Expert’s Guide to Writing a Critical Thinking Essay

Expert’s Guide to Writing a Critical Thinking Essay


It is an art to come up with a flawless critical thinking essay. You need analytical skills to back every argument that you put forth. In addition, a critical thinking essay requires you to add your own ideas about a particular topic, which can range from a book, a film, scholarly texts, poems, etc. Unless you develop a concrete idea to draft a flawless paper, things won’t look easier anytime soon.

Most importantly, you should think about the subject matter with an open mind. It will eventually help you to cultivate thoughts and analyze different work critically. One must develop knowledge about the various stages of thinking. It will help the writer to figure out and analyze different literary works based on factual opinions and power of reasoning. has an interesting take on the different stages of critical thinking. Here is an illustration of the same. Take a look:

Apart from having thorough technical knowledge regarding the various stages of critical thinking, you need to upgrade your writing skills as well. Now that you are wondering how to master the art of writing a critical thinking essay, here’s everything you need to know.

Formulating a Critical Thinking Essay:

Before sharing the recipe for writing a perfect critical thinking essay, I would like to mention that you must consider prioritizing the research. Without accumulating enough facts and research findings related to a particular subject matter, you will not be able to do justice to your paper. So, take some time out to read through the suggestions I have listed below. Drafting a critical essay isn’t intricate as long as you are following these conventions meticulously. 
Wondering what these conventions are for? What purpose would they serve and what crucial strategies are to be implemented to add perfection? Here’s a textual explanation for you. Give it a read.

Remember: You must consider recalling all long-term memories associated with the subject matter. Recalling old memories and expressing ideas that are in sync with your point of the argument is recommended. You may also like to answer a few questions like:

  • How would you like to describe the subject matter?
  • Can you recall any real-life experience in support of the notion being talked about?
  • Can you list four to five instances and verified case studies in support of your opinion?

Once you are done answering these questions, you have to construct a solid base to initiate the task of writing.

Analyze: This is yet another crucial aspect one must consider. Even though I have mentioned the significance of analysis in a critical thinking essay, here’s a detailed explanation. Quite similar to the aforementioned aspect, you need to answer a few questions while analyzing the subject matter. Given below is what you should come up with:

  • Why do you think or look at a particular subject matter in a certain way?
  • Can you compare and contrast the topic with other scholarly works?
  • Is your idea relevant to the topic of discussion?

The idea is to come up with concrete and rationally proven answers to each of the questions mentioned above. Once you are done framing the answers in your mind, drafting a critically analyzed and thoughtful college essay shall no longer be an intricate job.

Understand: You have to brainstorm a bit here. Do not get confused with the terms “understand” and “analyze.” When it comes to understanding a subject matter, you need to develop knowledge about the primary theme or idea. Here are a few questions you might have to answer. Take note:

  • What is the main idea behind drafting the critical thinking essay?
  • Can you find an example of a constructive understanding?
  • How do you plan to summarise your understanding?
  • Have you developed an understanding of what the accumulated facts and ideas might show?
  • Have you strategized and planned to summarise the consequences?

Each of these questions is vital for an individual. Unless you know what you are up to, consider refraining from composing the essay.

Evaluate: In addition to remembering, analyzing and understanding different perspectives, you need to evaluate things prior to writing. Here a few questions you should ask yourself. Take note:

  • Do you have unbiased judgments and opinions?
  • If you have multiple solutions to a problem, can you evaluate which one is the best?
  • Why do you think your findings and judgments are going to add value to the write-up?

Evaluating the works of others and comparing the same with the slants you are about to take will certainly make your essay well-knit. You cannot expect to come up with a well-knit composition without looking things up.

 Apply: The purpose of meeting this aspect is to carry out research on the different possibilities and points of action you would use in a given situation. Here is a set of important questions you should answer.

  • What would happen in a particular situation?
  • How do you choose to clear all the doubts and conflicts that may arise?
  • Is there an alternative strategy or reasoning you would like to apply in a given situation?

This is a nice way to construct strategies for your write-up by closely analyzing different possibilities, points, and situations that are associated with the subject matter. So, make it a point and focus on meeting this crucial aspect before presenting the final draft.

Create: Combine all elements and ideas in order to form a logical content backed by relevant ideas. You can successfully preset your idea only if you invest enough time in combining all critically analyzed aspects as discussed above. Now, check if you can frame ideal answers to the questions mentioned below.

  • What theory have you formed?
  • What elements have you included to create the theory?
  • Is there a further possibility to create an alternative?

Ideating a concrete theory based on different evaluations is a reliable way to add perfection to a critical thinking essay. You may consider maintaining a rough draft of all critical thoughts you would cultivate. Writing is indeed the best way to keep track of the analysis, evaluations, and understanding of different elements that contain several perspectives.

Now that you know how to proceed with the task of drafting an ideal critical thinking essay, it is time to learn how to write a stellar critical thinking essay.

Here you go!

Write a Critical Thinking Essay:

Unless you are developing a coherent argument, securing impressive grades for your critical thinking essay might be a problem. In addition to framing ideas and accumulating details that are required to draft the paper, you need to focus on your writing as well. Here’s what you need to come up with a well-knit composition.

Developing the thesis: Developing a strong and impressive thesis is important. The entire essay will be based upon the thesis you draft. This calls for a compelling thesis statement. It should focus on the different arguable claims you wish to come up with, along with the primary idea behind composing the essay.

So, compose a powerful statement so that the reader finds the paper interesting and relevant right from the very beginning. Remember, you must refrain from including subjective opinions in the thesis statement.

Creating an outline: Once you are done composing a powerful and impressive thesis statement, it is time to come up with a perfect outline. An informative outline will help your readers to get the hang of what is included in your essay.

This is a brilliant way to add perfection to your essay. It is also to be noted that in case you include a lot of points and elements in your outline, you should discuss it in your essay as well.

Engaging introduction: No matter what, you must come up with an engaging introduction. The purpose of adding an introduction to critical thinking essays is to present opinions that can express the main idea explicitly.

You should focus on coming up with an engaging introduction that can grab the reader’s attention. You may consider including interesting statistics and factual data in the opening sentence or use thought-provoking questions.

Value-driven body paragraphs: Once you are done drafting an engaging introduction, it is time to add values and informative elements to the body paragraphs. The body paragraphs of your essay should support every argument in a logical manner.

This is where the accumulated information and research findings shall come into play.

You can consider adding background details associated with the different works you would wish to cite.

Strong conclusion: Now, it is time to summarise your arguments and make it compelling for your readers. The purpose of adding a conclusion to your essay paper is to project a reflection of what you have discussed so far and what points you would like to establish through your essay.

From adding the call to action statements to throwing questions at your readers, there are several ways to conclude your paper.

Try to recapitulate the blog. Sit back, relax and think over the strategies that can fetch good grades if put to good use. I hope composing a perfect critical thinking essay shall no more be a concern anymore.


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