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How To Write An Exemplification Essay?

Exemplification Essay

Did you know that Steve Jobs often used amazing exemplification techniques to convey complicated ideas in simple words? In the course of his explanations, he never randomly tossed examples. Instead, he strategically weaved them to create a compelling narrative. That’s what you exactly need to do while crafting your exemplification or illustration essay.

In its essence, the illustration essay is a paper where the writer needs to prove their thesis with the aid of countless examples. However, these papers can be challenging to write as they demand a significant amount of critical thinking and in-depth research. It is also crucial to choose relevant instances that both support the argument and communicate the message effectively.

In today’s post, we aim to walk you through certain effective guidelines for writing an excellent essay, along with a few remarkable examples.

What is an Exemplification Essay?

The exemplification essay definition denotes a kind of analytical or argumentative essay that uses vivid and specific examples as a way of illustrating, defining, convincing, or describing a topic. Its key objective in the essay is to show an idea using supporting evidence, as this allows the audience to comprehend the key message or point. Exemplification essays can incorporate diverse examples like personal anecdotes, current events, historical occurrences, statistics, scientific studies, and analogies.

However, remember this essay isn’t about bombarding people with as many examples as possible. Instead, you need to select the right and appropriate examples strategically to establish your case. It is the art of turning abstract concepts into tangible and relatable stories. Simply put - it’s like you’re building a case in the essay, offering evidence in the form of specific instances, anecdotes, or scenarios. Consider these examples as your persuasive tools, convincing your readers that your idea isn’t simply a theory. It is backed up by relatable and concrete situations.

But there’s a skill to it. It’s not about drowning your essay with several examples but choosing them wisely to develop a compelling narrative. That way, your readers will not only comprehend your point but also connect with it on a personal level.

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Steps of Writing an Exemplification Essay

Now that you’re well-versed in what an exemplification write-up is, let’s figure out how to write an exemplification essay.          

Writing exemplification essays may seem incredibly daunting, especially if you have never handled these kinds of tasks before. Not to worry. To create an exceptional and flawless essay, it is always wise to divide your time-consuming writing process into several stages. This remarkable approach will simplify an otherwise uphill task and allow you to be sure that you didn’t miss something.

 To aid you, we have crafted a workable plan for you. Let’s take a look at certain straightforward steps that will enable you to transform your ideas into a persuasive narrative with ease. Grab your essay writing toolkit, and let’s get started -

Choose a Topic

Selecting excellent exemplification essay topics is critical to the overall effectiveness of the essay. Invest considerable time and brainstorm ideas that are distinct and particular. Your essay topic must have at least one of the below-enlisted qualities -

  • Specific
  • Current
  • Useful
  • Unique

Such essay topics are appealing to readers as they believe they’ll get new, unusual, or updated information from your paper. Your topics shouldn’t either be too broad or too narrow. Broad topics are excessively general to be intriguing, while narrow subjects won’t allow you to find good and concrete examples effectively.

Develop a Strong Thesis Statement

Before you begin writing the essay, it is crucial to understand that the thesis statement is the place where you state the topic and aim of your paper in a sentence. A good thesis statement will always demonstrate the structure of your work and help readers comprehend the points to be discussed throughout the body paragraph. While your thesis statement is generally a single sentence, breaking it into two segments might be crucial for complicated topics. However, ensure to declare your thesis by taking a stand, and describing why you took that specific position.

Ensure your thesis statement is specific and answers the question of your essay. A remarkable thesis statement should always make a debatable point. Additionally, remember you can never write exemplification essays without a concrete thesis statement, as the rest of your paper will lack clear structure and focus. If you make any changes to the essay during the writing process, ensure that your thesis statement is revised to reflect exactly what is discussed.

For instance, you are asked to turn in a stellar illustration essay on the topic “Almost Perfect Parent,” your thesis statement will be something like - “I had to be an outstanding mother who had an exemplary balance in what it takes to be a perfect mother. I believe the ‘perfect mother’ has three key features - leadership, a good advisor, and being an extraordinary friend”.

Generate Examples

Now that you have got a bunch of ideas swirling around, it’s time to play matchmaker. To get started, ensure to conduct extensive research. Research the subject of the essay well to find out relevant material to back up the key argument of the essay.

