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Narrative Essay Topics : Structure, And Writing Tips In 2024

Narrative Essay Topics

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you”- Maya Angelou

Picture this. You are put in a time capsule with an artificial intelligence chauffeur. He asks you which one of your memories you would love to access.

This scenario is applicable while writing a narrative essay. Your voice, storyline, and writing style differentiate this piece of work from others.

Narrative writing will show up in different instances for the rest of your life. You will be required to tell life stories in grad school applications, college and school essays, wedding speeches, and the like. Hence, crafting an exceptional narrative essay is a unique skill that will stick with you forever.

But, where to start? Undeniably, by coming up with intriguing narrative essay topics.

Selecting an exceptional narrative essay topic can be a challenging task as such issues are usually hard to find. It hugely depends on the life experiences of an individual.

An excellent life experience will offer you an excellent idea instantly. Certain experiences cannot be transformed into useful writing pieces.

To help you get started, we have compiled an extensive list of 100+ topics that could be easily turned into excellent narrative essays. All these topics are engaging, inspiring, and unique and will have you writing in no time.

Let’s get started!

What is a Narrative Essay? A Proper Definition

Before you go knee-deep to understand how to choose personal narrative topics and ideas, it is crucial to get the hang of the narrative essay definition. Let’s take a molecular look –

  • A narrative essay is a kind of essay where the writer tells a story or narrates it in a way that appeals to the audience. This can be an adventure, an incident, or a life story.  
  • The primary objective of a narrative paper is to engage the reader with your personal experience while making an intriguing point. 
  • A good narrative story will always depend on character growth, settings, and dialogue.
  • It takes the readers on an emotional rollercoaster ride. With every twist and turn, it promises something new.
  • Unlike most other kinds of essays, narrative essays have enough room for literary devices, like metaphor and onomatopoeia.
  • You can be creative while writing an essay. This is mainly because you will be writing a story instead of presenting and dissecting others’ work or statements.
  • Finally, remember, it must be well-structured and clearly organized so that the reader can follow your story effectively.

Getting the hang of it? We are sure you are. Well, then let’s proceed to understand the different types of narrative essays.

Types of Narrative Essays

Countless people have been narrating stories since ancient times. All kinds of stories have one thing in common – they are all part of narrative writing.

On that note, let’s have a look at the common types of narrative essays enlisted below –

  • Linear Narrative

This kind of narrative essay presents the events of a story in chronological order. The linear narrative aims to create an immersion effect for the readers. It immerses the reader in the daily life of the protagonist, as they watch the events of a character’s life unfold in chronological order.

This remarkable thing can be achieved through any narrative perspective, whether first-person, second-person, or third-person narration.

Example – In Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, one can find different instances of linear narrative essays. The novel offers various narrative perspectives. It also unfolds the plot in a chronological and linear way. 

  • Non-Linear Narrative

As the name implies, a non-linear narrative essay tells the story out of order. It uses flashbacks and other excellent literary devices to shift the readers back and forth through the story’s timeline.

This technique is employed to put emotional emphasis on certain parts of the narrative. It also helps in establishing a thematic connection between the events. 

Example – A remarkable example of a non-linear narrative is ‘The Odyssey’ by Homer.  This develops suspense throughout the long narrative poem. The reader is left to wonder how the ordeals of the Odyssey actually started.

  • Quest Narrative

This narrative is a story where the protagonist works toward a goal tirelessly. The pursuit of these objectives becomes their all-consuming passion and they must face huge obstacles along the way.

Typically, this pursuit is geographically remote so the character must make a long journey to acquire it. 

Example – An excellent example of a quest narrative is ‘The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings’ of J.R.R. Tolkien. Here, the protagonist embarks on a long journey that takes them through numerous dangers and challenges. 

  • Viewpoint Narrative

A viewpoint narrative aims to show a specific perspective or personal experience of one or more characters in the story. In such essays, the moods and feelings of the narrator are expressed from their perspective.

This narrative style usually uses first-person narration. This kind of narrative enables the possibility of an unreliable narrator. It can also be used to develop suspense differently by getting the reader to question the narrator.

