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Letter of Intent: Types, Format, Valuable Tips and Examples


A letter of intent is crafted to declare your intent to do something. This answers what is letter of intent. This involves your desire to purchase an item, apply for education programs or jobs, or to clear the air in a business transaction dispute. In this blog, you will get a detailed insight into the nitty-gritty of the letter of intent. And, if you are wondering how to write a letter of intent, you will also get to see letter of intent examples which comes under the formal letter writing.

What are the different types of Letter of Intent?

Letter of intent writing varies as per the different types of letter of intent. If you wish to gain proficiency in all the types, you must spend a significant amount of time on the kinds highlighted below.

  1. Accepting a Scholarship

You can write a letter of intent to accept a scholarship from the organization or institution offering it. You must mention the date and include a proper salutation. The first paragraph should be about confirming your intent to accept the scholarship. In the following paragraph, you have to provide the necessary details to make the transition to the school. Do not forget to mention the type of scholarship and the name of the college.

  1. Applying for a Graduation School

If you are interested in attending a particular school, then you have to write a letter of intent. It is quite similar to the above mentioned type. You must highlight the graduate program, your personal details and ask the recipient to consider your application.  And, you must also incorporate your contact information, to encourage the recipient to contact you.

  1. Purchasing Business, Real Estate, and Other Items

Here, you have to write a slightly different type of letter of intent. In the first paragraph, you have to establish your intent of buying a real estate or a general property. Then, you have to list the address to the property (real estate), name the business or describe the general property. In the second paragraph, you have to state the purpose of writing the letter.

In the third paragraph, you must propose a plan of action, i.e., how you are planning to acquire it. You must discuss the monetary issues and also the timeframe. The fourth paragraph should highlight the agreement and ask the seller to stop looking for other clients for a certain amount of time. Finally, in the last paragraph, you have to declare that the letter should not be treated as an official purchase agreement. And, you should state the terms and conditions.

  1. Acquiring an Item

This is very similar to the purchasing business letter of intent. Here, you have to mention the date, address of sender and recipient. However, you have the option of marking it as confidential. Also, the letter might be lengthy and include terms and non-binding understanding statements and agreements. You might incorporate the procedure for negotiation.

Now, that you know about the classifications, let us let look at the format of the letter of intent for custom writing.

What is the authentic format for Letter of Intent?

Most students are not familiar with the format for letter of intent. Hence, they are unable to structure their write-up properly. They also fail to figure out the word count in each section. Thus, we will first delve into the template of the letter of intent.

  • Purpose

First, you must figure out the purpose of the letter. Make sure you have all the required information at your disposal.

  • Greetings

You have to assess the best greeting that you can come up with. State “From”, address the letter to the right person with “Dear”, and specify the name of the buyer and seller (if it’s related to business). You must also state the purpose in one sentence. For example, “I am applying to your master’s program in XYZ branch for the Summer 2020 semester.” In the header, you also have to mention the date.

  • Body

In the first paragraph, you have to explain the reason for sending the letter. For instance, if you are writing an application for pursuing a degree at graduate school, you have to specify the course program you are interested in. You also have to mention certain details about yourself and why you are looking forward to joining the institution. However, it is essential that you go through the sample letter of intent for graduate school to enrich your knowledge to draft the correct essay outline.

  • Providing a Holistic View

You have to present a holistic view of yourself, and personalize the application in the following paragraphs. If you are writing about business matters and acquisition, you can include points like effective acquisition, consideration, liability, enforcements, closing, etc. Moreover, add the points under separate subheadings. Do not forget to insert bullet points.

  • Including Vital Statistics

It is imperative that you provide vital statistics in your letter of intent. For instance, if you are applying for a graduate school or accepting a scholarship, you must highlight your achievements. Specify the test scores, talent hunt program results, etc. In acquisition letters, highlight the amount involved in the transaction, etc.

  • Ending it on a Strong Note

You must end the letter of intent on a strong note. You should express gratitude for the opportunity and ask the reviewer to consider your application (college or university). In the business or acquisition letter, you should highlight that the letter does not represent a purchase agreement with the accurate proofreading.

Writing a letter of intent is not easy. But, if you know the format and you read a ton of examples, you will be able to master it in no time.

Tips for writing a Letter of Intent

Now that you know about the types of the letter of intent and the format, you must pay attention to the following nuances of writing.

  • Keep the letter of intent short and precise (unless otherwise, you have other instructions)
  • Check the address you have specified and also the name of the recipient
  • Double-check whether you have mentioned the purpose at the beginning of your body
  • State the terms clearly
  • Create separate paragraphs to break the monotony
  • Insert bullet points to highlight the specific details like an item, or the qualifications
  • Make sure that there is no grammatical error
  • Focus on the closing of the letter

If you abide by these tips for writing a letter of intent, you are bound to produce flawless content even for character reference letter writing.

Letter of Intent examples for college

In this section, we will take a look at a variety of the letter of intent examples. The instances will come in handy when you craft a letter of intent for college.

Example 1: The applicant wants to teach at a particular institute 

Example 2: Letter of Intent to purchase a business

Form: Letter of Intent to Purchase a Business – Asset Purchase

Description: A letter of intent for one company offering to buy the business of another company.

Related Forms: This letter of intent contemplates that the parties have signed a confidentiality agreement. The dialogue and the negotiations should be kept confidential.


Dear Michael,

(The following section should be along the lines)

Hence, if you are wondering, “How to write a letter of intent?” you should check the above mentioned examples.

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