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How To Title An Essay - Great Tips And Examples

You have assembled your inner thoughts one by one into your head, and weaved them using the right words. After carefully crafting the whole essay, you submitted it. What happened next? Nothing at all. No one reads them or praises you for creating great content.

These are enough to make a student depressed and decimate the motivation to craft good essays. And now you are feeling worthless and judging your writing skills. But have you ever thought about what is wrong with your essay?

The first thing is your essay title page. It’s not good enough to capture the attention of your readers. So, they just ignore the whole content.

So, you may not be spending 10,000 hours on improving your writing skills, but you must work on creating creative essay titles.

This blog will help you to reach your goal and keep your readers busy with your content.

So, why don’t you give it a read?

What is the Purpose of an Essay Title?

We need to create academic essay titles to tell our readers what the essay is all about. It prepares a reader what to expect from the essay and makes them comprehend whether reading it adds value to their knowledge while conducting research on the same topic.

An essay title can be simple or tricky, but the intention behind creating one is always the same – to attract readers, generate curiosity, and push them to read the whole content.

However, the importance of writing an essay title depends on the type of essay you are writing. If it's an assigned essay or only your teacher is going to read it, you don't have to value the essay title that much.

But whether you're submitting your essay for publication, as part of a college or graduate school application, or for a contest, it needs a catchy, enticing title because that's what the editor or admissions panel will notice first. And it might determine whether they read your essay, depending on how intriguing the title is and the rest of your submission.

For example, if your topic is a pollution-free world, you can add titles like “A Comprehensive Guide on Making a Pollution-Free World" for an assigned essay. But if you are going to submit it for a contest, you can write it like “Pollution Free World: Expectation vs Reality.” 

As mentioned earlier, a compelling essay title gives the reader a clear idea of what to expect from your work. You don't have to reveal everything, but it should serve as a general overview of what to expect from your essay and pique their interest to read more.

So, what makes an essay title worth reading? Let’s find out.



How to Differentiate a Bad Title from Good Titles for Essays?

Now you know that essay titles are one of the most important parts of keeping your readers hooked. But have you ever thought of how to do that? Let us give you an idea:

Good Essay Title

Bad  Essay Title


If you write a title properly, it can become a compelling aspect. Don't pass up the chance to captivate your audience right away.


The readers must be intrigued by the title. The viewers will lose interest even before reading if the header you choose is too revealing. So be cautious!

7 to 12 words Long

The secret to success is a succinct title. We're confident that 7–12 words will adequately convey the paper's main point. But pick your words carefully.

Too Long

A title is considered a failure if it has more than 12 words. The topic of your essay will overwhelm the readers. Do they intend to read your work any further? Probably not.


An excellent essay title is one that fully summarizes the subject. While choosing a title for your paper, have that in mind.

Numbers & Figures

For an academic essay, numbers and statistics are useful, but not for the title. Let the body paragraphs contain this information.


Impress the readers with an intriguing but simple title if you want to capture their interest. The straightforwardness of the headline hides a mystery.


Titles with too many complex words don't appear impressive. They confuse readers instead. Make sure your title is straightforward but informative.


Avoid being too general in the title; it must convey the main topic of the essay. Decide which heading best captures the central theme of your essay.


Using quotes is good. But not in the title; in the essay's main body. While naming your essay, be creative. Don't take someone else's ideas.


Keeping all these things in mind while creating an essay title will help you a lot. But you need to understand the grammar behind generating an essay title.

What are the Components of an Essay Title?

It doesn't matter which type of essay you are writing. When you are creating an essay title, you have to follow the same outlines.

There are three components you need to use in your essay title to keep the high-quality. So, the main components are –

  • It Must Have a Catchy Hook

The hook draws readers in, much like bait. Readers are introduced to an essay in an innovative way. Each effective title must pique your interest right away. The function of a heading is more akin to a cake's s frosting. Many see the cake as being lovely because of the icing.

Make sure your essay's title will grab your readers' interest and inspire them to read on. But don't spend a lot of time creating a fantastic title if the content doesn't show the ingenuity or effort that went into it. When creating the title, spend more time coming up with a catchy hook.

For Example: “Laughter is the Best Medicine: The Conventions of Shakespearean Comedy”

The phrase 'laughter is the best medicine' capture attention since the rewording of the cliché gives an idea of what the essay is.

  • It Requires Topic Keywords

Topic keywords are the key parts of your essay. The topic keyword in good essay titles summarizes the essay at hand. The concepts you'll be investigating are listed in this component. This part responds to the query, "What?"

  • It Must Contain Focus Keywords

This element of effective essay titles describes the place, and the time under consideration, i.e., it responds to the questions "When?" and "Where?" They are essential for your headline and give it more information that makes it professional, together with the topic keywords.

Let's examine a straightforward title for clarity:

“Prophets or Profits: The European Colonial Invasion of West Africa”

  • Catchy Hook –Prophets or Profits
  • Topic Keywords –European Colonial Invasion
  • Focus Keywords –West Africa

So, you have learned about the major components of an essay title. Now, remember to follow the rules when creating one.

What are the Rules for Writing Essay Titles?

