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8 Tips To Write An Impressive Essay On Globalization

Essay On Globalization

Writing an essay on Globalization could be difficult. You may not understand what you should include, and you should not. But the first problem that you may face is which type of essay a globalization essay will be. Since the piece is supposed to explain the issue rationally without taking any sides, we can write it as an expository essay. As the first rule of Globalization goes, you need to present a balanced analysis and define how the problem affects the world without weighing in your opinion. To write an essay on Globalization, you need both analytical skills as well as writing skills. So if you are stuck with your Globalization essay writing, then we have a few tips along with a sample essay for you.

Practice these tips to write an excellent essay on Globalization and secure a sure-shot A grade:

  1. Definitions for a better understanding

The foundation of an expository essay is the definitions. Before you write a lot about a topic, you need to make the topic familiar to the reader. So start by providing a clear explanation of the topic. You can also include the possible reasons behind Globalization.

  1. A logical flow of sentences

Without consistency in the flow, your essay will fall apart, irrespective of the data that you put in it. So if you are writing about the advantages of Globalization in a paragraph, do not include the causes in that very section. Moreover, use transitional sentences to maintain the flow and ease your reader from one paragraph to another.

  1. Facts and numbers

People will only believe what you write when you provide them with relevant numbers. So for every statement that you write, put in facts and figures. Include survey results and graphs for credibility. This will also help your readers fathom the gravity of the situation. But make sure that you take numbers from authentic sources only. Stick to official and government websites only.

  1. Interactional voice and tone

Since Globalization is a grave topic, use an International tone to make it an enjoyable read. However, that does not mean you take up an informal tone. Keep the tone academic but in a two-way form where your questions compel your reader to ponder on the gravity of the situation.

  1. Balanced overview

A globalization essay should be a balanced piece of literature where you cover all the features, pros, and cons of the issue without voicing your opinions. The purpose of your piece should be to inform the readers about the nitty-gritty of Globalization.

  1. Quotes of famous people

To add more weight to your piece, you can include what major industrialists and economists have said about Globalization. This will support your material and make your essay more believable. However, before taking a quote, make sure that you use quotes of personalities relevant to this field only.

  1. Relatable examples

Use examples throughout the essay to make it more relatable. Since Globalization is a profound concept, drawing scenarios from real life will help your readers resonate with what you are trying to establish through your piece.

  1. Your perspective

Although an expository essay on Globalization should be unbiased, you can write how you feel about the alarming issue suggestively - more like a general opinion. Giving a view of what you think will leave scope to ask what your readers think about the topic in the end.

By incorporating the above tips, you will be able to draft a successful essay that sheds light on the significant issue of Globalization.

To show you how to implement the above hacks in your piece, we have crafted a sample essay on the same topic to help you understand better.

Sample essay on Globalization


A century back, Globalization was nothing but a dream. But we have come a long way since then. Today Globalization affects every individual life on this planet and therefore is a hot topic of discussion (an overview of the current situation). To put it simply, Globalization is the process through which the world is being transformed into one unified system. It involves the integration of the economic, political, cultural, and religious realms of different countries all over the world.


(Paragraph 1 – Generic Discussion)

From the perspective of economy, Globalization can be defined as an unrestricted movement of labor, funds, goods, and services along with the free flow of ideas to strengthen the global economy as a whole (Definition). But how was the dream of Globalization turned into reality? Most importantly, it is scientific progress that has helped in diminishing the distance between countries. As a result, today, we know what is going on in any corner of the world. We have access to images from satellites which serve as world news. And with the internet in the picture, world trade has become much easier (causes of Globalization). As Milton Friedman, the Nobel laureate and economist says, "The internet is the most effective instrument that we have for globalization." (A famous quote)

(Paragraph 2 – Advantages of the Topic)

But has it benefitted us all? Globalization sure has made the world a smaller and therefore a more accessible place. Now you can add an African Rasta hat to your closet in London, thanks to global traders and eCommerce sites (relatable example). Globalization has also helped in bridging the gap of deficit of goods that are rare in one country by importing them from another country that produces them in abundance. Multinational companies have taken up the mantle of bridging this gap, thus turning the economies of all nations into one global force. With MNCs in the market, employment has also evolved remarkably. MNCs like Accenture and Coca-Cola have gone beyond geographical borders and ventured into new grounds, thus mining job opportunities for the locals and natives of the satellite countries (Relevant data). You can see how sports improved around Globalization, with countries hiring foreign players to play for them under a contract. Also, Globalization has brought about a remarkable change in the field of education. Today, classrooms are being brought to the students with foreign experts mentoring on local educational fronts. Also, students can now pursue their choice of an academic course in their dream college without having to traverse across oceans and within a budget.

(Paragraph 3 – Disadvantages of the Topic)

But like everything, Globalization comes with a dear price (transitional sentence). If seen closely, Globalization has made the rich a lot richer and put the poor into a deeper pit altogether.

According to the United Nations Development Program, the G20 nations consume 86% of the world's resources. 80% of the more impoverished portion of the world lives on the other 14% (statistical data). Even on the employment front, people are ending up doing odd jobs with openings being transferred to lower-cost areas. Even for the lower-cost areas, Globalization has led to worker exploitation, thus affecting wage distribution. If you see the bigger picture, then you would know that this could affect the economy of a country as a whole. And the worst of it all – globalization has created a political system that is accessible to only the crème de la crème of the world. Unless you are a corporate tycoon or a lobbyist, the chances are high that you will always be on the losing side.


You cannot say that the world could do without Globalization. It is safe to say that Globalization does have a lot of advantages that would benefit the world to overcome the barriers of borders. But, there would be challenges to overcome too. But irrespective of how it could help us or not, we need to understand that we all have a responsibility towards each other. Before thinking as a citizen of a country, we all must realize that we inhabit the earth and this planet is our home. So we need to support the idea of a world without borders beyond the trade deals and employment opportunities (your view). Globalization should be first about each of our responsibility to protest for universal freedom. What do you think? (Compel the reader to think) 

You can follow the above sample to understand how to blend in the essentials of writing an expository essay on Globalization. However, make sure that you do not use the contents of this sample or paraphrase it for your essay. Give in a little effort and time, and you too will be able to write a great globalization essay.

But if you are still unsure, we recommend that you get help from a professional writer instead of running the risk of submitting a plagiarized essay.

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