The more time you spend on research, the more relevant examples you will have to prove your thesis statement. Make sure also to use information from credible sources, such as journals, reputed newspapers, books, etc. Then, narrow down your pool of brief examples, personal examples, hypothetical examples, or extended examples to the ones that suitably fit your paper’s narrative.

Let’s say you are asked to write an exemplification or illustration essay on ‘The Influence of Technology on Everyday Life,’ and one of your ideas is the impact of smartphones on communication. Now, try to determine if this example aligns seamlessly with your overall message and whether it vividly illustrates the particular point about the transformative role of technology.

Create an Outline

It is wise to start writing this essay type by establishing a strong outline. Before beginning the actual writing process, it is crucial to have a lucid idea of what you want to incorporate in your exemplification or illustration essay. Your paper will acquire shape and purpose as a result of this framework.


What’s more, drafting a rough outline also helps in the organization of raw facts into comprehensible language. Have a look at a generic outline we have crafted below for an illustration essay - 

I. Introduction

a. Hook or attention-grabbing statement

b. Background information on the topic

c. A thesis statement that clearly states the main idea or key arguments and the purpose of the essay.

II. Body Paragraphs

a. Topic sentence that introduces the main point or argument.

b. An explanation that offers a brief description of the main point or argument.

c. Example 1 - Present a specific example that supports the main idea. Provide details and evidence to illustrate the example. You also need to describe how the example strengthens the main point.

d. Example 2 - Present another specific example that supports the main idea. Provide details and evidence to illustrate the example. You also need to describe how the example strengthens the main point.

e. Transition sentence that connects the examples to the next paragraph.

III. Counterargument and Refutation (Optional)

a. Present a counterargument that challenges the key argument.
b. Refute the counterargument by offering reasoning and evidence.
c. Describe how the counterargument strengthens the overall argument.

IV. Conclusion

a. Restate the thesis statement and summarize the key points discussed in the paper.
b. Focus on the importance and relevance of the examples provided.

Leave the reader with a thought-provoking CTA or closing statement

Write an Introduction

Now that you have a solid blueprint in place, it’s time to hook your readers from the get-go with a compelling exemplification essay outline introduction.

Remember, the first paragraph or exemplification essay introduction has three key functions - to prepare, attract, and intrigue. Hence, the first sentence of the introduction will be the hook that captivates your reader’s attention. This can take any form, such as a quote, funny statement, anecdote, unbelievable statistics, or a rhetorical question. The next step is to offer your readers background information on the topic. Also, ensure to show why you chose a specific topic to be discussed in detail later on in this kind of argumentative essay paper.

The introductory paragraph should come to an end with a strong and arguable thesis statement. It is also crucial to remember that your thesis statement should reflect the structure of the whole essay and must be relevant to every example, even the weaker examples.

For example, you are asked to write an illustration essay on the topic ‘Do we have a lot to do about the rights of women?.’ The introduction will be something like -

“Are we satisfied with the current state of things, or do we have a lot to do about women’s rights? This has become a pressing concern in the last few decades.  In some countries, most constitutional women’s rights are observed and respected. Like in the USA, women can vote, work wherever they wish, and decide to build a family or stay single. However, not all countries live by these simple rules. Furthermore, these rights are not comprehensive.”

Craft Effective Body Paragraphs

The exemplification essay body paragraphs are where you need to offer evidence and relevant examples to support your main points or arguments. You can follow the below-enlisted guidelines to write effective exemplification essay body paragraphs -

  • Topic Sentence- Start every body paragraph with a topic sentence that clearly states the key point or argument that you will be discussing in that paragraph.
  • Explanation- Offer a brief explanation or context for the key point to be introduced in the topic sentence. Before loading your essay with enough examples, ensure these examples are relevant, factual, and directly related to your argument.
  • Elaboration- When providing an example, make sure to elaborate on every example by offering relevant details, evidence, or analysis. Describe how the examples support your key point and add value to your overall argument. This helps the reader comprehend the connection between the specific examples provided and the key point being made.
  • Counter Arguments (if applicable)- Address any potential counterarguments or opposing perspectives related to the key point you are discussing. Present alternative perspectives and offer evidence to refute them.  