It might be fascinating, but difficult to come up with an appealing title. But, you should base your title construction on a few rules as it is a part of academic writing. The fundamentals of creating an essay title are as follows:

Rules for Essay Titles in MLA Format

The essay's title needs to be capitalized in MLA format. Any "principal words"—those that aren't articles, prepositions, coordinating conjunctions, or the verb "to" when it's used in conjunction with an infinitive—are capitalized. The only time one of these words appears as the first or last word in the essay's title is when this rule will not work.

For example: “Homework Kills Creativity in Students."

Rules for Essay Titles in APA Format

Like MLA format, APA format mandates that essay titles be capitalized. Along with this styling requirement, APA stipulates that essay titles must be brief and specifically free of abbreviations and superfluous words. An illustration of an essay title in APA format is provided below:

“The Detrimental Impact of Technology on Human Creativity”

Rules for Essay Titles in the Chicago Manual of Style Format

Essay titles must also be capitalized according to the Chicago style. Other than that, there are no clear rules for what a title should or shouldn't contain in Chicago style. This is an illustration of a title for an essay in Chicago style:

“How is the Internet Affecting Our Intelligence?”

As different universities follow different citation formats, sticking to the specific rule is mandatory. Now, let’s find out the process of getting essay title ideas.

How to Brainstorm Your Essay Title?

Consider the several possible titles for your essay when you're doing your research. Write down your essay's topic and genre, such as analytical or compare-and-contrast, as well as your keyword. You can use this to not only choose a catchy title for your essay but also to choose the ideal organizational strategy.

Avoid using puns or otherwise hilarious titles when writing humorous or personal work.

A Foolproof Method for Creating Essay Titles

Are you struggling to create cool titles for your essay? No doubt, the task is creative and interesting yet daunting. But we can at least figure out some basic points. So, let’s dig in.

The title of an essay must indicate the following –

  1. The concept of the essay
  2. The reasons to be interested as a reader
  3. And the context of the issue

So, stop wasting your time. Instead, check out our unique guidelines to nail your essay titles.

Complete Your Essay

The first step is to add a working title and finish your essay. In this way, you will save time and have opportunities to read your essay over and over and brainstorm the title idea. After that, you can change the working title to one that better captures your attention in light of the content.

Your choice of making titles for an essay depends on its type –

Narrative Essay

The title of the narrative essay shouldn't express your opinion or give any specific information. It should just summarize your essay's overall concept.

For example: “Lady Macbeth – One of the Most Frightening Female Characters of Shakespeare.”

Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay's title should make it apparent which point you will defend. For instance, you may select the heading below.

“Mandarin is Not the Easiest Language to Learn”

Cause and Effect Essay

The title for the cause-and-effect essay should be obvious and include background information on the subject. The problem, its origin, and its effects should all be clearly clear to the reader.

For example: "Effects of Reading Novels on Critical Thinking."

Persuasive Essay

The title of a persuasive essay should be compelling and prompt readers to take action. The subject also needs to be pertinent to the audience. For instance, the title below would be interesting to students:

“Horror Movies Must be Banned for Kids’ Sake”

Write a Summary

This is an effective method for coming up with essay titles. Simply use three words for summarizing your essay or your thesis statement in the headline, following it with a colon and then mentioning what your essay is about.

But make sure that it is intriguing and explains why the reader should read your article.

For example:

You are writing an essay on Artificial Intelligence, and your thesis statement looks like the following:

This essay's objectives are to examine the positive effects of artificial intelligence's influence on society and to identify potential results.

And you can come up with the following title:

Artificial Intelligence: The Future of the Society

Check the Tone

It goes without saying that a good title is greatly influenced by the tone of your essay. Don't use a clever, ridiculous, or outlandish headline if your essay is about a serious subject. Use a catchy but perceptive title if your essay is a personal statement sprinkled with stories. A title and essay should always have the same tone. Remember to refrain from employing jargon, especially in titles that are humorous. Also, refrain from using acronyms in your headlines.

For Example,

When your topic is serious: “A Well-Balanced Diet is the Key to being Healthy."

And when you have used a light tone in your essay: "An Apple a Day Keeps Doctors Away: Be Healthy & Stay Fit."


Now you are well aware of the process you must follow while creating an essay title. Here are some tips for crafting your essay titles easier. Let's have a look –

Excellent Tips to Create Alluring Essay Titles

Remembering a few points can allow you to craft ultimate and incredible titles for your essay.

  • Use Active Voice

Use active voice when formatting verbs in your title rather than passive voice. The subject and the action it performs are the main points of active voice.

  • Keep it Short

Strive for a succinct title that captures readers' attention without giving away all the essay will be about. Since there are no set character or word restrictions, try to avoid utilizing complete phrases.

  • Make it Accurate

Even though you want to pique readers' interest or intrigue them, be sure your titles adequately reflect the prime concepts of your essay. Set the tone for what they can expect to learn from your essay with the help of your title.

  • Choose a Legible Font

Choose a common typeface that is easy to read for your titles. The typeface for your essay's body text should be the same, although you can enlarge it somewhat to emphasize certain points.

