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How To Write A Speech That Connects With Your Audience

how to write a speech

Verbal or oral communication is among the most predominant, acceptable, and oldest ways of interacting with others. Moreover, it is among the most direct ways to convey something to another person. 

Verbal communication can occur in various forms. One among them is speech.   

Giving a clear and comprehensible speech proves most effective in communicating a purposeful message- particularly to a general mass. It is why many use the power, reach, and impact of compelling speeches during conferences, lectures, and meetings to share the message with their respective audience. 

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Necessary Traits or Features of a Compelling Speech

features of a compelling speech

Speeches entail a well-structured discourse shared with the audience on a particular matter. Of course, how the speech is delivered is pivotal in helping the audience understand every bit.

Delivering a powerful and persuasive speech can be daunting, especially without prior experience or practice. Furthermore, a quality speech must incorporate certain crucial features to create the maximum impact among its targeted listeners within a scheduled time.

Highlighting Some Crucial Traits of Powerful and Compelling Speech

  • Your speech must be clear or have utmost clarity, or else your audience may not understand the essence of your speech. That would make your entire endeavor ineffective.
  • The speech message must be relevant and definitive to the central topic/subject/matter of discussion.
  • The speech must not be too long and winding, or the target audience may lose interest and stop paying proper attention. So, ensuring the speech is concise, direct, and interesting is crucial to keeping your listeners engaged.
  • The speech you intend to deliver must also be interesting and reveal something meaningful. Or else it becomes a wasted effort. Of course, the entire onus is on the speaker (YOU)to make the speech interesting and worth listening to. To make it sound interesting, you can include quality quotations, interrogative statements, jokes, subtle sarcasm, and even real-time examples to help them relate. 
  • Besides these traits, the speech you deliver must be in an informal tone. If you deliver a personal speech, the tone you adopt must be personal. 
  • Also, while delivering the speech, you must control your speech speed. Going too quickly may prove difficult for your audience to follow. Contrariwise going too slow may likely cause them to lose interest. So, speak in a controlled manner (much like speaking to a friend/tutor or sibling). 
  • Don't let your emotions dictate terms when delivering your speech. Even if it is a personal speech, keep emotions out of them. You must convey whatever you intend to in an unbiased and logical manner. 
  • While you consider these crucial traits of a compelling speech, use your body language to create maximum impact. Use hand movements, non-oral cues, and even body postures to convey various facets of your speech. 

It will make your audience pay more attention to your speech and follow every word.

  • Finally, you must prompt participation from your target audience. Trigger a response or meaningful action among listeners as you approach the end of your speech. Their responses will reveal their acceptance and acknowledgment of what you convey.  

Be it a business or personal speech, it must comprise these critical hallmarks. Or else your message will lose its edge and impact. 

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How to Write a Speech Introduction? A Writing Guide!

To craft a compelling Speech about yourself, you must learn the know-how about the introduction.

Nevertheless, if you don't know how to craft a good introduction for a speech, don't fret. Follow the tips.

The introduction speech entails an oral or verbal mode of communication where you introduce yours truly in a captivating way to hook your audience's interest. Field exponents frequently use good introductions in speeches to command attention and even set the mood for the whole session. 

Using a proper introduction for their speech, these speakers approach a new colleague, business delegate, or even academic faculty and explain their story and background. Doing so allows the speaker to connect with these noteworthy individuals on a human level and establish trustworthiness among them. 

good introduction for a speech must comprise these essential characteristics.

  • Your introduction must arrest the audience's attention and compel them to notice.
  • Your speech introduction must be inspiring and engaging, and prompt a meaningful call to action.
  • It must create relevance and build integrity
  • Most importantly, it must convey the beginning of a human story (YOUR story).

Besides these, here are some crucial considerations for writing a quality speech introduction.

quality speech introduction

When delivering or writing down your speech introduction, include transitions that sync your beginning to the body section. Use thought-provoking questions, powerful statements, quotations, etc., to stir up your audience's reactions to make a good impact.

Ensure your speech introduction isn't longer than one stanza. So, fit everything within this recommended limit. Doing so will ensure you don't talk too much about your background and get straight into the focal points. 

Also, be honest when introducing yourself. Don't conjure some melodramatic fiction to garner the audience's attention and sympathy. Don't do it. Be truthful about yourself and your life, and aim to make it impactful. Often, the speech introduction creates the first impression on your audience and impacts how they make up their minds concerning you. 

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The Know-Hows to Writing a Speech Outline

Hows to Writing a Speech Outline

Are you running out of time trying to craft your speech? Don't know how to write a speech outline?

It's not difficult, provided you familiarise yourself with –How to Write a Speech Format?

To help you familiarise yourself – here's how to write a speech format!

For business or educational speeches, you must pick a suitable topic of discussion. Ideally, you pick something you like or have sound knowledge of. Also, remember your target audience and the type of speech they wish to hear. Whatever topic of discussion you pick, ensure the topic and the message is relevant. 

Craft an impactful introduction, and don't forget to include a thesis statement, otherwise known as the key message of your speech. 

