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Email A Professor Without Being Annoying

Email A Professor without Being Annoying

Students have to write a bunch of emails to their professors during their academic lives. But the problem is most students have no idea how to write and what to write in an email when they are sending it to their professor.

There is another problem also. Students sometimes feel awkward or hesitant when communicating with their professors because of the communication gap. This mostly occurs when they have to communicate in formal written language.

 In the age of social media, most students have mixed the idea of texting and emailing, which causes informality and curtness in their writing. And naturally, it makes the professors annoyed.

But you need to think logically, right? So is it sounding to you as rocket science when you email a professor?

No, right? Still, if you face any problems writing a formal email, we have some concrete solutions for you.

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What are the Main Reasons to Email a Professor?

  • Sickness

There is nothing to be shocked about that anyone can get sick. This sickness can be anything from an accident to mental trauma. Obviously, you should have some proof of your illness so that you can prove that you are not lying. Try to make sure that your certain health issues are preventing you from providing the best performance in your education.

It will be great if you inform your teacher in advance.   

  • Late Submissions

In this matter, you should be aware of the late submission policy. Make sure if you have to face the late submission penalties or not. After knowing this clearly, send an email to a professor because it is necessary. They should understand that you are still working on the task. Accidents can happen anytime. It can be physical and mental damage or unavailability of the internet. But don't lie to your professor ever. It can affect your academic career tremendously.

  • Clarifications of assignments

Sometimes students need to email a professor to comprehend the requirements of the tasks they are given by their professor. First, you can ask your classmates if they are facing the same issues about understanding the task. Then write the instructions and the questions carefully, note down what is troubling you. After that, send an email to your professor.

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Things to Remember When Sending an Email to a professor

  • Use a clear subject line

If you don’t put a subject line, not only your professor, no one will care to open the email at all. So you should provide a short, clear, and informative subject line to attract your professors. So that they open the email and understand the content a bit just reading the subject line.

  • Address the recipient properly

It is a bad manner if you don't properly address the person to whom you're writing the email. You can begin with a simple "Hello" or "Good Afternoon" and then address them like "Dear Professor Octavius". If you feel uncomfortable with the word “Dear”, you can skip it. It will sound perfectly fine, formal, and standard.

  • Careful about your grammar and spellings

Always be careful about your language, the tone, and the style you are using in your mail body. Do not ever use anything informal. Make sure you are using correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It Assignment help to make the write-up more readable. Remember that it is not your chat conversation, so do not ever use any emoji or GIF in the content. Always proofread the mail before sending it to your professor.

  • Simplify things for your professor

Make things understandable for your professor. If you are sending some attachments, mention them to your mail body. You can provide some links or screenshots regarding your attachments. These things will help you to get All Assignment Help an instant reply.

  • Remind them how they know you

It is not possible for professors to remember each and every name of their students. You should understand that. So, take the initiative and introduce yourself. If there is some distinctive event that happened, you can include that.

  • Write the real reason for your email carefully

This is the prime reason you’re sending an email, so try to make it efficient. State everything concisely. Don’t sound like you are giving lame excuses, or don’t dig into the excessive details. That’s it. It’s not like understanding quantum theory. So, get going.

  • Meaningless nicety

It is not a big thing if you show some pleasant manners in your email like "I hope you are having a relaxing vacation" or "I hope you are doing well,” right? Try to put it if you are genuinely mean to it. Your politeness will help you to bring some bonus points for you.

  • Try to add an appropriate ending

All of your hard work and efforts will go in vain if you forget to end your mail properly. So be careful about it. Use phrases like “Best Regards”, “Thanking You”, “Sincerely”, “Respectfully”, etc. Then, your professors will understand that you have respect for them.


Parting words,

Learning how to write a formal email is a skill that will help you to face the real world. You will get your desired response when you are courteous, and your request will be well-constructed. However, you should keep in mind that professors are also human, and they want to be treated like that only.

It might have occurred to you that your professor is lazy or insensitive. That's why they are getting annoyed. Maybe you are thinking it right, but you should consider one thing. A professor has to handle a lot of students while students have a few professors. So, it can be possible that they are getting the same type of emails from another ten students.

So, try to be understanding and polite when emailing a professor.


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