  • Use Popular Phrases & Clichés

You can create essay title ideas by using well-known phrases as a hook. These words would make a great topic. Clichés can also be modified to serve your purposes while creating the ideal header.

  • Give Your Voice to the Title

Be creative while coming up with a catchy essay title. Avoid using another author's title directly; even if you do, make it your own by adding your creativity. You might be shocked to learn that many other writers share your title.

These tips will help you to create an ideal essay title for sure. But if you want to explore more ideas and get alternative results, you can use our powerful essay title generator. Although there are also other options, such as HubSpot: Blog Ideas Generator, CoSchedule, SEOpressor: Blog Title Generator, etc.

25+ Creative Essay Title Examples

Do you wish to persuade your readers or your lecturer with your essay? Start by using the appropriate phrase in the title. More important than their logicality is how your words come through. Writing insightful and compelling papers is one of the most important rules that all students must follow. But writing an engaging title is the first crucial step.

A fascinating title can improve reader engagement, catch the professor's eye, make your paper more intriguing, and help you get better grades, among many other good things.

What kind of title do you believe would compel readers to open your essay right away? The finest essay titles are those that are intriguing, assured, imaginative, stunning, and bold.

Here are some examples of different essay titles that you can choose and amaze your professor.

Let’s have a look –

Argumentative Essay Title Examples

  1. The fight against anorexia is the responsibility of society
  2. Every nation must implement the death penalty
  3. The world's most corrupt countries
  4. Is politics an innate talent or a practical art?
  5. Can alcohol cause brain damage?
  6. How do steroids affect the human body?
  7. Do violent video games actually encourage extreme behavior?
  8. Does our society profit from the prison system?
  9. Should we practice minimalism in daily life?
  10. How risky is it to have blind faith in science?

Persuasive Essay Title Examples

  1. Capitalism: the driver of social advancement
  2. Is illegal immigration a major problem?
  3. Alternative medicine: benefits and drawbacks
  4. Television: the primary cause of violence in society
  5. In the real world, how would superman behave?
  6. Should horror films be banned for the sake of kid?
  7. Never base your judgment on someone's appearance
  8. Music must be used as a form of medical therapy
  9. Traditional learning cannot be replaced by virtual learning
  10. Killers ought to receive the death penalty

Narrative Essay Title Examples

  1. The art of surviving setbacks: how to handle obstacles simply
  2. From a poor student to a multi-billionaire: Steve Jobs
  3. The person who has influenced me the most
  4. Three significant occasions in my life that have formed who i am
  5. What does being a caring child for your parents mean?
  6. How do you define "family"?

Cause and Effect Essay Title Examples

  1. Exploring the world helps people broaden their horizons
  2. Countries lose their cultural identities as a result of mass immigration
  3. Home abuse as a cause of depression and suicide as its effect
  4. Drug addiction: Is it a cause or a result of psychiatric disorder?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you format the title of an essay?

Your title should not be in quotation marks, italicized, or underlined. Instead of all capital letters, use title case (normal capitalization) when writing the title. There should be a gap after the title and before the first line of text.

  1. What makes an essay title good?

A good title should pique the reader's curiosity. Choose terms that provide a good impression and pique the reader's interest to make the title intriguing, attention-grabbing, and simple to read. Use power words in the title to make it lucid.

  1. What should you consider when writing an essay title?

Consider the essay's goal when coming up with a title. After that, briefly clarify the essay's topic and goal in a clause or sentence that is engaging enough to grab readers' attention. Reading blogs can also help you get new ideas for your essay title.

  1. What is an ideal essay title length?

The essential issue of the essay should be suitably reflected in the title. Choose a title for your essay that is succinct and contains a sufficient number of keywords. As a result, people searching relevant databases will be able to find it. You can use a maximum of 7-12 words in the essay title.

  1. Can I use underlining when formatting my essay title?

No, it is preferable to refrain from using any extraneous formatting for your essay title. Check with your instructor to see if the format has any unique requirements. If you are not asked to use bold or underlining, refrain from doing so. It will help you to create essay titles that stand out.

  1. Can an essay title be a question?

It can be a question, yes. It should be connected to the information given throughout the essay and express the argument's central idea. Nevertheless, don't abuse it. It can occasionally give your essay a less official tone.

  1. How important is the title of an essay?

An essay's title is significant because it achieves several goals: it informs readers of the topic of the article. Attracts the attention of potential readers. Assists researchers in sorting essays to locate the ones that are most pertinent to their job.

  1. Why are essay title generators popular?

An essay title generating tool helps students to find endless essay title ideas instantly, free of cost. These tools are handy; you can use them from anywhere you want and support multiple languages while generating essay titles. That’s why students love to use essay title generators.

  1. How to create creative essay titles?

Titles draw readers in, identify the assignment's type and purpose, and give a sneak peek at its principal theme. You can create catchy essay titles by using keywords and important ideas from your work and coming up with inventive language usages like alliteration and puns.

  1. What can make my essay title stand out from others?

Finding a title that hasn't already been used is growing harder and harder, but you must. The easiest approach to differentiate yourself from the mass is to do this. Choose a title that is particular to your narrative and stands out from the crowd.

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