Example – A remarkable example of viewpoint narrative is ‘Lolita’ by Vladimir Nabokov. Here, the first-person narratives originate from Humbert Humbert. This man is a patient in a psychiatric clinic who has been admitted multiple times. He narrates the whole story in his subjective way and doesn’t essentially always offer the truth to the readers.

How to Structure a Narrative Essay?

Undeniably, your narrative essay will be unique since it is detailing an event that happened in your life. However, following a basic structure will make it excessively easier to read and follow.

The structure of a narrative essay is quite straightforward. There are four key parts – the introduction, the thesis statement, the body, and the conclusion.

  • Introduction– Here, you are required to introduce the topic and the incident you will describe. Discuss why it is significant to you.
  • Thesis Statement– Here, you need to sum up quickly what you have learned as a result of the incident you are describing.
  • Main Body Paragraphs– Here, you need to speak about the incident involved in detail. Ensure to incorporate all important points like –
  • Who was involved?
  • Where did it happen?
  • Why did it happen?

Also, do not forget to explain what exactly occurred, with the inclusion of your feelings and thoughts on the matter. 

  • Conclusion– Refer back to your thesis statement and discuss how your experiences influenced your knowledge of the subject at hand.

With this clear overview in mind, you are now ready to find out how to choose personal narrative essay topics and ideas!

How to Choose Narrative Essay Topics?

Know half the battle of turning in a stellar narrative essay is won when you choose the right narrative essay ideasUndoubtedly, the creative process is not easy.

To aid you, below we have enlisted certain sure-fire strategies that will help you choose unique personal essay topics effectively –

  • Remember to Tell a Story

Always make sure the personal essay topics you choose must connect with the readers. The story you tell should be such that the experiences, life lessons, skills, etc., must connect with the readers. Otherwise, it will ruin your entire writing and result in boredom.

Try to remember how you felt when you read the story of some renowned writer. You developed a connection with that story, right? Even some of you felt sad when reading it as you felt it was your own. This is the art of narration. Try to learn and master it.

  • Choose Relevant Topics

Ensure to consider your audience when choosing narrative essay ideas. The topic should be meaningful and familiar to your audience. You must be able to express your thoughts on the subject and relate your personal experiences to it.

If you are a younger student, always go for ideas that deal mostly with reporting or descriptions. If you are a high school student, try to choose a topic that is persuasive and reflective,

  • Select an Idea Worthy of Discussion

Do not randomly select any idea for your essay. Instead, try to select one on which excellent discussions can be made. To make sure you are choosing a useful idea, try to figure out the answers to the below-enlisted questions –

  • What are my associations with the selected idea?
  • Will I be able to express to the readers the way I have an association with the topic?
  • If yes, how am I going to convey it?
  • Do I have adequate information or memories connected with the idea?

Answering questions like these will make your essay rigorous. You can also change the topic or idea of the essay if at any point you feel the aforementioned questions are not answered.

  • Consider Your Adventures

Draw from your own experiences to choose the best narrative essay topics. Reflect on a noteworthy occurrence in your life that you can share with your readers. This can be a monotonous event, a journey, or an achievement of yours.

  • Develop the Purpose

Understand what message or notion you desire to present in your narrative essay. This can help you refine your possible topic choices. It can also enable you to craft a more centered and consistent paper. 

  • Choose an Unusual Perspective

Select personal essay topics that will help you explore an uncommon viewpoint or outlook to make your narrative essay stand out. This could be a unique way of investigating a commonplace subject or a novel interpretation of a familiar story.

  • Do Not Be Afraid to Experiment

Remember, the narrative essay is one of the very few papers that offers you space for experiment and creativity. So, make sure not to miss this opportunity. Feel free to experiment with different narrative essay topic ideas, techniques, and styles. Further, do not forget to look for possible ways to make your essay stand out.

  • Choose an Exciting Moment

Narrative essays should always capture the reader with an intriguing story. Ensure to choose narrative essay topic ideas that involve excitement, humor, or adventure to hook your audience from the very beginning.

  • Try to Find Your Comfortable Writing Style

Successful subjects for a narration essay are those you feel comfortable with. Choosing a comfortable idea is the key to a powerful essay as it determines your writing style.

