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How To Write A Letter Of Intent?

Letter of Intent

What is a Letter of Intent?

To learn how to write a letter of intent, you must first understand what it means. 

Let’s explain with an example.

For getting into a college (graduation school), this unique application explains your research intentions within the study tenure. It also shows data from your past accomplishments and reveals why you are a fit candidate.

The letter highlights the institute’s existing resources that drew you into the program. It’s lab, research archives, and growth potential. It also shares how to plan to use the institution’s facility for meaningful research.

So, To Answer -What Is A Letter of Intent? 

It is a formal letter reflecting your objective to join a specific grad school. You share your skill set, research aim, motivations, and potential contributions to the chosen research field.

The application also mentions what you hope to accomplish after admission. In the letter of intent for graduate school, you address the Admission Dean or Director.

You Must Also Present a Letter of Intent for a Job 

Such documents also help secure jobs. It outlines an agreement between two or more parties before signing legal papers. 

A sample letter of intent for the job is used for the following –

  • Business transactions
  • Joint ventures
  • Corporate mergers
  • Real-estate leases


Binding Letter Of Intent Meaning

Many ask – is a letter of intent binding? 

Typically, such documents aren’t binding. At least until the terms and conditions of the document states otherwise. Then, the letter becomes binding.

A binding letter of intent denotes an initial formal document prepared by enterprises for deals and transactions. It surmises the T&C and binging agreement for both parties.

Letter of Intent Format – What Does It Include?

LOI documents are known as ‘Concept papers’ and ‘Letters of Inquiry.’ 

Through it, the concerned parties determine if you’re a good match for the project and the associate’s interests. If you are worthy, they will require a complete proposal.

However, if the ‘proposal is unaccepted,’ you must provide the concept paper/LOI first.

Let’s dig into its main components.

Step 1 – Craft the Summary Statement (also called the opening stanza)

Start strong. The summary must create a strong impact and reveal your intentions. Even if the addressed parties don’t read the rest.

So, write with simple words. Maintain a clean structure. State your goal and expectations. Keep it short. Elaborate later on the project rationale, methods and integrity.

Step 2 – Emphasizing the project’s ‘WHY’

It should be 2 paragraphs and state the following criteria.

  • The issue you’re presenting. 
  • Why you choose to respond to the problem?
  • Why researching is important for the area you’ll work on
  • Benefits to the general public.

Step 3 – Explain the WHAT and HOW of the assignment (it is the letter’s body)

  • Briefly describe the various activities. Share as many details as possible.
  • Explain your approach. State why it is still a novel method but still deserves funding.
  • Also, mention collaborations and roles of other organizations. Be precise on who will do what and how.

The section will be the bulk of your LOI. So, write accurately.

Step 4 – Inform the Outcome Pre and Post Project

Keep 1-2 paragraphs. Write about the precise outcome you expect to accomplish. Mention project evaluation and how you’ll know if you’ve achieved the desired result.

Step 5 – Mention credentials 

Keep 2 paragraphs, at most! State how the institute’s staff, and resources are fit for doing research.

Include the relevant historical information of the institution. Brag about its faculty, awards, rankings, and other distinctive parameters.

Step 6 – Add About the Budgetary Aspects

Write on the project budget/funding needs. Specify the total sum. Take 2 stanzas.

Step 7 – Ending Stanza 

Keep 1 stanza. Include the details below.

  • Share your identity, phone, email, etc.
  • Appreciate the members for letting you submit the LOI, especially if responding to the RFP (Request for Proposal).
  • Express your interest in the project.
  • Mention you will contact them at a specific date.

Step 8 – Signature

Ask the CFR who can sign the Letter of Intent. Follow their instructions.

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Suggestions on How to Write a Letter Of Intent for Grad School

The document tells the recipient why you are distinctive from others. It explains your objectives, values, and expectations from the company’s program, mission, and potential research funding. 

Students produce letters of intent for medical schools, business / medical institutions, scientific research facilities, etc.

Here Are Some Tips to Consider:

Always Perform Due-Diligence 

Learn about the organization or learning program first. After all, the application denotes how your goals and objectives will help the organization progress. 

So, learn about the following facets.

  • The institute’s vision for future
  • Current mission and long-term prospects
  • What gives the institute its purpose and meaning?
  • And initiatives taken to accomplish those goals. 

Focus on the institute’s language when describing its good points. Include specific buzzwords and technical terms.

 For instance – If the company believes in upholding sustainability, reveal your passion for the same aspect. Show you are compatible with the organization’s goals.

Briefly Highlight Your Communication Skills

Your letter isn’t the only one the chosen college views. Hundreds are waiting for responses.

 Follow these suggestions to improve your chances.

