How to Write an A-Grade Essay

How to Write an A-Grade Essay

How to write an A-grade essay

Essay writing is a creative affair. Those who aren’t imaginative or creative may face difficulties while crafting an essay. However, it’s not impossible for them to receive an A-grade for their academic paper. Similar to any other academic writing type, an essay comprises an introduction, body, and conclusion. While going through the introduction, the reader gets acquainted with the topic and the problem in question. The essence of the essay is revealed in the main body. The conclusion is a summary of what you have written. It may sound simple, but there are various facets to consider. Implementing these steps while weaving an essay isn’t easy for students, and this difference in implementation plays a significant hand in the grade card. According to expert essay writers, if you aim to write an A-grade essay, you have to go the extra mile to incorporate unique elements in your write-up coupled with factual ones. So, let’s reveal the tips to write an A-grade essay: 

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Have a proper understanding of the subject: You must have a concrete idea of the essay subject before putting your hands into action. Visit the libraries, listen to lectures, and go through the latest academic papers to thoroughly immerse yourself in the subject before writing. Without this work, you can’t write an essay with great command.

Gather more data than you will use:  Research is integral to academic writing. You can’t evade this phase under any circumstances. Research provides you with a mass of information, but you should know the ones to use. You will probably collect a thousand facts, read a dozen opinions, and review the latest publications on the topic. However, you need to cut this information down to the critical facts and state the most relevant/important ones.

Read primary sources first: Most students give a blind eye to the primary source of the material. Don’t let that happen in your case, or you will have to pay the price afterwards. For example, if you are writing an essay on Shakespeare’s Macbeth, you can’t accomplish the task without reading the play. When you study the primary sources of information, it becomes simpler for you to assess other information written on the topic.

Structure the essay properly: Every document has a start, a middle, and an end. Introduction, body, and conclusion are the three parts of an essay if we go by the conventions. An introduction sets the context of the essay, the body highlights the facts and develops the arguments, and the conclusion gives an answer to the question set. Frame the introduction in a manner that grasps the attention of readers. Being successful in this phase means half of the work is done. However, in order to grab readers’ attention, you don’t have to state anything debatable or mind-blowing. Focus on the relevant information while writing.

Don’t craft a mystery novel: Always remember that your essay isn’t a mystery novel. So, instead of putting a powerful summary or addressing the question at the onset, your priority should be on giving opinions, arguments, and information, but it doesn’t tell the reader what they convey until the end. However, it transforms the essay into a mystery novel with the captivating conclusion only apparent. Experts recommendavoiding this temptation. If you let the readers know your conclusions at the beginning of the essay, he/she will find it easier to evaluate your write-up.

Make the introduction factual: Don’t exaggerate any aspect while writing the introductory paragraph. More often, students consider the introduction to be a warm-up first paragraph. However, your approach needs to be different in this regard. An introduction must be grounded on facts as it makes the readers sense what you are presenting is authentic and credible.

Write the introduction last: If you get a chance, craft the introduction after completing the body. Now that you have already expressed your ideas and opinions, cited quotations, explained the arguments, assessed the subject from diverse angles---in general, you showed the professor that you understood the assignment correctly. Now you can write the introductory part beaming with confidence.

Use quotes: A quote gives an added dimension to the text. There is no point in doubting this aspect. It’s also a great way to start your essay, especially when nothing is coming into your head. However, ensure to incorporate the author quote aligned to the topic.

Develop an outline: Build an outline of the essay for your ideas to flow coherently. An outline gives you the framework of what you want to convey to the readers and the arguments you will implement. Having a proper outline in hand can save the time you spend proofreading.

Writing body paragraphs: Here, you need to showcase your arguments using logic to make the audience realize your perspective. Every paragraph must scrutinize an important point to avoid confusion. Also, each argument must come with factual evidence and points to justify your viewpoint. Concentrate on developing your arguments logically, as the essay body is the foundation of your research. You can also demonstrate your understanding of certain aspects with interesting points that make the readers hooked into the essay.

The number of paragraphs: Some students are increasingly concerned with the number of paragraphs in an essay. However, you needn’t take headaches regarding this aspect. If there is a given word count, try to stick to that range dividing the paragraphs proportionately.

Writing a conclusion: Most students take this section for granted. But, it’s not the right approach. Rather, weaving a strong conclusion seals your essay and leaves a lasting impression on the readers. You have to summarize the main points in the concluding section while revealing their significance to the readers. Undoubtedly, essay writing demands considerable effort on the part of students. Every student wants to secure the highest marks in their essays, but unfortunately, only a few succeed. The above-mentioned tips perfectly highlight how your essay writing affair should be and the steps involved in it.

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