To do this successfully, try to think about what you love to tell about.  Figure out –

  • Do you like describing events in a vivid and detailed manner?
  • Are you a fan of self-analysis and recollections?
  • Do you like narrating stories in a factual and concise way?

When you identify your writing style – recollecting, imaginative, analyzing, projecting, or insightful, it will enable you to generate narrative essay prompts.

These effective steps can enable you to choose a compelling topic and craft an engaging story that captures your readers effectively. But if you are still facing issues you can get help from our expert writers from

Now that you know how to choose unique narrative essay ideas, let us spoil you with choices of some of the best narrative essay topic examples. Here you go!

Inspiring and Interesting Narrative Essay Topics Examples

  • Good Narrative Essay Topics

  1. Write about the most memorable debate competition in your life
  2. Write about an experience that educated you about real-life values
  3. Describe your favorite childhood fairy tale character or shows
  4. Describe a friendship breakup you have encountered in life
  5. Write about your first love experience and its huge impact on you
  6. Discuss a moral choice that you regret till date in your life
  7. Write about the number of lies you have told in your life
  • Narrative Essay Topics for College

  1. Write about the ways of one mass bunk altered everything in your college days
  2. Write about the best adventurous trips you had in your college life
  3. Describe the most epic drama rehearsal in college
  4. Write about the ways you can achieve your goals and experience your dream come true
  5. Write on the significance of literacy concerning your job aspirations
  6. Describe the value of composing and reading in everyday situations
  7. Explain how writing has helped you in overcoming traumatic experiences or hardships
  • Literacy Narrative Essay Topics

  1. Write about the lessons you learned from the first novel that you read in high school
  2. Discuss how reading Macbeth converted your views about life
  3. Discuss your experience on reading the best speech of Barack Obama
  4. Explain how writing your book opened the doors to a new career
  5. Write about the song lyrics that uplift your mood and energy
  6. Write about the chapter in ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell that awakens the human fighter in you
  7. Write how ‘I Have a Dream speech by Martin Luther King Jr. fits perfectly to your personal life
  • Narrative Essay Topics for High School

  1. Write about a time when you learned something new
  2. Discuss a time when made a mistake and then rectified it
  3. Write about a time when you needed to take a stand for yourself or someone else
  4. Write about a time when you had to make a tough decision
  5. Write about the time when someone disappointed you
  6. Discuss an unexpected event that transformed your life
  7. Write about a person who transformed your opinion of something
  • Narrative Essay Topics for University Students

  1. Discuss the time when you got lost in your city or town
  2. Discuss the significance of community and social responsibility
  3. Write about the time when you had to adapt to a new environment
  4. Discuss how your thinking and principles evolved over time
  5. Did your teachers contribute to the person you are today?
  6. Write about a moral choice that you regret
  7. Discuss a rebellious act from your life
  • Narrative Essay Topics with Conflict

  1. Have you ever been afraid of something but tried hard to appear fearless? If we, describe that experience
  2. Have you ever succeeded when you thought you might fail?
  3. Write about your secret survival strategies
  4. Explain a time when you last became immensely stressed and anxious. If so, why?
  5. Write about a situation where you needed to react quickly to solve a problem. What was at stake, who was involved, and how did you beat the odds? What lessons you learned from your experience?
  6. Write about the first time you truly experienced dishonesty
  7. Speak about the time when you got into a fight. What were your reasons for fighting? How do you feel about the experience now that you are older and wiser? Did you do the right thing or you regret you acted aggressively?
  • Narrative Essay Topics for Grade 7

  1. Write about something that scared you the most till now in life
  2. Describe your conflict with your mother
  3. Write about a unique family tradition
  4. Describe the most unpleasant experience you ever had in life
  5. Describe your adventures on a walking tour
  6. Tell a story where you helped a stranger
  7. Describe the day when you were called to the Dean’s office
  • Descriptive Narrative Essay Topics

  1. Write about the moment in detail when you learned the biggest lesson in life
  2. Discuss the vital things you do to relieve stress
  3. Write about the special homecoming court moment
  4. Discuss how your dad is the most intriguing person
  5. Write about the house of your dreams
  6. Discuss how can one make the world a better place to live in
  7. Describe how your life has changed since the COVID-19 outbreak 
  • Narrative Essay Topics for Grade 9