Write the Conclusion

The conclusion paragraph covers about 10% of your exemplary essay. This section should offer crucial insight into the overall debate discussed in the body. You need to summarise the discussion in the final paragraphs by summarising the focused themes of the paper.

It is crucial to restate the thesis statement and remind the readers what the whole discussion has been about. It should also remind them of your real-life examples. Finally, craft your concluding sentence. Try to write it in such a way that your readers won’t be left with questions like ‘So what?’ in their minds. Remember, your audience needs the feeling of completeness. Simply satisfy their needs!

Examples of Exemplification Essay

We thought of providing an exceptional exemplification essay example so that you have a complete visual understanding of the accurate structure as well as the writing style.

Go through this example rigorously to comprehend how to write an exemplification essay effectively -

The Dystopian Society

Have you ever heard of a dystopian society? How about women suffering from losing their rights? Do those issues truly exist? Truth be said, the real world is starting to look like the dystopian society of The Handmaid’s Tale due to the women’s rights inequality. Margaret Atwood, the author of the book, explores the general position of women in the dystopian society of Gilead, where women do not have any human rights.

In the book, women are oppressed by their rights, as well as the property of men. Gilead’s way of unity forming is taking away the rights of women to possess their own identity and rebel.

One of the numerous rights women of Gilead were oppressed from was their capability to read and write. As a consequence, deprived women had no chance to remember or record their history. It’s no coincidence that Offred, the main character and narrator, was a woman who was once paid to read, write, and edit. But now lacks access to words of any kind. As the story continues, the Commander allows Offred to enter his private study as he allows her to read magazines and play games like Scrabble. While allowing her to play and read, it is observed that the Commander is rather selfish. It is also discovered that the previous Handmaid hung herself as Commander visits were discovered.

In today’s world, women's rights are a recurring issue. For instance, single-sex education. In 1993, American University professors published research that showed boys were valued and encouraged more than girls.  From the ‘raise your hand rule’ to the motivation to do things on your own, boys are always shown as superior. The dominance of males in the classroom, as well as the society of Gilead, may come as no shock.

To conclude, women’s rights have always been undermined. Whether it be in the United States of America, the dystopian society of Gilead, or globally, women’s rights continue to be a pressing concern. The society of Gilead, along with the present society, continues to prove that not only are women superior to men but also that the world we are residing in is still restricting women on their rights and abilities. Do you think there will ever be hope? Will women ever be considered equal to an average man?

What is the Purpose of an Exemplification Essay?

Now that you’ve got the hang of how to write compelling exemplification essays, let’s tackle the elephant in the room - Why even bother writing the essay of exemplification?

The primary objective of this essay is to exemplify or illustrate the key idea or argument being made. By providing real-life examples, you are required to strengthen your position and offer a clearer understanding for the readers. These examples in the essay act as persuasive tools, helping to persuade the audience of the relevance and validity of the thesis statement.

Suppose you’re arguing for the significance of wildlife conservation. You could speak about it in broad aspects or you could choose to dive into specific examples - like the success stories of saving endangered animals or catching the poachers red-handed. These examples will make your arguments hit the home. By doing this, you are not just presenting the idea in the essay anymore; it has become a real and tangible thing.

Secondly, writing this essay will hone your skills in presenting a compelling case. It will allow you to become a persuasive storyteller.

And the icing on the cake - it makes your essay more relatable. While reading, people could connect strongly connect stories with real-life situations. Hence, your essay is no longer a simple write-up; it has become a conversation.

Key Grading Essentials to Remember for an Exemplary Essay 

According to the experts associated with our essay writing service offering professional assistance, educators often assess numerous key factors while grading to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the paper. Comprehending these essential grading considerations or rubric criteria of such an essay will allow you to align your paper with the expectations of your instructor.

Have a look at certain significant aspects that educators consider typically -

Organization and Clarity

  • Does your exemplification essay consist of a clearly stated and focused thesis statement?
  • Are the key points or arguments logically organized and easy to follow?
  • Does the essay have a clear introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion?

Coherence and Cohesion  

  • Does the paper exhibit a logical progression of ideas?
  • Are there smooth transitions between sentences and paragraphs?
  • Do the paragraphs flow smoothly from one to another, creating a cohesive and consolidated write-up?

