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How To Write A Personal Essay?

Personal essays are an essential part of college essay for admission. However, not every student knows how to write a personal essay correctly. They either don’t know how to outline the content, write an introduction, or what information should they use to make the essay engaging. Discussed below are the points that offer guidance to improve your personal essay writing skills.  But first, let us understand the basics.

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What Is A Personal Essay?

Personal essays are a part of admission essays. Unless you know what is a personal essay, it becomes challenging to learn how to write a personal essay. Personal essays are pieces of writing that glorify a writer's life experience. It often highlights the first-person perspective of a significant event and can be described in various writing styles – formal, creative and non-fictional. The tone is usually conservational that creates a direct connection with the reader. Such an essay must inspire, uplift or serve as a warning to others to not repeat the author's mistakes.

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How to Structure a Personal Essay

When you learn how to write a good personal essay, it is vital to know how to structure a personal essay. A good personal essay must have an introductory paragraph, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. How long should a personal essay be depends on the life event you wish to share. The standard length is about five paragraphs – 500 words, but personal essays can be longer or shorter if they contain all three primary parts:


The first line of your essay should include a hook to grab the reader's attention. Provide a personal statement that you elaborate in the body of your essay.


The body of your essay consists of your essays' main story. Include all the essential points and personal evidence that uplifts the thesis statement of your narrative writing. 


Your conclusion should rehash your thesis and consist of the story's moral or reveal the more profound truth. Restate why this essay matters and sum up what you want the reader to take away from this particular piece.

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How to Start a Personal Essay?

Students who are novices in personal essays are always confused about how to start a personal essay. Here are a few tricks that you can use to begin your personal essay.

  • Avoid beginning your text with a catchy phrase, as it can be a turnoff.
  • Get to the point at the beginning.
  • Use a short sentence that captures the reason for your interest in the area of your application that communicates your enthusiasm in the personal introduction essay.
  • Divulge straight into your excitement for studying the course.
  • The opening sentence is your chance to introduce yourself who you are and how motivated you are for studying in the course and demonstrate your excitement through your writing.
  • The examining officers are interested in your enthusiasm for the course. Let them know through the beginning of your writing.
  • Avoid forcing yourself to believe something that you aren't. It will reflect in your writing; write what comes naturally.
  • Try to be specific about what you write from the first word. The impression will last longer.    
  • It's much better to engage the examiner with something interesting, relevant, specific and current in your opening line. Start with what's inspiring you now, not what inspired you when you were six.

Tips For Writing A Personal Essay

Everybody has their writing process. However, maintaining a specific writing guideline helps to understand how to write essays. Discussed below are a few tips for writing a personal essay :

Create an Essay Outline

Draft a personal essay outline first and lay the main points and tone of the message you are trying to share. Your outline will help you decide early if the specific moment is worth writing about. Whatever personal essay topic may you select, it must have impacted you emotionally or have taught you a lesson in some way.

Start with Your Introduction

Include your hook, state your thesis, and form an emotional connection with the reader. Set your audience up for what your writing will be about and give them something to look forward to.

Fill Your Body Paragraphs

Use sensory details about the sequence of events surrounding your thesis to guide the reader through your personal essay. Build up your personal story here to eventually lead the reader to your main point.

Be Specific

A description of your life's significant moment is much more engaging than a general overview of something that happened to you. Add real-life characters to your essay to make your writing more interesting. 

Include a Conclusion

Confused about how to end a personal essay? Summarize your learning from your experience and what message you hope to pass on to the reader. Even a disturbing or unsettling revelation ending on a positive or hopeful note can make your conclusion more inspirational or uplifting.

Proofread your work

Aside from checking spelling and grammar, make sure your intent is clear, and your narrative is easy to follow. No matter how good are you with your writing skills, rereading your work and ensuring you've well-knit your story is always helpful

Personal Essay Topic Ideas

Now that you know you have a clear idea of writing a personal essay, let us share some personal essay examples you can work on.

Personal Essays About Yourself:

  • The person you admire the most
  • The best place in your country everyone should visit
  • A place where you would like to spend your whole life
  • Works of art you admire

Personal Narrative Essays

  • Write about your first trip to a foreign land.
  • The most unfortunate event of your life
  • Your first day at school
  • Your first childhood memory
  • Your most memorable family event

Personal Experience Essays

  • What things make you feel happy?
  • How did you develop healthy eating habits?
  • How did you celebrate Christmas?
  • Did you bring a stray animal home?
  • How did you learn to drive?

Use the tips and ideas to draft the perfect personal essay. For more assistance, use samples or hire experts.

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