  • Keep the application short and direct. Don’t explain everything. Highlight crucial points. Aim to create interest in reader’s minds. 
  • Stick to 1-2 stanzas for every aspect you share. Adopt a formal tone, correct outline, and be to the point.
  • It gives readers a clear indication of your sound communication skills and its value to the organization

Reveal the Prime Purpose/Intent upon Enrollment

The intent letter is about showing your purpose and goals after getting admission.
  • Hence, define your objectives clearly.
  • Reveal sound communication abilities.
  • Add your past experience.
  • Justify how it aligns with the college’s vision and future goals.

Take, for example – 

Mention why you are a worthy candidate for the medical school or scientific research facility.

Add your previous research outcomes and expertise in similar work. Mention how you aim to improve on it while representing the institution’s goals. Also include why the chosen college is the right fit for you.

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A) Letter of Intent Medical School – Writing Examples 

The subject line –

  • Full name, contact details
  • AAMC(Association of American Medical College) ID
  • The previous interviewed date. Name all members present. It will help them remember and recognize you.

What Follows?

Respected MR X,

I am the latest candidate who was recently interviewed on 25th July. I am presenting this residency letter of intent to retell that ABC institute is my foremost choice of medical school and to inform you of what I achieved since our meeting. If (and when) accepted, I would be grateful to attend your prestigious institution.

ABC will present me the perfect platform to accomplish my aspirations to become a competent emergency physician (ER). I would like to pursue my research further with MRS Z on proper usage of the latest biomarker (C2D) for detecting Myocardial Infraction. MRS Z is currently doing the research work in your emergency ward.

Additionally, I am also eager to work in with MR Y – the intensive care physician and gain more knowledge on it. I developed an interest in patient goal-centric therapy soon after my aunt passed away due to multi-organ failure and sepsis. I hope to prevent this and offer medical aid those needing care. As a medical apprentice of your institution, I pledge to be compassionate, smart, knowledgeable, and benefit the college.

Post my interview, I have also gotten impressive grades in every opted course. I am also currently writing my research on intensive emergency ward and hopefully it gets published. I am confident in handling the word load and will always strive to be a valuable asset for the institution.

Thank You for viewing my application and I hope to hear good news soon from your end.

Yours sincerely,

(Your name)

Future medical apprentice

Additional Note

Add more details. Customize the template per your candidacy. Practice writing LOI with different formats. Gain clarity, confidence and accuracy.

Until then, use this writing template. It will simplify writing letter of intent residency for medical school.

B) Real Estate Letter Of Intent – Writing Template/Example

The letter of intent real estate lays down T&C for a potential property purchase. It needs signature from the buyer and seller. 

You can establish the document will be binding. At least until a different buying agreement comes up.

Here’s What Letter Of Intent to Purchase Real Estate Includes

  • Property Address
  • Price
  • Possession of property
  • Inspection
  • Financing
  • Distribution of closing expenses
  • Standard provisions for purchase agreement
  • Extra provisions (if any required)
  • Standstill Agreement
  • Non-binding letter of intent


  • Closing Statement

If you wish to discuss more on the property agreement, kindly sign the letter of intent to purchase and return a copy, as soon as you can.

Thank you for your time and consideration! Look forward to your positive response.

Yours Truly

(Your Full Name)

  • Signature slot

Refer To the Real Estate Letter Of Intent Template.

C) Letter Of Intent to Purchase Business – Writing Reference

What will feature?

The Effective Date -----------------------------------

RE: Business Purchase Entity

The document proposes the set T&C for purchase of business mentioned hereunder. It shall describe the deal between (both parties) till another detailed agreement on the same subject matter replaces the previous contract.

The arrangement of business ownership is stated in this document and is subject to all the below aspects.

Name of buyer with current mailing address -------------------------------------

Name of seller with current mailing address --------------------------------------

Business Name /Identity ----------------------------------------------------------------

The Purchase agreement ----------------------------------------------------------------unless specified otherwise, the concerned buyer accepts to pay the seller the purchasing amount ($--------------) for ownership interest (%---------) in the business.

Real Estate --------------------------------------------------------------------------- until agreed differently, the purchase agreement will include the real estate situated at (------------------------) with legit description of (-------------------------------------) for price ($---------).

The payment

(Upon Closing) – Must be paid at the closing time either by implementing the Definitive

(Owner Financing) – Agreement or any other conjoint contract! The payment must be done via any of the following options –

  • Down payment
  • ROI (Rate of interest)
  • Terms of payment (in months)
  • Payment due date (for every month)

The Deposit – The parties agree to…

  • Refundable deposit required
  • Non-refundable deposit required
  • NO deposit is required

The Financing – The letter will entail…..

  • Conditions upon financing
  • No conditions upon financing

Bank Accounts – You (as the seller) will leave the financial amount of ($------------) for purchaser to maintain operational accounts.

The Seller’s Conduct

 The Closing Price – Associated closing costs will be paid per the following criteria.

