different the products are in terms of build and design. Or you may categorize and compare by launch dates, upgrades, and features. You see, compare and contrast topics are not that difficult. You just need the right focus, and you are good to go!

Purpose of Compare and Contrast Essay

Writing a compare and contrast essay is not that easy. However, it isn't that difficult either. You need to follow a couple of steps. And that's it. But before everything else, you need to know the purpose. Every essay genre has a specific purpose.

Quite similarly, a compare and contrast essay examines two subjects. It will either compare and contrast them. In some cases, the essay compares as well as contrasts.

The purpose of writing this essay is not to state the obvious. There is no place for fluffs. Here, you need to walk the extra mile. The essay should highlight minute differences. It should also elaborate on unexpected similarities. Do you know such essays serve as a primary assessment tool across many places? You should write a compare and contrast essay if you need a thorough evaluation. It states all critical differences and similarities. Strong and outlined comparisons dig out all minute points and aspects. This makes it easier for students to understand certain concepts. Also, such essays help in comprehending and synthesizing texts.

Now that you are aware of the bigger picture let's move on.


We will be elaborating on other important segments.

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Compare and Contrast Essay Writing – Developing the Thesis & Structure

The essay will go down the drain if it lacks a proper structure. Also, thesis development is equally crucial. Do you wish to know how to create a compare-and-contrast essay structure?

Are you eager to know how to frame a flawless thesis for compare and contrast essay?

Here's all you need to know.

  • Start with a thesis

This paper starts with a compare and contrast essay thesis. It should clearly highlight the concerned subjects. Here, the purpose is to focus on comparing or contrasting the subjects. Or, it can be a combination of both. Make sure the thesis is short and precise. It should highlight the key aspects clearly. Keep no room for fillers.

  • The main body

This is the most important segment. Here, you need to elaborate on the key points of comparison and contrast. You need to introduce two subjects. Once done, come up with the points that hint at comparisons. Now, introduce the elements that hint at contrasts. You should use relevant references and ideas to back each claim. As already mentioned, do not use fluffs. Also, try exploring unique ideas and insights to make the piece intriguing.

  • Conclusion

This is one of the most important parts of a compare-and-contrast essay structure. So, you should take it seriously. Here, you need to recall the key points. These include all the distinctive and common features. Establish a strong correlation between the thesis and the body paragraphs. Also, keep sentences short and precise. You may come up with some thought-provoking questions as well. It is suggested you add a paragraph. Now, state your opinion and elaborate on the "whys." Why do you prefer the topic? What was the purpose of the topic? Why do you think your opinion will work? Try answering each of these questions. And you are good to go.

The idea is to keep things interesting. Even if you're comparing two subjects, it should sound nice. If you are contrasting two distinct topics, it should be engaging. So, keep these simple points in mind. And you can easily make a striking impression on your professors. You can simply refer to these points.

Now that you are aware of the compare-and-contrast essay outline embrace the best practice. Keep referring to more such ideas and insights. Now, let's move on to the next important segment.


Here you go!

Compare and Contrast Essay Format

A compare-and-contrast essay format is no rocket science. You just need to understand its key elements. Are you eager to know more about it? Here's all you need to know.

The essay should discuss the key similarities and differences between two or more subjects. Take note, the essay should comprise an intro.

It should contain a thesis statement too. Now, you should outline a body. Here, you are supposed to discuss all elements of comparison and contrast. You should evaluate the common features of different subjects.

Even though there are several approaches, there are two most widely used formats. These are the block style and point-by-point style.


Here is a pictorial description of the same.

Block Style


Object 1 – Point 1

Object 1 – Point 2

Object 1 – Point 3

Transition Sentence/Para

Object 2 – Point 1

Object 2 – Point 2

Object 2 – Point 3



Point by Point Style


Point 1 – Object 1 – Object 2

Point 2 – Object 1 – Object 2


Point 3 – Object 1 – Object 2

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Remember, you should use structured words in the essay for good transitions. These include "Similarity," "However," "Also," "Likewise," "In Comparison," "In Contrast," and more. A compare and contrast essay outline will be incomplete without transitional words. So, take note of these words carefully. You should ideally implement them throughout the paper.


Now, let's discuss the other important aspects of this blog.

Compare and Contrast Essay Outline

Before we begin, it is important to know what an outline is. Well, an outline is basically a roadmap. When it comes to compare and contrast essay topics, you should always proceed with an outline. You may have a format. But not having an outline won't help you there. Take note of the following elements. Make sure your compare and contrast essay outline comprises the same.

  • Introduction with a preview of the main points
  • A three-fold body paragraph relating the main idea and subjects
  • Concluding section restating the thesis

So, take note of each of the aspects above. Your job is to note down the same and refer to it on the go. These are some simple tricks with big impact.