The thesis statement must feature at the introduction's ending. And moving ahead, you can expand on the chief message in the body section. 

Some good thesis statement examples of speech writing are:

  • The SARS-2 Coronavirus pandemic destroyed the operations of numerous SME businesses worldwide. 
  • It's important to start saving money early on for retirement.
  • Running or cardio is a must for your physical health and mental well-being.

Whether you're delivering a speech about YOURSELF (or any other subject/topic), the next step is creating a hook for your audience. A compelling speech introduction will do the trick. 

The moment you stand up to deliver your speech, the foremost thing that the audience wants to know is your identity. If you've already been introduced, appreciate the person and the organizers for setting up a wonderful event and allowing you to talk. 

Another thing worth remembering is that the introduction must not exceed 10% of the speech. So, if your speech comprises 800-1000 words, the introduction must be within 80-100 words.

How to Start a Speech? Writing an Example

(The Speech Greeting…)

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening, everyone! My name is /I am John Doe. I was a volunteer at the Springfield Community Music School for 8 years. I am honored and take great joy to come here and speak to you, wonderful people. My Elders always told me that speech can transform people and the world around us. Hence, I began writing down my thoughts and eventually became a writer/globetrotter. I am here to discuss about Myself and how the power of speech and words triggered a turning point in my life (Thesis Statement).

 (The Hook or Attention-Magnet…)

My elders told me that speech can transform people and the world around us….

Another way of putting it would be – Look at yourself and the life you've led. It's like a movie with you being its director. You call the shots and pick who you want to have in your life, where, and how?

The initial half of your introduction speech must include the audience's hook or attention magnet. Depending on your hook's impact on your audience, the discussion can go any number of ways.

So, if you believe what's in your mind, speak with total confidence. You can also be bold and creative by including humor elements, a pinch of sarcasm, or presenting a rhetorical question to the audience.

If the audience responds to your speech introduction, your hook is established, and it's up to you to sustain their interests as you transition to the body section.

The Body

As you move over to the body section, you must incorporate several main headings and sub-sections to explain the topic clearly. The goal must be to include all necessary elements in the written speech. 

These sub-sections can be anecdotes, research studies, and visual aids. Aim to make the sections and sub-sections engaging and memorable. After all, no one prefers to read boring stuff. 

The Conclusion

In conclusion, you must surmise the central points of your speech. An example of a conclusion speech includes – 'As I sum up' or 'to recap' and reiterate those central points. 

Give your audience something to think long and hard. Pose a relevant question, a quote, or a final tale as you try to leave an imprint on the listeners' minds. You can also surmise your conclusion with a proper Call to Action (CTA).

Note - Remember to say 'Thank You' to your listeners!

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FAQs On Speech help

What to Know Before Starting Your Speech Writing? arrow

Before beginning your speech, you must know the following –

WHO is the speech meant for?

What will the Speech cover?

HOW long must it be?

How to Make Your Speech Effective? arrow

Much like all essays, speeches must have an introduction, body, and conclusion. It must be written so that a wide audience can hear it. It must be engaging and arrest the audience's interest. Moreover, it must paint mental imagery in the audience's mind.


What Visual Aids Can You Use When Delivering Your Speech? arrow

You can use the following

PowerPoint presentation

Graphs, charts, black/whiteboard 

Handout/video/flip chart

You can also use a prop to interact with your listeners 

What Must You Incorporate into Your Personal Speech? arrow

You must narrow down a specific speech concerning yourself. You must provide a proper overview of yourself. You must pick a specific facet of your life that you wish to reveal to your listeners. Above all, you must make it sound as unique and engaging as feasible.

Hire our professional essay writers online if you need help crafting a quality speech about yourself. 


How many types of personal speeches are there? arrow

There are 4 main types of personal speeches. They include as follows –

For informing

For instructing

For persuading

For Entertaining

Contact our essay writer if you need help writing any of these types of personal speeches. 


What entail the 3 essential components of a good speech? arrow

All speeches must include these 3 essential components. They include – The Body, The Introduction, and The Conclusion.

Connect with our essay writers online if you need help writing each of these crucial components of a good speech.

What Denote The 4 Important Principles of An Excellent Speech? arrow

The 4 main principles of an excellent speech are as follows –

Using body language with confidence

Your breathing

Your use of voice and tone

And phraseology 

Is There Any Speech That One Can Deliver Without Preparation? arrow

Indeed, there is. It is called impromptu speaking. It is a short message that can be shared with the targeted listeners without proper preparation. One can resort to impromptu speaking in an informal setting. 


What Type of Speech Styles Can One Use? arrow

There are 5 types of speech styles one can deliver. They are as follows –

Intimate style

Consultative style

Casual style

Formal style

Frozen style

Contact our essay writers online for guidance and writing tips on these speech styles.

Which Parts of The Speech Make the Most Impact on The Audience? arrow

All 3 components of your speech are important. However, the introduction and the conclusion impact the audience considerably. The introduction hooks their attention, and the conclusion leaves an imprint on their minds and prompts a CTA. 

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