  • The seller being responsible for all costs (Y/N))
  • The buyer will be responsible for all costs (Y/N)
  • Each party is responsible for their respective expenses (Y/N)

The termination – the letter will be terminated unless a definitive agreement is conjointly signed within (------) days from effective date.

Information access – the concerned buyer will have access to all business related information…..

Material Return – the buyer must return all materials or information to the seller if the definitive agreement is not met within schedule per Schedule 12.

Condition – the buyer must meet the following conditions. Doing so will determine whether to proceed with the deal or not.

Confidentiality – both parties must maintain crucial business information confidential and restricted to their individual advisors, internal staff members, etc. No public releases are permitted.

Good Faith negotiations – Both parties must negotiate on good terms.

Exclusive opportunity – both parties must not conduct dealings with other members unless another agreement is set in motion.

Standstill agreement - The seller cannot sell any portion of the business or property unless the purchase agreement remains incomplete within schedule stated in Section 12.

Intentions of parties ----------------------------------------------------- whether the doc will be binding or not and other legal matters arising if both parties implement a Definitive agreement!

Governing laws – The doc will be governed by law under the State law

Severerability – The agreement will stay in effect if a provision becomes invalid. Unless the court deems otherwise, the contract will be legally binding.


Signature – Seller’s and buyer’s signatures with their full name and date. 

D) Letter Of Intent to Homeschool – Template/Example

Effective Date –

Whom to Address – (Principal or Superintendent)

School District –

Name of Student ------------------- Gender--------------------D.O.B----------------------

Address of Child/Children----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Description --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Teacher’s signature –

Print name -------------- Email------------------ Phone----------------------------

Parent signature –

Print name -------------- Email------------------ Phone----------------------------


Notary Certificate (if applicable)

State of --------------------Country of-------------------------

Description – On this day (------), 20(---)……..

Notary public signature –

Print name --------------- Commission expires on---------------------

 Use this homeschool letter of intent to get started. Be sure to input accurate information in the blank slots. 

Do You Need More Samples? Consult Top US Academic Experts Today!

Each purpose of the LOI will comprise a slightly different format. So, preparing one can be daunting, especially if you haven’t written one before.

Fortunately, you can always seek insights and tips from top US experts. These experts are available round-the-clock and can provide customized guidance on all types of intent letters.

They will cover all your needs, be it a letter of intent to sue or any other!

FAQs Related To Letter of Intent

Q.1. What Should Be The Ideal Format And Spacing?

The letter of intent template must comprise the following –

  • Appropriate headers 
  • Salutations and Acknowledgement 
  • Body 
  • Closing line 
  • Signature

You must maintain single-spacing within stanzas and double-spacing from one paragraph to another.

Refer to the Letter of Intent format above to gain clarity. Or, you can contact our specialists for customized writing tips and insights.

Q.2. How Long Should Each Stanza Be?

Experts state every LOI stanza must be 1-2. Within that space, the information must be clear and legitimate. Also, explain your project intentions confidently. 

The concerned staff will sign and sanction the letter if everything is acceptable.

Q.3. Who Crafts Such Applications?

  • Job-seekers
  • Aspiring researchers
  • Parents (for homeschooling their kids)

Furthermore, students also write LOI to secure admission into a grad school. Aspiring learners highlight their project goals, interest in the institution, and outcome expectations.

Connect with our academic experts to learn more about producing an impactful intent letter.

Q.4. How Long Should Such Documents Be?

Ideally, an intent application must be between 400-600 words. Learn more about producing letters of intent for colleges. Our experts are accessible 24x7.

Q.5. What Is the Difference Between a letter of intent vs. cover letter?

Cover letters are mainly for securing and pursuing specific job positions. A letter of intent is for showing interest in an institution either for specific research or resolving an issue.

Request our experts for a letter of intent example(s) today.  

Q.6. Is A Letter Of Intent Binding?

Generally, such documents are not legally binding. Unless the agreement terms state both parties must become bound before doing business together. 

Q.7. How Many Types Of Intent Letters Are There?

There are 5 types of intent letters. They are as follows –

  • For the purchase of real estate, general property, or business
  • Graduate school admission
  • Scholarship approval
  • Employment
  • Acquisition

Speak to us and get several letters of intent sample(s). We also offer customized tutoring and guidance. 

Q.8 What’s The Purpose of Such Applications?

The purpose of a letter of intent for business is to declare one party’s preliminary commitment with another to do business. 

Furthermore, the letter of intent for school declares a student’s intention to enroll in a grad school and pursue education and research on a specific matter.

Q.9.What Should Be The Writing Tone For An LOI?

The writing tone should be professional and to the point. Your message must be clear, and must not have lewd language or casual phrases. 

Q.10 How Must You Conclude The Application?

End your LOI by presenting a casual ‘Thank You for your time and for considering my application.’

State that you look forward to speaking to someone in detail about the applied position and qualifications. 

Learn more on how to write a letter of intent for grad school. Schedule a free session.

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