  1. Write about your visit to the countryside
  2. Describe how you lost your faith in humanity
  3. Discuss a bad experience that changed your behavior completely
  4. Describe your experience of a cyclone or a tornado
  5. Explain an error that demonstrated to you the value of traveling
  6. Explain your passion for fashion in terms of fascination with style and the latest trends
  7. Describe the day when you learned to appreciate your strengths and weaknesses
  • Narrative Essay Topics for Middle School

  1. Write about a misunderstanding between your parents
  2. Discuss the moment when you understood you are not a kid anymore
  3. Discuss the ways a natural disaster impacted your country
  4. Write about the toughest decision you had to make in life
  5. Write about what you think your life will be when you are 25 years old
  6. If you could relive any day in your life, what will it be? Will you want it to be the same or different?
  7. Speak about a time when you were injured. How did it happen and how you recovered from it?
  • Narrative Essay Topics for Grade 10

  1. Write about your grandmother was secretly a spy
  2. Explain your version of the future
  3. Explain a narrative where a boy discovered her superpowers
  4. Write about an incident that brought you and your parents closer
  5. Write about the advice you will give to someone who is younger than you
  6. Speak about the best television shows that you would want to bring back
  7. Explain the differences between how things seem and how they really are
  • Narrative Essay Topics for Grade 6

  1. Write an essay on your memorable teacher
  2. Describe your first trip to a foreign country
  3. Write about your favorite vacation with your family
  4. Describe your first day at a new school
  5. Describe the ways you celebrated the wedding anniversary of your parents
  6. Speak about an unfortunate story from your childhood
  7. Explain an argument you and your friend had. How did you resolve it?
  • Narrative Essay Topics for Grade 8

  1. Describe a trip from school to the museum
  2. Describe your first Japanese pastry
  3. Write about the future of print books
  4. Do you think all education must be free?
  5. Do you think all students should learn a foreign language?
  6. Write about the most exciting days of your winter vacations
  7. Discuss the bad habits you have and the ways you can get rid of them
  • Fictional Narrative Essay Topics

  1. Write about a wild gorilla who broke into your house
  2. Describe a horrible dream that turned into a reality
  3. Write a parallel world where all parents support the decision of their kids
  4. Describe a town where you can read minds
  5. Write a story on a strange creature that comes to life straight out of the storybook
  6. Describe the most horrible thing that happened on the island where no human lived
  7. Write about a dark night when your car ran out of petrol
  • Interesting Narrative Essay Topics

  1. Describe the time when you have been in a life-or-death situation
  2. Speak about the single best experience you ever had in your whole life
  3. Discuss how traveling to the countryside can change your worldview
  4. Discuss the ways artificial intelligence helps people
  5. Describe the ways your father taught you to drive
  6. Describe your emotions after going through a heartfelt social media post
  7. Have you ever worked up the courage to visit a haunted house?
  8. Discuss the successes and challenges of keeping a lasting bond
  9. Discuss the turning point of your life
  10. Discuss the ways you overcame your most dreadful anxiety
  • Narrative Essay Topics for Grade 11

  1. Do you believe positive discrimination can be beneficial?
  2. Do you think violence is a human invention?
  3. Discuss the reasons why Donald Trump lost the elections of 2020
  4. Discuss the role played by successful athletes in popularizing sports
  5. Do you believe science must interfere with natural processes?
  6. Do you think it is essential to punish those who download content from the internet unethically?
  7. Do you think it is appropriate for educators and students to interact on social media?
  • Cultural Narrative Essay Topics

  1. Write about the food traditions in your family
  2. Describe the essential aspects that made sitcoms popular
  3. Explain the contribution of art in shaping culture and society
  4. Describe the impact of social media on society and culture
  5. Why should one safeguard cultural traditions? Why do you think it matters?
  6. Describe the ways to honor diversity in our communities
  7. Describe the cultural differences in East Asian countries
  • Narrative Essay Topics on Jealousy