Critical Thinking and Analysis  

  • Does your essay exhibit an in-depth comprehension of the topic?
  • Are the arguments supported by remarkable reasoning and evidence?
  • Does the writer critically evaluate the examples and their implications?

Usage of  Examples

  • Are relevant and specific exemplification essay examples presented to support every main point or argument?
  • Do the examples strengthen and exemplify the main ideas effectively?
  • Are the examples accurately amalgamated into the paper, demonstrating a clear connection to the thesis statement?

Style and Language

  • Do you have the writing skills to craft the essay clearly, concisely, and engagingly?
  • Did you use appropriate vocabulary and language structures?
  • Is the style and tone suitable for the intended audience and goal of the paper?

Grammar and Mechanics

  • Are there grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, errors in spelling, or sentence structure?
  • Does the essay exhibit a strong command of grammar and mechanics?
  • Are proper citations and references used in the essay where needed?

Illustrating Ideas: A Compilation of Exemplification Essay Topics

As mentioned above, having a captivating and compelling illustration essay topic is half the battle won. It’s your ticket to delve deep into a subject or notion, put forth relevant examples, back them up with strong evidence, and unleash creativity. Below, we have compiled a list of spectacular illustration essay ideas that will spark your creativity and inspire your essay writing journey.

Dig in and draw inspiration -

  1. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of online education
  2. The relevance of traditional education in the modern digital world
  3. The impact of modern culture of celebrities on society and individuals
  4. Discuss the impact of climate change on biodiversity
  5. Discuss the technological advancements in modern education
  6. Write about social media’s influence on dynamics
  7. Explore the best ways to navigate relationships and academic studies
  8. Explore the relationship between college students and mental health services
  9. Discuss the impact of social media on interpersonal relationships
  10. Write about the relationship between nutrition and academic performance
  11. Explore the ways individuals can combat racism
  12. Do you think there exists a huge difference between being a leader and being a boss?
  13. Are young people more prone to drinking alcohol than adults?
  14. Discuss whether governments should limit the uncontrolled breeding of domestic animals.
  15. Discuss how online communication has become a full alternative to live interaction.
  16. Do you think builders should consider ecology when selecting constructive materials?
  17. Discuss why people join hate groups
  18. Do you think we are trying enough to eliminate violence?
  19. Do you believe most news is negative? What are the ways to change this?
  20. Describe the ways to portray the intersection of education and cultural understanding.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of this guide today, it’s worth reflecting on the guidelines we have mastered. Start implementing these effective guidelines today to choose examples that resonate with your readers, making your essay an engaging journey. 

Finally, remember the essence of crafting a brilliant exemplification or illustration essay lies not just in offering evidence and examples but in crafting a spectacular story that convinces, engages, and lingers in the minds of your audience. So, get started today to transform your papers into stories that not only enlighten on a subject but resonate with human experiences. Break a leg!

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FAQs On Exemplification Essay

What is the text structure of exemplification? arrow

An exemplification paper starts with a generalization of the topic. It is structured with a thesis statement, detailed examples proving the thesis statement, and a summary paragraph that restates the thesis statement of the essay. It is also crucial to organize the relevant examples logically.

How do you start an exemplification paragraph? arrow

The body paragraph of an exemplification write-up is where you need to offer evidence and examples to support your main points or arguments. To start the body paragraphs of the essay, include a topic sentence that clearly states the key point or argument that you will be discussing in that paragraph. Offer a brief explanation for the key point and offer brief examples that support and illustrate your main point. Further, you need to elaborate on every example in the essay by providing relevant details, evidence, or analysis.

Is there a difference between an exemplification and an illustration essay? arrow

A well-written illustration essay describes how to use something and does it effectively with the support of detailed information and supporting evidence on how to use it. Again, the exemplification essay writing process includes proving a point. Based on the definitions, it is safe to say that both exemplification and illustration essays are similar as both are used to explain and prove a point.

What is the difference between exemplification and persuasion? arrow

Exemplification involves offering illustrations, examples, or instances to support or clarify an argument or a point. It focuses on the use of vivid, diverse examples to improve the understanding and demonstrate the relevance of validity of a statement. However, persuasion is the act of influencing someone’s beliefs, attitudes, or actions through reasoning, argumentation, or emotional appeal. It focuses on developing a case, presenting arguments, and using different techniques to sway opinions or inspire actions.

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