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How To Differently Cite TED Talk?

How to cite a Ted Talk

The answer is simple. Many writers still wonder why citing is an essential element nowadays. Many writers, researchers, and academics know the value of citing something. It's still a question many teachers get asked by students. The most significant reason for this question is that we live in an information economy, where there is the ability to access information quickly.
It seems more important than the knowledge itself. It is the particular thing where the ability to obtain the information is often more prized than the method through which it is obtained. Citing the sources is, therefore, an important strategy. If you want to cite a TED Talk APA, you have to work on citing features. 

So, why should you cite the sources if all the information is correct? 

Citing always plays the most incredible part in checking plagiarism. But unfortunately, many students don't feel that citation is not such an important thing to adopt. They don't want to take the trouble of plagiarism. However citing the source is always essential to make the content more genuine and unique. 

How Cite Tedtalk In MLA Style?

The Modern Language Association (MLA 8th edition) follows some general guidelines for a citation of TED Talks. Although this specific guide represents the situation-specific schemes, it covers extraordinary scenarios that a student may encounter while using TED Talks as different sources, like citing a TED Talk from the TED website, citing a TED Talk from a streaming platform, citing a transcript of a TED Talk, and citing a comment on a TED Talk. After this, the manual provides citation schemes for Works Cited list entries, in-text citations, and footnotes for each scenario. In turn, a practical example exists in each citation scheme in this guide on how to cite a TED Talk MLA.

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General guidelines for citing a TED Talk in MLA 

TED Talks are generally informative videos that the TED organization produces. It is executed by recording presentations under its programs and conferences worldwide. Although TED Talks typically consist of short videos, in this particular case, the videos have a length of fewer than 20 minutes that can be cited in MLA 8.
Most of the time, such videos contain trusted information, mostly research-based. On the other hand, the video content should comprise research findings or simply present a viable new idea that speakers derive from previous studies. TED Talk has become pretty renowned just because it delivers original content and offers a trusted source of information compared to other video database with limited content moderation. 

1. Citing TED Talk from the TED Website 
Last Name, First Name. "Title of the TED Talk." Site Name, Date of Online Posting, universal resource locator. 
2. In-Text citation format for a TED Talk in MLA 8 
Parenthetical: (Surname range of time)
Narrative: (Insert Surname). (range of time)
3. Footnote structure for citing a TED Talk in MLA 8
Insert Surname and then insert a range of time.

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How to Cite TED Talk in APA?

Speakers in TED Talks can easily provide fascinating and compelling new takes on ideas. If you discover a TED Talk-related topic of your research on which you are working, you can find it as a source. You can search online on how to cite a ted talk APA!
American Psychological Association (APA) citation style requires a specific in-text citation every time you paraphrase or quote from a TED Talk. That particular in-text citation points your reader to the correct reference list entry at the end of your paper. The format used for reference list entry for a TED talk differs depending on whether you accessed the video on the TED Talks website or on YouTube!
1. Reference list entry for the TED website 
If you accessed the TED Talk directly from the TED website, the speaker is responsible as the author of that talk. 
Type their last name first, followed by a comma, then their first initial. 
2. You have to provide the date of the video that was posted in parenthesis 
Type or mention the year of the video. On the particular month the video was posted is provided, you have to type a comma after the year followed by the month and day. Do not condense or mention the name of the month—all you need to place a period outside the closing parenthesis. 
Example: Goodlove, M. (2008, January 9).
1. List the title of the video and a description of the format 
If you search a TED website, the speaker's name comes first; now, the speaker's name will be followed by a colon, then it comes to the title of the specific talk. You can follow this format in your reference list entry as well. 
Type the title of the specific talk in sentence case
Need to capitalize the first word and any proper nouns
Italicize the full title 
Example: Oneil, M (2007, December 8). Love is in the air.

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How to Cite a Ted Talk in Harvard?

Harvard referencing style cites and references TED Talks in the following way: 

In-Text citation: Author Surname, Name)
Reference list entry: Author Surname, Initial year, Title of TED talk video in italics, online video, publisher, place of publication, Day, Month, Year.
Ensure that if you find the author's name is missing somehow, or the TED Talk was published by a group of institutions or universities, the group's name is written instead. Since members delivered a particular university's particular talk, the university's name is written in place of the Author's Surname. 

Citing TED Talks with a Timestamp 

Suppose you see that a particular part or direct quote from a TED Talk has already been used within a particular text; it's the timestamp included in the in-text citation. The format is applied the same as a movie. The format is HH.MM.SS. 

Do You Italicize TED Talk Titles?

Generally, there is no need to italicize the ted talk titles. Generally, comic books, manga, and graphic novels are italicized. But you can put the titles of individual comic strips in quotation marks. If you have hour-long TED Talks in hand, only highlight those videos. The short ones generally go in quotation marks. In general, you can always defer to the publication's choices.

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How Do You Harvard Reference a Video?

If you are dealing with a YouTube video of a TedTalk, you can reference it in the Harvard style. But, before that, you have to know the features to cite a ted talk Harvard. 

  • Year video 

  • Title of the video 

  • Series title 

  • Online video. 

  • How can an online video like a TED Talk be cited?

  • Author(s) Name

  • Initial (Year, Month Day)

  • Video Title in italics and sentence case

  • Site name 

How to Cite a TED Talk in Vancouver?

The general approach of citing a TED Talk in Vancouver is: 

  • Name of the speaker 

  • Year view was posted 

  • Title of the talk 

  • Full web address 

  • Data accessed 

How to Cite a TED Talk in Chicago?

Citing a TED Talk video or YouTube video is more like citing something for multimedia. For example, if you want the help of citing an online video in Chicago, you can search online on how to cite a TED Talk Chicago. 

Citing The Video In The Text 

  • With YouTube videos, it is just enough to cite the video in text most of the time. All you need to include a full citation in your bibliography or reference list if you cite it frequently. 

  • This can mean simply a footnote or information woven into the text when it comes to notes or a bibliography.

  • For this specific type of citation, you need to add at least the author's name and the date of the video. 

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