  1. Do you believe jealousy is a wasted emotion? When did you realize it?
  2. Describe the ways jealousy was manifested in ancient Greek society
  3. Discuss how jealousy has been used in Othello. How do you think it helps in developing the theme?
  4. Explore any benefits jealousy can bring to a relationship
  5. Go through ‘The Withered Aim’. Explain the concept of love and jealousy in it
  6. Write about the concept of jealousy revealed in ‘The Laboratory’ of Robert Browning
  7. Discuss the dualistic relationship between the concept of jealousy and envy explained in ‘The Bluest Eyes’
  • Controversial 

  1. Do you believe animals do not vary from humans in any relevant aspects?
  2. Do you think feminism has transformed into a movement of bigotry and violence?
  3. Discuss how rates of cancer has increased due to technological developments?
  4. Explain how most surveillance cameras must be of advanced quality
  5. Do you believe existentialism is caused by flawed social expectations?
  6. Do you think public prayer is completely okay in schools?
  7. Do you think being loved is more vital than loving?
  • Slave 

  1. Write about human trafficking in modern-day slavery
  2. Discuss the issue of slavery in E.P Jones’s ‘The Known World’
  3. Discuss the profitability of slavery for the slave master
  4. Do you think slavery is one of the greatest mistakes?
  5. Write about the theme of slavery in ‘Politics’ of Aristotle
  6. Explain the role of Lincoln and African Americans in the abolition of slavery
  7. Present your views on the ways African men and women experienced slavery
  • Child Marriage 

  1. Write about early child marriage and its existence in societies
  2. Do you think child marriage means nothing but necessities?
  3. Discuss the concept of child marriage in Ethiopia
  4. Present your views on the causes and impacts of child marriage
  5. Do you believe child marriage is rooted deep in gender inequality?
  6. Discuss the impact of child marriage on the academic performance of the girl child
  7. Discuss the pros and cons of child marriages in your town or country
  • Narrative Essay Topics for Romeo and Juliet

  1. Explain the role of fate in Romeo and Juliet. Evaluate different forms of love depicted in the play
  2. Explain the significance of friendship in Romeo and Juliet. Discuss the bonds between Mercutio, Romeo, and Benvolio
  3. Write how Shakespeare treats death in Romeo and Juliet. Present your views in terms of moral, familiar, legal, and personal issues
  4. Write about the significance of communication and miscommunication in the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet
  5. Present a comparison and contrast of Romeo and Juliet with Great Expectations
  6. Do you think the deaths of Romeo and Juliet can be avoided?
  7. Present the usage of comic relief in Romeo and Juliet. Evaluate the humorous elements and their purpose in the tragedy
  • Reflective 

  1. Discuss the person who had a huge influence on you
  2. Explain the value of family in your life
  3. Write about a moment of taking an opportunity that brought a positive outcome
  4. Discuss an occasion when you discovered something new about yourself
  5. Describe the ways you manage your study-related anxiety
  6. Describe a situation where your family hurt you terribly
  7. Did you ever feel discouraged by someone’s remark?
  • Fiction 

  1. Describe a story about a mysterious musical instrument
  2. Describe the story of passengers of an airplane who encountered a UFO
  3. Narrate the story of siblings who resolved a long-lasting argument
  4. Write about a movie star who lives out their roles in real life
  5. Narrate a story about a painting that looks distinct in every new house
  6. Write the story of a college student who won the presidential election
  7. Write about a new civilization in a far galaxy
  • Narrative Essay Topics for Grade 12

  1. Enlist and describe your personal superstitions
  2. Describe how your life is different from the life of your parents
  3. Do you feel great friends can be found online?
  4. Describe the day you realized the significance of education
  5. Write about the day you decided to pursue your dreams
  6. Describe the ways you found the courage to stand up for what you believe in
  7. Explain the ways you overcame stage fright and gave the performance of a lifetime
  • O Level 

  1. Write about a special moment when you first received your bike
  2. Discuss the most embarrassing thing that occurred to you
  3. Write about a disastrous date
  4. Describe the moment of success
  5. Describe your first six months of COVID-19
  6. Describe your first sporting experience
  7. Write about your experience of growing up in New York
  • Autobiographical 