How To Write a Compare and Contrast Essay?

Now that you are aware of all the key elements of a compare and contrast essay let's know how to write it. Here's all you need to understand and apply.

  • Come up with an engaging hook

Make the introduction catchy and engaging. Begin with a good hook. Simply focus on the subject matter. And try to discover new ways to state your purpose. Remember, the introductory note should be precise too. Also, add a thesis statement. Make the introduction reader-friendly by adding previews and giving your readers a roadmap to what they can expect in the essay.

  • Include a three-fold body content

It is suggested you include a three-fold body content. Why? This will simply make the essay easy to read and comprehend. Introduce the primary idea in the first paragraph.

Now, back it up with strong arguments and analytical validation. Once done, move on to the next paragraph and introduce the second-most important perspective.

Remember, your perspectives and opinions should relate to both topics. Now, move on to the third paragraph. Here, relate the subjects to the main idea and keep things engaging as usual. Make sure the ideas do not overlap. Each perspective should have something new to offer.

  • Add a compelling conclusion

No essay is perfect essay if it lacks a strong conclusion. Especially if the section isn't compelling, things won't work out. It should restate the thesis. Also, you need to summarize the main points. It would be great if you could leave readers with things to think over. In order to spark lingering thoughts, add a couple of good questions. These may relate to future research possibilities. Or, you may add intriguing questions and dimensions. Make sure the concluding segment is relevant to the main topic. Readers should be able to relate to the conclusion.


Let me feel safe to assume you are now aware of the bigger picture. Still, having a doubt? Need some more insights? Wondering how to end a compare and contrast essay? Let's figure out the broader dimension.

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How to End a Compare and Contrast Essay?

Still, trying to figure out how to end a compare and contrast essay? No worries. Let's get into more details. Here's everything you need to know.

  • First, restate the thesis and correlate the same.
  • Recall the primary points of contrast and comparison.
  • Add thought-provoking questions for your readers.
  • Do not introduce a newer slant in the concluding section.

Simply keep each of these useful suggestions in mind. You can easily reach new heights of perfection. After all, the right dedication will certainly guide you through the tunnel.

Compare And Contrast Essay Examples

Are you looking for good compare-and-contrast essay examples? Need fairer insights? Here is one example to help you acquire in-depth knowledge.

Title: Finding the Best Way to Have a Family - Nuclear or Joint?

Introduction – The concept of family dates back to ages. Even before humans walked on this planet. There were dinosaurs. Isn't it interesting how dinosaurs gave birth, had their own kids and their legacy? That's a family. Now, that's not a civilization. Why? That's because those species never realized the meaning of family even though they used to have one. With each passing day, dinosaurs started becoming extinct. In due course of time, homo sapiens started making their presence felt across the planet Earth. Slowly and steadily, they started understanding the meaning of father, mother, son and daughter. This led to further realizations in terms of securing a shelter. The sense of protection and societal validation gave birth to the concept of having a family. Now, the question is, which one is a better choice? To have a nuclear family or a joint family?

This essay shall delve deep into the context. It will compare and contrast the key elements with constructive insights.

Body – To begin with, let's understand the concept of joint family. In this type, two or more families live in the same house. They are of the same blood. Here, children live with their grandparents and uncles under the same roof. On the other hand, a nuclear or elementary family comprises a couple and their children, which is termed as a basic social unit. They typically reside in one home residence. And there is a maximum of 3-4 members, in contrast to a typical joint family. Having said that, both family types have their fair share of benefits and conflicts. Let's figure out the same. In today's world, lack of privacy is regarded as the biggest challenge in a joint family. Living in a joint family often leads to endangered privacy. Loss of independence leads to discontentment.

This, as a result, gives rise to opposing opinions and emotional conflicts. It is often said joint family endorses a monarchial structure. Often, the "man" of the house is found to be the supreme entity. This might lead to the other members feeling left out of less valued. On the other hand, the nuclear family leads to old-age insecurity. Also, it gives rise to economic drawbacks in some cases. In addition, there are other odds as well. These include split of property, children feeling lonely, risk of thefts, over practical attitude, and the like.

Quite similarly, both joint and nuclear family can prove to be beneficial. Let's dissect them for better understanding. The nuclear family often leads to better decision-making. Reason? There are fewer heads. Hence, there are lesser chances of opposing opinions and conflicts. Also, members can enjoy their share of privacy. In addition, there are lesser scopes for property split and every other dilemma related to the same.

A joint family, on the contrary, helps children understand the meaning of coexistence. You will gradually learn the value of sharing. Most importantly, you will never lack mental support. There will always be someone or the other to pat on your back. Youngsters can finally take a break from video games and engage in real activities. They can bond with other young members of the house.