  1. Describe the moment of your life that you are incredibly proud of
  2. Describe the weirdest accident you witnessed
  3. Write how you lost a thing that wasn’t yours
  4. Describe your best visit to an amusement park
  5. Write about your childhood phobias
  6. Explain your role mode relationship from a movie or book
  7. Describe how your friend helped in reconnecting with his/her loved ones
  • Other Interesting 

  1. Do you love yourself? Did you take action to make a difference?
  2. Describe your pathway to your future dream
  3. Write about the scariest Halloween you have had
  4. Describe the worst quarrel while on a holiday
  5. Explain the toughest decisions you were required to make between right and wrong
  6. Describe how your friend took the blame for you
  7. Describe how you missed your flight, bus, or train
  8. Describe the ways you tackled a state of emergency
  9. Describe a random act of kindness that moved you
  10. Describe a moment that taught you the value of money
  11. Describe an achievement you never believed was possible
  12. Write about a moment that made you a better person
  13. Did any of your professors or friends influence you into becoming who you are today?
  14. If you were a TV character, who will you be?
  15. If you had a time machine, where would you travel to?

FAQS on Narrative Essay Topics

Which topic is most likely to be the subject of a narrative essay? arrow

  • Write about your greatest blunder and the wisdom acquired from it
  • Explain the value of family in your life
  • Describe the person who has had a profound influence on your life
  • Write about a challenge you successfully overcame
  • Describe the most memorable experience of your life so far
  • Write about an exciting minute or two of a tennis game

What is a narrative essay? arrow

A narrative essay is a story that is narrated verbally or in writing. It incorporates a story about a personal experience told from the perspective of the author. It should have a point or theme. Further, it should include storytelling elements that are used to engage the reader and reveal a point or theme of the story.

What are some good topics for narrative essays? arrow

  • Write about experiencing psychological trauma in life
  • Describe the changes in your body after vaccination
  • Write about the most terrible food you ever had
  • Discuss your realization of the double-faced people
  • Write about your first-ever pert
  • Write about the tale of meeting your life mate in college
  • Write about some of your shortcomings that kill you

How do I choose a topic for my narrative essay? arrow

When selecting a topic for your narrative essay, it is significant to consider certain below-enlisted factors –

  • Personal experiences: What are certain experiences that have had an important impact in your life?
  • Audience: Who will be going through your narrative essay? What will they be interested in?
  • Interests: What are you passionate about? What topics do you enjoy writing about?

What are the most important rules for writing a narrative essay? arrow

  • Write your personal narrative as a story
  • Offer your personal narrative a clear purpose
  • Do not simply tell but show
  • Use ‘I’ but do not overuse it
  • Pay attention to tenses
  • Make your conclusion satisfying by providing an unforgettable closing scene

What are the 5 basic components of a narrative essay? arrow

The five basic components of a narrative essay are –

  • Plot
  • Characters
  • Setting
  • Point of view
  • Conflict

What are some common mistakes to avoid when writing a narrative essay? arrow

  • Not having a clear topic or thesis statement
  • Not providing enough detail
  • Using excessive dialogues
  • Not including a strong conclusion
  • Not using the first-person point of view
  • Not using vivid imagery and language
  • Not incorporating dialogues

What is the difference between narrative and story writing? arrow

A story is essentially a description of imaginary people and events. On the other hand, a narrative is a story or an account of a series of events.

What are some tips to write a good narrative essay? arrow

  • Maintain clarity
  • Do not describe each and every movement
  • Avoid using second-person narrative
  • Use dynamic words
  • Avoid sounding excessively clinical
  • Limit references

How do I keep my narrative essay from being boring? arrow

  • Firstly, ensure that your story is well-structured and has a clear beginning, middle, and end
  • Secondly, use vivid imagery and language to bring your story to life
  • Thirdly, incorporate dialogue to help your characters come to life
  • Finally, end your essay with a strong conclusion that leaves your readers with something to think about

What are personal narrative ideas? arrow

Personal narrative ideas refer to topics or themes that can be used to write a personal narrative, which is a type of essay or story that focuses on a particular event, experience, or aspect of a person's life.

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