Conclusion – The concept of family is important. This leads to a sense of belongingness. However, whether you pick nuclear or joint as your family type is still a debate. In my opinion, joint families function better, provided there is zero toxicity among family members. So, what are your thoughts?

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

Here are some compare-and-contrast essay topics for your reference.

Fun Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • E-books or Paper Books?
  • Villains or Super Villains?
  • Hard Drinks Vs. Soft Drinks
  • Video games or Outdoor games?
  • Schools or colleges?
  • Being too cold or being hotter?
  • Popsicles or candies?
  • Pop culture vs. Folk culture
  • Mondays vs. Sundays
  • Swimming or Archery?
  • Harry Potter or Archie?

Good Compare and Contrast Essay Topic

  • Modern Family vs. traditional family
  • Nature vs. space
  • Homeschooling vs. traditional schooling
  • Online shopping vs. retail shopping
  • Feminism vs. patriarchy
  • Urbanization vs. rural life
  • Modern history or prehistoric data?
  • Online learning vs. offline education
  • Literature vs. science
  • Shakespeare or Marlowe?

Interesting Topics for Compare and Contrast Essay

      Working from home or working from the office?

  • Indoor sports or outdoor sports?
  • Capitalism vs. Fascism
  • Literature vs. Film
  • Spring nature vs. fall nature
  • Kids vs. adults
  • Compulsory education vs. homeschooling
  • Civil rights or civil war
  • Is winter better than summer?
  • Are mothers better than fathers?
  • World War I vs. World War II

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics for College Students

  • 80's music vs. 90's music
  • Tea or coffee? Which is better for your health?
  • College classes or private tuition?
  • Instagram vs. Facebook – which is a better social networking platform?
  • Financial need grants vs. merit-based scholarship
  • Pros and cons of school security cameras
  • Education system vs. government
  • Life in Japan before and after the Hiroshima-Nagasaki incident
  • Fast food or a healthy diet?


All said and done, let us assume you are now aware of the bigger picture. The trick is really simple, you see. Simply keep referring to this blog on the go. The suggestions will work wonders for you. Compare and contrast essay topics might sound tricky. But, believe me, they are really simple. All you need is the right focus. And you are good to go. Let's take a quick glance at the essay essentials.

  • Engaging intro and thesis statement
  • Valid argument backed by real-time data
  • Perspectives divided across a three-fold body format
  • Compare and contrast essay conclusion with thesis restatement



Q.1. Which is the most effective topic for a compare-and-contrast essay?

Well, there are lots of effective topics for a compare and contrast essay. However, here are the five best ones.

  • Homeschooling vs. Traditional schooling
  • Nature vs. Natural Calamity
  • Global Warming vs. Globalization
  • Nuclear Family or Joint Family?
  • Smokers vs. Non-smokers

Q.2. Which Statement Is the Best Thesis for A Compare-And-Contrast Essay?

The best thesis statement should be clear and concise. It should elaborate on the two primary subjects. Also, the statement should summarize the similarities and differences briefly.

Q.3. How To Write a Thesis for A Compare and Contrast Essay?

Here's all you need to know.

  • State two subjects clearly.
  • Now, mention the reason for comparing and contrasting them.
  • Maintain a rational tone.
  • Keep things concise.
  • Include enough logic to develop your answer.

Q.4. How to compare and contrast two rebel fighters in an essay?

Here how:

  • Start with a character sketch.
  • Point out the distinctive features first.
  • Look for dissimilarities in terms of ideologies and approaches.
  • Back to each claim with strong background information.
  • Voila! You are good to go.

Q.5. Can anyone help me with my essay?

Yes, why not? At Allessaywriter, you can rope in the best writers to write your essay. Connect with us at any time of the day. We have got the industry bests to write your essay.

Q.6. How to proofread an essay?

Here's how to proofread an essay with precision.

  • Take a close look at the final draft.
  • Keep an eye out for grammatical mistakes.
  • Look for wrong references and rectify if found.
  • Crosscheck each point of reference from scratch.
  • Fix all spelling and syntactical mistakes.

Q.7. What is an essay outline?

An outline is basically a roadmap. It shows us the path to perfect an essay. The structure helps us understand how to proceed with the paper and the elements we must include.

Q.8. How to submit an essay on time?

The trick is really simple. Here's all you must know.

  • Mark the deadline
  • Set your own goals
  • Write daily
  • Meet the target

As simple as that!

Q.9. Is a thesis statement important for compare and contrast essays?

Yes, absolutely. Thesis statements allow readers to know what to expect in the essay. It is basically a summarized introduction. Undeniably, the statement is important.

Q10. How to start a contrast and compare introduction?

You need to state ample reasons behind writing the essay. It should sound natural. Also, make sure to come up with rationally acceptable ideas. 

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